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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Overnighter

Happy Thursday Live Show Day, BB addicts!! :D Tonight we will see Janelle get the BB boot and then we'll get a new HOH (tonights comp will most likely be a questions comp.) Janelle will be going straight home to her hubby and baby jury for her. To be honest, I don't think I'd be that sad if I was her. Get a month off from our reality of bill paying and not-sleeping-in, plus $20,000 for just just being there, and I'm sure she's missing her husband and newborn like crazy. And she gets to bypass jury like she wanted. So all in all, I think she'll be just fine! :)

Last night the feeds went to trivia and came back on about an hour later (at 7:35pm BBT). The houseguests had their half-way party! ...wait a minute, it's week 4 and there's 12 houseguests in the house, and we're already having a half-way party?? Uhhh....ok. (There's 75 days this season, yesterday was day 33. You do the math.)

The HG's had pizza, cake, and mini-bottles of champagne. According to everyone in the house, Janelle started a cake-throwing food fight and, according to Boogie, Jani "ruined" the party because it ended "abruptly" (is what Britney said). Oh, and Joe headbutted Willie's picture on the BB cake.

Janelle's spraying spot-cleaner on the carpet to get the cake out of it..

9:09pm BBT:
Arcade Room
Janelle pulled Britney into Arcade Room and talked about votes. Britney said the Diary Room (production) just told her that they're not allowed to tell Janelle how they're voting. (**This is either a new rule, or just for this week so that Janelle looks shocked, or Brit is lying.) Janelle said she talked to Dan a little bit ago (**she did) and he said he still needed to talk to Shane (about how they're voting) and that it's strange that he's been saying the same thing for 3 days now and still hasn't talked to Shane. Brit (lies) and said she feels so "out of the loop" with people.

9:42pm BBT:
As Janelle was packing her bags, her and Dan talked. Janelle asked Dan if he would tell her if she's leaving, he (lied) and said yes. Janelle then told Dan that if he wants, she'll call his wife for him and give her any message(s) that he wants.

Dan: "I'm sure she'd like to talk to you." (*...and explain why you got evicted.)

Dan didn't look comfortable with lying to Jani. Usually he closes off his emotions, speak a thousand words:
10:36pm BBT:
HOH Room

Shane and Danielle did some playful wrestling on the HOH bed last night.

10:44pm BBT:
Jenn (lied) and told Janelle she has her vote. (**Guess Brit was just lying to Jani about the can't-tell-how-I'm-Voting thing.)

11:12pm BBT:

Dan bonded with Wil and Jenn last night. (He hasn't spent much time with them in the game thus far.) Jenn told Dan about the celebs she has met in her music career and even a close friend that passed away.

They asked each other silly questions, my favorite was Wil asking Dan and Jenn if they had the option, would they rather be fit or have a sharp mind when they're old. Jenn gives the best answer ever & says "sharp mind" because she plans on getting a Hooverround scooter because they "can haul a**!" (**lol)

11:18pm BBT:

Ian won at pool with Brit (they play pool together rather often) and he won, then jumped on the pool table after doing a happy dance. (**I love Ian! )

12:08am BBT:

Ian and Britney do some Jedi training. They go over house facts and such for upcoming HOH comps. They do some Joe bashing and how he always gives people his "Eagle Eye" (I just call it a creeper stare lol). 

2:50am BBT:

In case you're wondering, Joe is next weeks target with most of the HG's.  Wil said they're "people in this house that need to go quick..quicker than Joe."Frank thinks they should "keep chatter down" until one of them wins HOH. Ashley joins them at this point. They talk about Janelle's eviction tonight. Frank, Wil. Ashley and Jenn talked about how Joe is gonna figure it out that he's by himself in the game when the votes are 8-1 for Janelle to leave tonight. Frank and Wil think Joe is just in the house for publicity. They then talk about how much food Joe's wastes.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D Today is live show day and the feeds will be on and off all day as the HG's get ready for the live show tonight and go on HOH lockdown as production does stuff downstairs for tonights show. This is all typical live show day happenings. And 99.9% of the time, nothing of signifigance happens during this time anyways, so we're not missing anything.

However, after Janelle's evicted tonight, the game will one again be reset as we get ourselves a new HOH for the week and tomorrow, new HG's on the chopping block! :D If you don't have the live feeds, then you my friend are missing out!! I gotta haul my butt off to work but I'll be back tonight with a NEW POST for tonights live show about 30 mins before it begins. Get your snacks ready, your live feeds 3 day trial, and meet me back here at 8:30pm EST!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Just got to vote on your new poll and wow I'm so happy there are others out there who love Ian too. He's up there in votes with Dan and Britney which kinda surprised me. I really see him winning this thing if he passes jury and still sticks in with everyone.

JChism said...

Jamie, I love your blog and your comments. You are a riot!!

James said...

It's impossible to predict this early and there will be many twits and turns in the game. But as of now, I see the core 4 alliance making it to final 4 with Ian in the final 5. I'll then make a guess that Dan gets taken out by Shane and then Shane, Danielle and Brit in F3. If Brit or Dani get final HOH they take each other to F2. If Shane gets final HOH, he takes Dani. Either way, Dani is F2, but probably ends up with $50K.

hummingbrd said...

I am so very excited for tonight's episode ,I do feel bad for Janelle But I also think in a twisted way this is what she wants .. I do agree with some of the house guests she doesn't seem to be playing like she used to. Jamie who would u like to see get HOH next? I think I would like it to be Will or Boogie and see if they really are going to send Joe home lol. Have a great day :)

kelsey said...

I agree with you James... I think either way dani would get 50k... But maybe if she's in F2 with Brit she might win but if she's with Dan or Shane mainly Shane, I don't think she'll win

kelsey said...

I also want that core 5 to go to F5 of Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane, and Ian... I'm going for that alliance... The quack pack or quack attack, whatever they are called lol and janelle pull this eviction on herself.... I don't remember her playing like this... And when Britney and wil mainly Britney mocks and makes fun of joe, they are so hilarious... If you have the feeds.... You have to go to the flashback feature and watch them and hear joes ghost story he said lol I would have kept my mouth shut and I would be mad 2 if joe uses every single meat to cook and they don't hardly have any left... I think their gonna sit down in a group either tonight or tomm. And tell him that they only need to have 1 family dinner a week or something like that... Some of the stuff he cooks they said is not the best also lol

nmanceaux said...

I heard there was a DR leak this morning.........

nmanceaux said...

I heard there was a DR leak this morning when Dan was in there.....

PaulaMcCormack said...

LOL @ Danielle's crotch shots

Anonymous said...

I live in Up State NY and it has football on until 10

Fernando Serrano said...

I really hope Ian wins the new HOH just to see how much drama starts and who throws who under the bus...can't wait

Krissy said...

BB is on late tonight due to preseason football! I'm a crazed football fan but no one messes with my Big Brother!!


kelsey said...

I get to watch it because football isnt on cbs on my TV

kelsey said...

And yea team brit :)) and i hope ian wins also or Britney... Dan will prob. Throw it again... I hope not though and where did you hear that Nmanceaux about dan and the DR thing

kelsey said...

I live in jacsonville so football wont be on cbs until tomm. And i agree with you Krissy... I love football 2 but big brother has to be on... Last year one time it didnt come on until 1 because of football

kelsey said...

Jacksonville, florida*

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