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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday to everyone! Woke up in some pain today, called the doc, made an appointment for Thursday morning at 9am (soonest I could see him), so I apologize for the slight delay this morning.  I won't be doing an Overnighter on Thursday morning, as I'll be tending to my health. Just a heads up. But should anything major happen, I'll do a post later on in the day, before the live show starts.

Okay, doesn't look like anything of major significance happened last night. Dan/Britney finally had a sit-down and talked things out last night. Let's start from there.

9:34pm BBT:
Arcade Room
Dan asked Brit what kind of zingers she was saying about him. (Yesterday, she was doggin' him pretty good...saying stuff like he'll be your next door neighbor, then burn your house down, etc.)

Dan: "Was it stuff like 'He'll offer to give you a massage, as he wears spikes on his knuckles."
Brit: "Yea, it was pretty much stuff like that."
Brit said she dissed his nice-guy routine and that she was really angry with him.

Brit: "I don't know who to be mad at? Mad at you? Jenn? Ian? Frank?"
Dan: "You can be mad at me if you want. If it makes it easier."
Brit: "So many options..that all lead to the same result."
Dan: "I think you're a really nice person..."
Brit: 'I thought you really nice. I was wrong. Maybe you're nice outside of this house, though."

Talk continues.
Britney said she's sure he's in alliance with...then we get fishies on the feeds, but I could only imagine she said Frank and possibly Jenn as well.

Brit talks about how Jenn "caused major ripples" this week, when Dan was supposed to go home and then she saved him. 

Brit said she knows what it feels like to lose the game, and she's not gonna lay down and die. Dan isn't saying much at all. Just mostly listening and looking at her. Letting her vent.

Dan: "You think Frank's running around thinkin' he's safe next week?"
Brit: "I don't know if he thinks he's safe on every angle.."

Brit tells Dan that Ian was telling Frank in the backyard earlier that Frank got duped for believing Dan's word and that he's been misted by Dan, and Frank kept saying he made a smart move because everyone is after Dan now..the target shifted from Frank to Dan. Brit said she told Frank that Dan is "that good" at the game and that he was going home, and now he's staying, and this is why Dan would win 7-0. She said Frank started to get mad when she said that.

Dan: "If you go, I'm gonna make sure Frank goes I can make sure that the people I wanted to work with, I can.." (Quack Pack) "Plus he needs to go anyways."

(**Yesterday, Dan told us live feed watchers that he intends to stick with Jenn/Frank/Dani for the Final 4, so I believe this is all sweet talk to Brit and false info, in case Britney ends up staying.)

Brit said what Frank did, was a good move. She admits to that.
Brit: "It might suck for me, but (the move) wasn't dumb."

Frank comes in. Their private convo ends.

Dan leaves at some point (feeds were on fishies).
Frank/Brit have a light chat.

Brit said she's gonna tell 'J.C.' (julie chen) that her homeskillet Frank sent her home. They continue to joke around.

Moving on...

10:10pm BBT:
Dan asked Dani how Shane is voting. Dani said that Shane promised her his vote.

(**Shane is the swing vote this week, as Joe is keeping Britney. Shane has no promised his vote to Brit, just keeps saying he hasn't made up his mind yet and that it's a tough decision. So as if looks right now, if Shane votes to keep Dani, then it's bye-bye Britney. )

Dani: "You don't know how bad you hurt me..." (re: the 'you're dead to me' comment)

Annnnd, I'm moving on. lol :P

11:24pm BBT:

If you want a funny Flashback Feeds moment, then this is a good one to flashback too.
Brit outs Joe for masturbating in the Have Nots room a few weeks ago. lol :P

Dani: "He tried to do it a 2nd time, but we weren't asleep."
Dan: "Notice that he has NOT denied it yet.."
Brit: "..and I didn't know if it was you or Shane, until you started coughing. I was in the line of fire."
Shane: "And you were using the HOH purple blanket, weren't you Joe!"
Joe nods his head.

They're all laughing.

11:44pm BBT:
Shane, again, not promising Brit his vote.

Shane: "I gotta do whats best for me, and I don't know what that is." (**He promised Dani his vote already.)
Brit: "I know. Do you think that there's anyway that Dani will go back (and work with) Dan??"
Shane: "God I hope not."
Brit: "I told her not to."

Brit said she knows its a hard choice for him.
Shane: "We can talk tomorrow, alone."
Brit: "You know where I stand in the game, and whatever choice you make, you make. Whether I stay or go, I wanna help you win this game."

12:20am BBT:
Sneakers Room

Brit, who still isn't sure what's going (she's not sure who Dan is alligned with, what deals were promised, etc in order for Dan to come off the block and Brit to go up), said it's weird that Dan called out Dani during his "funeral" speech, then she (Brit) goes up on the block, gonna vote her out, and it doesn't make sense.

Shane: "I can try to talk to him tomorrow and see where his head is at."
Joe: "Has anybody even talked to Dan about who he's voting out?"
Shane: "No. But obviously he's gonna do what Frank wants."
Brit agrees.

Joe: "But how do you do that if he hates Danielle?"

The go round and round, with no conclusions.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! I have to attempt to go to work now (feeling like crap..ugh.) but I'll be back with the afternoon post later on! :) Enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Jen Rose said...

So does is everyones going to vote britney out ?

Dustin said...

Admittedly, Shane seems to be stalling out Brit and Joe, but have we actually seen Shane promise his vote to Danielle? I know she believes she has it, but she seemed to believe she'd have it without even talking to him.

Skid Rock said...

A couple things on my mind....

1) Jamie, Please go take care of your health before anything else.
Don't worry about updating this blog until you are 100%.
The readers will understand and can get by till you are good to
go. That is most important.

2) I have been watching your "Favorite HG" poll, and find it funny
how things switch when anything happens in that house. Dan has
jumped way up and Ian has dropped like a rock. (No Surprise)
Frank has moved up quite a bit, and I gotta wonder if that is
because of the Dan deal or maybe it is just hard to hate a carrot.
ha ha ha.....

In the "For What It's Worth" catagory..... You've all heard Dan talk
about the State Champion High School Football team he coaches.
Well, the new season started last Friday and guess who rolls in
to town to play my old High School team? Yep, OLSM. Orchard
Lake Saint Mary (Coach Dan's Team & Defending Div 3 State

Score: My School 21, OLSM 14

....Now don't get me wrong, Dan is my all-time favorite BB player,
but it sure would be fun to tease him about it, and I will if I ever
get the chance....

Sorry about rambling on for so long about the stuff nobody else
cares about.

Have a great day everybody.....

James said...

Shane/Dani have had a pretty tight F2 for awhile now. Right after Brit was the renom, Shane told Dani, "you know how I'm voting." She said, yes I do. Dani does need to be careful not to out her alliance with Dan now and stop having this whispering conversions with him. It's dangerous. Also, if Brit finds out that Dani knew, she could go from being best friends to worst enemies in a second. Dani needs to be very careful and also find some more alone time with Shane to seal the deal and make sure that Brit does not get in his head.

James D.

Abdi said...

Aww Jamie, get well soon love !,

Godsgirl said...

You are in my prayers Jamie! It took the docs a couple years to figure out that my appendix was what was causing all the pain in my stomach! I finally had to have an emergency appendectomy. I pray they find the cause for you quickly and get it taken care of! God is good :D Have a blessed day!

Godsgirl said...

Jamie you are in my prayers! It took the docs a couple of years to figure out it was my appendix that was causing all the pain in my stomach! They finally had to do an emergency appendectomy. I pray they find the cause quickly and take care of it. God is good! :D Have a blessed day!

Kiley said...

I missed some posts earlier. Jamie did you get your Gall bladder out? Do not push it because it will take you back to the pain. Two days after my BFF got hers removed, she felt good and tried to do laundry. HUGE mistake. She ended up extending her recovery. So stay in bed and rest up as long as you can. We'll all be waiting for you. :) Get well soon!!! <3

Kiley said...

I missed some posts earlier. Jamie did you get your Gall bladder out? Do not push it because it will take you back to the pain. Two days after my BFF got hers removed, she felt good and tried to do laundry. HUGE mistake. She ended up extending her recovery. So stay in bed and rest up as long as you can. We'll all be waiting for you. :) Get well soon!!! <3

Robert Kobusan said...

It's a long shot, but maybe Shane self-evicts... he asked Frank about it shortly after the Brit nomination...

Dani for America's favorite. She's quickly become my favorite.

JChism said...

Okay, Ian and the hammock, seriously? My goodness!! I want to feel bad for the kid, but I can't because he can be a prick at times. And not that this has anything to do with the game, BUT DOES NO ONE KNOW HOW TO MAKE A FRIGGIN' BED OR PICK UP A TOWEL?? I actually think Shane is the neat freak among the bunch. The girls are all slobs when it comes to housekeeping.

IAmScott said...

Shane is so getting played. He thinks Danielle is working with him when she's not. If he voted to keep Britney Danielle's out and for two weeks It's Ian, Joe, Brit, and Shane vs Jenn and Dan in the HoH. And in the next week if they have HoH take out Frank or Dan leaving only 1 threat on the other side of the house. Then it's either Frank or Dan carrying Jenn against the rest of the house but Shane is so blind to what's happening he's ruining his chanches to winngig


Tmt said...

Shane is an idiot. I wish he would wake up and get rid of Dani. If he doesn't I predict a lot of tears and annoyance from her. I won't be able to watch. Britt is the funniest house guest to watch. It will be sad to see her go. Also, it seems like Joe was starting to see the big picture and noone would listen to him...frustrated I want Brit, ian, Joe, Shane to pull this off and it is not looking good.

Tmt said...

Shane is an idiot. I wish he would wake up and vote Dani out. Us viewers are going to lose the funniest house guest and be left with an emotional, self-centered train wreck, Dani. (Sorry girl) I won't be able to watch. I am still holding on hope that the pawn goes home this week and Britt stays and wins HOH. Now that would be good tv.

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