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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!! HOLY CANNOLI!! ..the live feeds were on fire last night!! Seriously, the best since Week 1 during all the Willie drama.  If this is any indication of how the rest of the season is gonna go, then I welcome it with open arms! :D Bring it on!!!!

This mornings Overnighter is gonna be long, detailed in some areas, cliffnotes in others...otherwise I'd be here for the next 12 hours still working on it. lol Last night was one of those 'you had to have had the feeds' to fully get every piece of detailed convo.

Before I get to the Overnighter, I'm gonna make myself some breakfast and give y'all some stuff to look at while you wait.

First up, Wil is back home and tweeting! He tweeted first thing this morning. His twitter name is @WilHeuser :

 Next on the list of things, is that Janelle is selling her Big Brother 14 dufflebag. (It's currently at $820).

Okay, I'm gonna make some breakfast, lots of coffee, then bang out this Overnighter for y'all! If you wanna watch an entertaining part of last night while ya wait, then Flashback to 12:45am BBT on Cam 4 where Dani is still pissed at Shane for not letting her into the HOH room during the Dan/Brit/Frank/Boogie talk last night (which I will cover later).

Overview of Last Night:
Going back to last week, Ian told Danielle--who then told Britney--that Boogie/Frank were gunning for Shane/Britney. (Boogie wanted Britney out this week.) Yesterday, after Boogie/Frank were nom'ed, they talked to Shane in the HOH room, where Shane threw Britney under the bus hardcore, saying she was the one who influenced him to put them up, then switched his story a bit and said "several people" told him, not just Brit.

Shane told Britney that he kinda threw her under the bus to B/F. Britney got pissed, then went and talked to Boogie/Frank. (**I covered all of this yesterday in the afternoon post if you wanna check it out.) She told them she was not manipulating Shane to put those 2 up, she's not the HOH, he is, these are his nominations. She said she did, however, hear that they were gunning for her and Shane. F/B pushed her to give them a name of who told her that. She didn't. They convinced themselves that it was Dan (even though it's Ian). Frank, who wanted to get out Dan last week, got even more pissed that he's been fooled by Dan this week..or so he thinks.

Boogie/Frank/Shane/Britney/Dan had a meeting in the HOH after Boogie/Dan discussed things, to air everything out. (Frank left at some point during this convo, the feeds were on fishies.) Boogie kept pushing for Dan/Brit to tell them who said Frank/Boogie were gunning for Brit/Shane, they never did.  Dan even swore on his wife that it didn't come from his mouth. Boogie said that swearing on things doesn't mean anything.

In order to save the Quack Pack alliance, Dan 'took the heat', but he might not be for too much longer. He told Britney last night that they have to tell Ian what just happened and that he's taking the heat for him, but that he will not sacrifice his own game for Ian's...he'd rather throw him to the wolves. They did end up telling Ian everything. (*I'll cover that, too.)

As all of this is going on, Danielle was more concerned that she wasn't allowed in the HOH, rather than her alliance almost crumbling. In her own words, she thinks she wasn't "cool enough" to be part of the meeting. While the HOH meeting (Shane/Brit/Dan/Boogie/Frank) was going on, Frank left and went and outted Dan's game to Danielle, as Boogie/Frank said planned to do.

Is your head spinning yet? Well buckle up, kids..because this Overnighter is just beginning! ;)

*cracks knuckles* ...okay, I'm ready. Let's do this...

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which come with your live feeds pass!! :D (Plus you get mobile feeds free!)

11:18pm BBT:

Boogie: "Why would that push him our way?? What remote conspiracy theory would even go with that?"
Dan: "I have no idea."
Boogie: "What in the world could a fu**king question mark in a ball machine, have to do with Frank and I...that is the most absurd thing I've ever head in this game."
Dan: (giggling) "I dunno."
Boogie: "Did the 4 of you (Brit/Dan/Shane/Brit) sit down and talk (about nominating us)?"
Dan: "...nope."
Boogie: "The 4 of you never had a conversation..."

Dan: "Nope."
Boogie: "You and Shane never had a conversation, beyond talking about that question mark..."
Dan: "Yep."
Boogie: "So, if we all sit in a room with Britney,  and the awesome (laughing) Silent Six alliance, are you gonna is that..."
Dan: "I mean,  essentially there's no point."
Boogie: "Yea, because you and Britney don't wanna deal with it! I mean, right?!" (chuckles)
Dan: "I mean..I'll take the heat for it."
Boogie: "Well you know that conversation is gonna be initiated at some point, I mean,'s gonna happen! In front of 9 people before I leave, or in private, it's gonna happen.  think you should run and chastise (Brit) for indicating it was you! I've got nothing to hide.."
Dan: "And you think I do? When I draw a line in the sand, I don't hide. I'll go get (Britney)."

They both get up and head upstairs to the HOH.

11:22pm BBT:
HOH Room

**This convo is a must-see on Flashback. I'm just gonna give a summary of what happened. Way too long.

Boogie/Frank really wanted either Britney or Dan to tell them who it was that said that Boogie/Frank were gunning for  Britney/Shane. They never told. Dan kept deflecting questions onto other people, which pissed Frank off because he wasn't answering any of their questions. Dan, who remained calm and mostly quiet, did say she swears on his wife Chelsia that it wasn't him. (**Remember, it was Ian.) Boogie admitted that Frank and himself *did* say they wanted to get Shane and Britney out, but not this week or next, but admitted he said "soon". (**This is a lie.)

Danielle comes up and is rejected from the meeting by Shane (politely). This sends her into total meltdown mode downstairs.

At some point during this convo (around 11:48pm BBT), Frank goes downstairs and talks to Danielle. Let's switch to that convo (which I didn't see last night because I was focused on the HOH meeting).

11:49pm BBT:
Arcade Room
Frank said they're having a pow-wow upstairs. Ashley asked why he's mad. Frank said he's more disappointed.

(**10:02am BBT, trivia on the live feeds, the HGs are picking for POV Comp players!)

Since all the HG's are up for the day, I'm gonna cliffnote and timestamp important convos. I really gotta wrap this up quickly!! (The Hgs are never up this early! lol)

11:53pm BBT:
Anyways, this is the convo where Frank blew up Dan's game to Dani, threw him under the bus.
12:00am BBT:
HOH Room
Dan/Brit are alone, talking.

Dan tells Brit that he will take the heat for Ian, but they have to get Ian up there and tell them what hell they were just put through with Frank and Boogie and how they (Brit/Dan) protected him. Dan says he is 100% loyal to the Quack Pack.

12:19am BBT:
Quack Pack (minus Danielle) meeting.
They told Ian that Dan took the heat for him, Ian was very appreciative.

Meanwhile, downstairs..

12:20am BBT:
Arcade Room
Boogie and Frank outed Dan's game to Dani...telling him that he's throwing comps on purprose, etc. Dani told them she appreciated the talk.

12:45am BBT:

Dani vents to Britney about not being included in the Silent Six HOH meeting earlier. They're both being very animated with their arms and their facial expressions. Dani thinks she's "not cool enough" to be a part of that convo. Britney said she heard that Frank/Boogie/Dan had a Final 3 together from start.

Dani: "I'm not cool enough, I'm not cool enough to join that conversation! I'm mad at Shane! I was down here getting ganged up on by (Frank/Boogie)! My blood pressure is SKY HIGH!!"
12:52am BBT:
Dan enters the Arcade Room with Dani/Brit.

Dani tells Dan that Frank/Boogie told her they'd take her to final 3 if she votes for one of them to stay (depending on veto). But if she doesn't, her and Dan are going on the block.

Britney: "So now they have said I'm going up, you're going up, she's going up, Shane's going up..the block doesn't hold 4 people!"

Live Feeds Update @ 10:28am BBT: 
Ian, Frank, Boogie, Shane, Jenn and Ashley are playing POV! 
Both Frank/Boogie picked "houseguest choice" out of the bag. (**Hmm...)

**Okay, I gotta cut this overnighter short. Starting the morning post now!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

What a lunatic Danielle is. With everything that's being threatened with her alliance her main concern is not being allowed in the room. It's like being angry after the fact that you were denied voyage on the Titanic. That was absolutely the best thing that could've happened to her. Nothing good could've possibly come from her being in that room. The blame had already been passed around the horn from Shane to Brit to Dan did she really want her chance to take the heat? Actually knowing her maybe she really did and would've ended up telling Frank and Boogie she told Brit about them coming after her and Shane.


Katrinka Christopher said...

I have zero respect for Shane. I doubt there was a gun pointed at his head when he made the nominations & yet he let everyone in his alliance get streamrolled by Boogie & Frank, the tag team interrogators.

Man up & say, "This is my HOH, these are my nominations, thank you for sharing your crybaby points of get out of my HOH room."

2boysmom said...

For all Dani knew, they were all in there throwing HER under the bus. I don't blame her. I'd be mad too.

2boysmom said...

Brian, for all Dani knew, they were in there throwing her under the bus. I would be mad too, if I were her. Maybe Shane was trying to protect her, and he can explain that later.

2boysmom said...

For all Dani knew, they were all in there throwing HER under the bus. I don't blame her. I'd be mad too.

Anonymous said...

Man it sucks to be Dan right now. His whole alliance is just gonna sit back and let Dan take all the heat for something he had the least to do with of the group. Let me get this straight Ian tells Danielle who tells Brit who tells Shane who puts them up and Froogie now has a death vendetta against Dan. Makes sense huh?

It all started with that wimp Shane completely throwing it all on Brit again. Man he is so terrible at every aspect of this game outside of winning physical comps. Brit then freaks out about how she's now somehow the biggest target in the house and allows Dan to be thrown under the bus in her stead. Meanwhile Dani's a lunatic and Ian could care less about anything as long as Froogie doesn't find out he's working with the Quack Pack. Hell of a group you got working with you there Dan.


Goldchampagne said...

Just confirms my opinion of Dani from the beginning! Pathic, insecure nitwit!

Anonymous said...

What an awful cast of characters drawn to keep Froogie from winning POV. It's pretty much all on Shane and if it's mental and not physical forget about it. I guarantee you there is no way Ian tries to win this comp regardless of what it is because then he'd have to expose himself by not using it. Dan's game is going up in flames protecting a kid who has no interest in contributing anything to the alliance other than secret info that keeps him safe on all ends.

On another note how can Brit and Dani be mad at Dan when he's taking all the heat for them. And if it's about not telling them about Froogie mentioning going after Brit/Shane they did the same thing not telling Dan Frank was seriously considering backdooring him last week and when they got power they already knew from another source.


Karma baby said...

I think Shane did the right thing nd threw pple under the bus,that's the name of the game,y wud he want only blood on his hands,and Britney dear u say u left ur husband nd ur job nd gave up a lot?really?nd the others have not-grow the f*** up,u chose 2 play.

kelsey said...

I agree with what you said karma baby and it is soooo weird that they drew houseguest choice twice,, it just sounds fishy to me but Shane told boogie when all of them were in the HOH room that don't put the heat on Britney and that the nominations were all on him and frank acts all big and bad... UH, I hope frank goes home... Come on Shane please win the veto so you can tell them to shut up and leave him alone because your not taking them off and frank will be leaving no doubt... I hope frank does leave so boogie would hopefully go to jury and have to sit there until the end because we all no he doesn't... Well you couldn't figured out that at some point, they could of possibly come in... Uh, I can't stand either of them and they think that Britney and Shane doesn't have the right to put them up when they were gonna do it to them... I mean come on boogie, you are better than this you idiot... That why hardly nobody likes you in the big brother world because you think your all that and you can only do stuff to me not them do it to you but I news for you, dr. Will brought you through the game and he helped ou to win... Without dr. Will you would have sucked like you did in season 2 hahahahahaha

kelsey said...

People has to also think, that Shane has never even knew about big brother until he came on here and he only watched a couple of seasons in sequester I think and not all of the season he watched... He only watched season 11-13 but not the whole season I believe... He never got to the finale part mainly... Buthe doesn't know nothing else to do but win comps so he doesn't know how this game works like soe other people that have seen the show before so Danielle needs to shut up saying how they know Shane doesn't have the gift of gab well honey you don't have the gift of not acting stalkerish and a lunatic/sico, I'm kinda thinking that maybe they had the coaches in the game to help some of these people that dont watch the show that much soothe coaches an help them knowing the show and stuff... It just seems like it, I don't know if I'm the only one thinking that lol

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