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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Night Quickie

Good evening, BB fans!! This evening has been very chill so far on the live feeds. The HG's are currently on lockdown and BB gave them some playdoh stuff to play with, which Jenn/Dani/Brit are making full use from.

Sidenote: Today is Britney's hubbys birthday! And tomorrow is her birthday. Happy Birthday to them both! :)

6:31pm BBT:
On the other cams, Joe is up in the HOH with Dan/Shane. (Dan is listening to Shane's CD).
Joe is talking/venting about Frank.
Talk turns to Dr. Will and how he never won a comp and won the game.

And that's pretty much how the night has been going. Oh, and Britney now has a glass full of coffee that is as big as her head as she does every night. :P

6:36pm BBT:
Boogie/Frank are in the Arcade Room. They're saying "everything sucks"..the situation, the people in the house, everything.

Boogie: "24 hours exactly."
Frank: "I just wanna shake Joe and be like "F*ck you!"
Boogie: "He's such a stupid redneck."

Boogie gives Frank the advice to stay close to Ian after he leaves.

Frank: "(These) f*ckin' jokers.."

Frank: "I'd like to put up Dan/Brit, or Dan/Shane if it's a double eviction."
Boogie: "I wonder who would stay over Dan and Shane..." (**Me too.)

Frank tells Boogie what Ian has already told the rest of the Quack Pack, which is that he (Frank) would try to make a deal with Brit/Shane for safety, and then get Dan up and gone.  They go different "I could do..." scenarios, each of them making Boogie happy and said he'll be rooting for Frank to take them out from his couch at home.

Boogie switches back to complaining, this time about how slow time is going tonight. (**I agree.)

This talk is on-going on Cams 1  & 2.
On Cams 3 & 4, we have....

Joe up in the HOH still with Dan/Shane. No talking at the moment. Joe's just staring at the spy screen. Dan and Shane appear to be napping.

**Okay y'all, I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter! :) See ya guys then!! Enjoy the feeds!!

PS If you don't have Showtime, you can always hook up an HDMI cable from your laptop to your tv (if it has an HDMI cord) and watch the feeds on your tv. Get a wireless mouse, and you're set! ;) Better than Showtime After Dark because there's no commercials and you can switch cams. lol :P

Stay tuned...
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R1Jenny said...

Ok so I just found out that there is gonna be some football preseason crap on tomorrow night and BB won't air until ike 130am here. :( Will the link you put up for west coasters to watch the show work for us east coasters as well?

it's ME! said...

About 5-mins ago Joe told Dan/Shane that Franks last push to get Joe to cross over to the dark side...

Frank said "I am the smartest, best, most physical player to ever play the game of Big Brother"

Dan said "which tells our side, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that's the player you need to get out next".

Great plan once again Frank. That guys got more plans and plots than a cemetary... KJ

Jamie said...


Htown said...

Well Boogie maybe you should of tried playing for the HOH, instead of going for 10k.. Life's about choices.:)but your a goner!!

Neche said...

I feel like Frank can say whatever he wants, He is already a target to them so not like not saying anything makes him less of a target anyways.

joshua said...

Boogie wants to go he is readu said...

Boggie your going to be so mad at ian when u get home said...

Boggie your my fav but ur going home I hope ian will be next

Precious said...

I dont understand why boogie & frank trust Ian. On today's show, he looked like he was hiding something, weird and sneaky.

Sabine Kratzer said...

hmmm... that comment about Frank what Joe told Dan/Shane is what JOE told them but when and where did it happen? I watched the flashback and I could'nt find anything... maybe another big lie from Joe to put a more s**t on Franks back ?! ... just saying :o)

Justinjason123 said...

He never said that Joe said it wrong... frank said he's the strongest player on this side of the house and that he should stick with him cause they will sail him down the river... Frank has not lied about anything in this game Brittany is the biggest liar in the house and Shane is just manipulated by herlooking and he's weak, Frank is the best player in this game.

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