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Friday, August 3, 2012

Nominations + Evening Post

Good evening!! (Everytime I type that, I hear a vampire in my head saying that. lol Am I losing it??! I digress...)

Anyways, the nomination ceremony is underway! FREAKIN' FINALLY!!! It's only hmmm...9:30pm EST! It's not like people have to go to sleep or anything. ;)

So, while I was taking my much needed bloggy break, it seems that Wil/Danielle had a heart-to-heart talk, vowing that he wants to work with her, she's not his target, but if she had to put him up on the block, no hard feelings. Well, this made Danielle no longer wanna put up Wil as a pawn next to Frank. Wil leaves HOH. Jani & Brit walk in...

Jani/Brit told Dani that maybe she should think about backdooring Frank. (**Here we go again.) Dan enters the room, tells Dani to not put up 2 pawns.

Dan wants: Wil & Frank nom'ed.
Danielle wants: Frank & Boogie nom'ed.
Dan said he's afraid that if Boogie ends up going, and not Frank, then the coaches are gonna start getting gunned after. Dani ended up begging Dan to just "tell her who to put up" and she'll do it. (**Dani, you're the HOH. Not him.)

When the feeds come back, I'll let y'all know who the nominations are, though it looks as if it'll be Wil & Frank.

Nominated for Eviction are:
Wil and Frank

7:59pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Wil is telling Danielle it's okay, he's in good spirits regardless of being on the block.

Wil gives Dani a hug & leaves.

Dan/Danielle talk.

Danielle: "Did you see how pissed Boogie was that he wasn't nominated?"
Dan: "Ian's a rat.."
Danielle: "A rat???"
Dan: "After the ceremony was over, I saw Ian talking to Boogie in the back room. We gotta be really careful with him. If Wil wins, put Boogie's a** up."

Dan tells Dani that he never says "Thank you" when he pulls a key out & is safe, and to not think anything of it.

Dan: "But if Wil comes down, put Boogie's a** up."

Dan: "Should we bring Janelle and Ashley into our alliance?"
Dani: "No! No! No!"
Dan: "Ok."

Dan said he told Shane Ian's a rat, but not Britney yet.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

Frank and Boogie are talking. Boogie thinks he's gonna get backdoored this week. Per Dan's suggestion, Boogie's key was the last one pulled. 
Boogie: "This f**king bitch...everyone is getting on my nerves.." (*Talking about Dani.)

Frank wants to put Danielle and Dan against each other if he stays and wins HOH. 
Boogie said he wanted to get nominated.

Boogie: "I do not even wanna f**king look at these jokers in the house.."

Boogie is irriated and pissed, to say the least.
Ian sits down and talks to them.

Switching cameras to the HOH cam on feed 3...

8:13pm BBT:

HOH Room

Danielle: "So is the house pissed at me?"
Britney: "Frank and Boogie are talking in the living room..Janelle is whispering with Joe. She's happy! She's got the best seat in the house." (**Brit still wants Jani gone.)

Britney: "And the only person in this house that would take Janelle out, is Frank, and he's on the block!"

Shane enters & hugs Dani.

They look rather comfy on the bed. Total switch from before Dani won HOH. lol
8:18pm BBT:
Jani comes up and tells them its dinner time. Brit/Dan leave.
Dani/Shane stay and talk.

Shane: "I trust Wil."
Danielle: "I do, too!"

They talk about how Wil wants Janelle out.

Everyone (minus Boogie & Frank) is eating dinner, courtesy of Joe.

And for dessert? Game talk! ;) hehe

**I'm outta here, guys! I'll see y'all tomorrow with The Overnighter. Have a wonderful night watching the game talk on the  live feeds! :D

Stay tuned...
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superbecca said...

2 questions:
-are the houseguests not allowed to sleep on the couches?
-does anyone know where those giant glass mugs are from?

Kelly said...

Come on danielle be smart and put up Boogie and Frank. Its the only way to guarantee that one goes home.

Anonymous said...


The big problem with those noms is she wants Frank to go home by far most of all and up against Boogie Frank would stay and Boogie would be evicted.


Anonymous said...


It's not really a Dan & Boogie thing more just a coaches in general thing. On BBAD last night right after the HOH was over there was a quick little convo between the coaches about needing to stick together cause it's 8 vs 4 with the newbies. And there has been a couple other such meetings even when they were just speculating on entering. It's not really that Dan wants to work with Boogie but he feels he needs him in this game for protection as once someone eventually targets the coaches he's probably the only coach Dan feels like he has a good shot to stay against up on the block. If his own alliance gets rid of Boogie Dan's the only former winner left and by far the biggest target and once 1 coach goes it's easier for the newbies to say lets just continue this and get rid of the rest of them.


Jamie said...

Brian, you're my hero!! THANK YOU!!! Hey, email me, wanna ask ya something...

Mike said...

@Kelly: are you suggesting D may do something smart (or think for herself)?

Jami Michael said...

Danielle has to be one of the most stupid players yet. She is constantly getting on my nervers with her insecurities and worrying aboit others. Do us all a favor & be the HOH. She let Shane slide back in & get cozy when she was in denial about being pissed over him not wanting a showmance. She will only listen to Dan when she wants to or knows she is in a desperate situation. Dan ran her HOH week! Janelle should have been her biggest target. She is major competition. Danielle is allowing too many people to get in her head. She only won this HOH to impress Shane! Boogie is right when he says the house is full of "jokers". This is why production continues to bring back past houseguests cause these people have no idea how to play this game! I hope Frank can get himself off the block but I don't see Boogie winning the POV. He isn't the greatest at comps. I have been for Ian or Frank to win since week one. *thanks foe the amazing blog, Jamie. You as always do a great job & it takes a ton of work! We love it and thank you thank you so much!*
Jami M.

Anonymous said...

Of course newbies dont use their number advantage over coaches...(why dont 90% of my comments get posted?)

JChism said...

Jamie, just want to thank you so much for your outstanding blog! Hope you are feeling better. As far as the game goes, I cannot stand Boogie/Frank. They are so bitter...not an attractive personality trait...especially Boogie. Can't imagine he fathered a child. Who would have sex with this guy??? They are definitely women-bashers, sore losers, and every other unflattering description anyone can think of. Even though everyone loves bashes Danielle for her neediness and insecurities, I think she is a great girl with a good heart and that's all that really matters. Everyone has their shortcomings...leave the girl alone for goodness sake. Janelle has to be the worst backstabbing liar of all, but a trait that obviously works in this game. And Wil is definitely the most entertaining!! Gotta love Wil!! I admire Dan the most as a player/coach.

Lee said...

Ok, as a member of the medical profession, and much higher ranked/educated than Danielle, I went looking on the Alabama Nursing Licensure websight to verify her license. She is an LPN. That does not always even require an Associate's degree.

Now, a teacher of any sort must have at least a Bachelor's degree.

Why exactly would people think Danielle was smarter because she had an LPN certificate, versus an education degree?

I was on Dani's simple-minded side until she tried to compare an LPN education to an MD.

Shame on her. Go Shane. Dupe the begeebus out of that girl and win BB14.

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