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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Night's Live Show

Happy Live Show Night, everybody!! :D Tonight, either Frank or Janelle will ....ahhh heck, who am I kidding? Janelle's leaving tonight and probably by an 8-1 vote. lol :P Unless something major happened since the live feeds switched to trivia (for tonights show).

Speaking of the live feeds, this morning at 10:08am BBT, Dan was called to the Diary Room and at just a little bit past 10:09am BBT in the Sneakers Room (with Joe..sleeping, and Boogie and Ian), you heard...

Production Guy: "Dude...."
Ian: "Oh no...hey! (to Boogie)"
Production Guy: "Hey! So..."
Ian: "YO! Whoa whoa whoa..D.R.!

Boogie gets up and immediately goes to the Diary Room to tell them they can hear them.
As Boogie gets up, audio is cut. Feeds go to fishies. (aka standby mode)

During this time, as houseguests later on confirmed, Joe heard Dan talking about his "Silent 6" alliance. Joe wanted to call a house meeting to out the alliance, but Janelle told him not to. Joe was also heard saying "quite the D.R. there, Dan."

Because of this "leak", fans (including myself) are upset. I find it highly convenient that the Diary Room leak happened where Joe was and nowhere else, and the fact that production cut video for feed watchers and audio, but still let the "leak" keep on leaking. Was it a mistake? Probably. I just find it too odd, the timing of it all. I will not be surprised if Joe wins HOH tonight. Just sayin'.

Moving on...

The show is about to start!

9:00pm EST:
The show begins...

The Votes:
*Boogie votes to evict...JANELLE
*Jenn votes evict...JANELLE
*Joe votes to evict...FRANK
*Wil votes to evict...JANELLE
*Ashley votes to evict...JANELLE
*Britney votes to evict...JANELLE
*Shane votes to evict...JANELLE
*Dan votes to evict...JANELLE
*Ian votes to evict..JANELLE

Evicted from the BB House is:

Janelle called Boogie a "loser" and a "douchebag" after seeing his goodbye message. lol

The HOH comp is a knock-out comp.
The New HOH is:

Stay tuned...
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Punkinbugg said...

I had this feeling that Janelle or Joe would get tipped off in the D.R. What's the point of secrets and strategies if BB messes it all up? We WANT to see ppl blindsided!!

Kim M said...

Wow! That leak sucks and really screws a lot of people. I was excited to see what the Silent 6 / Quack Squad (or whatever they called themselves) could do. At least the Quack Squad is still unknown.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Can this season get more rigged than this?!? I can't believe production would stoop so low as to blatently announce to the house the silent six alliance. Geeeeeeze lousie - why not just give the money to the person they want to win now and nix the rest of the season.

Jstr623 said...

I can't believe I can't watch because of a preseason football game. I'm so mad

Jstr623 said...

I can't believe I can't watch the live show because of a preseason football game. UGH

Debbie Franz said...

Ugh - my CBS market cut to commercial when the voting began. Won't be the same without Janelle's scheming!!

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda hoping frank goes after Shane/Danielle so it can blow up in Danielle's face. That way there can be drama. She should have gotten rid of frank so janelle could have continued scheming. Oh well :(

Pam Reed said...

If you live on the southeast and football was on instead of BB you can still see the show. They are running it at 3am.

Anonymous said...

Britney made a mistake in knockout comp when it was down to final 4 she should've matched up Frank against Ian in hopes he could take Frank out and left herself with the easier Boogie matchup rather than having to beat both Ian and Frank. Maybe it wouldn't have mattered but I think that was the better play.


Pam Reed said...

You can catch it at 3am in the Atlanta area

kelsey said...

Yea brian... She admitted that to danielle that she should have done that but she also said that she didnt fully hear the song either so she could have won if ahe heard the word suds... But joe is the target this week and they will ask the slient six who wants to volunteer to go up... Gut yea they made sure ppl knew about the silent six and thats why i hate it and that they do that... Its not fair

kelsey said...

Im glad janelle left but if frank left.... I wouldnt care... Im rooting more for the quack team

Anonymous said...


Shane is probably the only one dumb enough of the group to volunteer. Britney's already slapped him for saying it before lets see if she's wise enough to get him alone and remind him not to do it before they get in a room together. However logically since Shane has the Veto Ticket he's the last of the group who should go up since if he's off the block that's an extra person playing to keep Joe from winning POV.


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