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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Afternoon Post (UPDATED!!)

Hey BB addicts!! :D I know it's late but I just got home from work and sifted through the afternoon happenings so that I can report what we all missed this afternoon. In a nutshell, not too much. Here's the afternoon notes! :)

The Afternoon: Cliffnotes

*Ash drew the line, she's on Team Boogie/Frank.
*Joe has been saying all day that he's gonna make it publicly known that he's voting Boogie out.

*Brit and Dani know Ash is on Team Boogie and that Ash tried to get Joe, too.

*Jenn made fun of Ian to Boogie about his rocking back and forth. (**Dislike. Severally.)

*Jenn, who still doesn't get it that shes JUST A PAWN, campaigned to Joe. Joe promised his vote.

*Jenn confronted Danielle in the storage room and said she knows that Dani knew she was going up on the block. (Jenn has been pissed at Dani because Dani told her she'd tell Jenn if she was gonna go up & she didn't.)

*Jenn, who obviously is new at this game, kept telling Dani how much of a target Shane is to her now. Dani told her that she has her vote and that Boogie is going home, shes just a pawn. Dani cried during this convo. Naturally.

*Ian set Joe up by lying and telling him he's gonna vote for Boogie to stay. (This is Ian's plan to get Joe to be the wonky vote.)

*Ashley told Boogie that Joe is voting for Jenn and promised her his vote.

*Ashley/Frank flirted and did a quick little kiss inthe arcadea room

*Dan told Dani he doesn't like Ashley's game (or rather, lack of) and how she treats Ian.

*Brit cried while laying down for a nap. She told Dan, who checked on her, that its 'that time of the month' and that she's a week late, but that there's nothing to report.

*Dan is now encouraging Dani to stay close with Shane, for game sake.

6:26pm BBT:
Joe/Boogie/Frank are working out together.

Dani/Ashley/Jenn/Britney are around or on the hammock. They've been there for a while, bonding.

Also, today was picture day/HOH blogging & tweeting. If you wanna read Shane's tweets, then click here!!

I'll be back in the morning with the Overnigher as usual. See y'all then!! Until then, enjoy the feeds guys!!

8:07pm BBT:
The girls are doing yoga...

Joe told Dan/Dani/Brit/Shane that he's telling Boogie tonight that he's not voting to keep him. (He's the swing vote.) Fireworks to follow for sure, so spark up those feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Jen said...

Jamie thank you for the cliff's notes! I CANNOT keep up with everything that's happened in the last couple of days!!

kelsey said...

frank and boogie wanted to talk about willie being a bully when they are being bullies also... boogie more than frank but both of them and joe is warming up to me a little now for sticking up for dan and shane because of how boogie and frank was treating them and jamie you didnt say this in your blog of what boogie said about dan but dan wasnt there and didnt hear him but boogie said that dan would care when he goes to michigan and f*** his wife and that is just not ok... i read this part on twitter and that is just ruthless and mean and then boogie was telling frank that he would hit britneys cup of coffee and knock it out of her arms and hes just a ruthless and mean person... i have never liked and even if i did, i wouldnt like him after what he has said especially about dan and if ashley votes the other way then jenn will be soooo pissed at her and that would be funny... joe and ian is playing boogie and frank lol and probably ashley and maybe jenn also lol GO QUACKPACK!!!!!!

kelsey said...

i seen that you put what boogie said earlier about dans wife on a later post

Neche said...

WOOO! Kelsey you must really hate Boogie, I respect the guy, he's a good player. Jaime, have you noted that he hasn't been campaigning??? it's been all Frank. Anyway I think Shane is doing all the dirty work for his alliance and forgetting to think about his own game. Britney will never be put up because she is the lowest threat on he alliance but Shane keeps doing what she wants because he doesn't know how this game works, He is too Unselfish.

James said...

It seems like every season there are a handful of people who, when they find themselves on the loosing side of the house, feel the need to start personally attacking the others (some that come to mind are Chima, Gnatalie, April, Michelle (BB10), Porsche, etc).

I'm not surprised about Boogie, but Jenn is surprising. For someone who has done absolutely nothing but take up space the whole season, she certainly seems to think a lot of her game. Why would she think that she's somehow immune to being put up? Having won nothing, how does she think her threats are going to scare anyone? Like you said Jamie, she obviously knows nothing about the game.

Gee, who could have ever guessed that finding random contestants on Facebook and pulling in people who were applying to dating shows wouldn't bring in the best players?

I hate when people threaten that they are going to stop watching a show because it's not going the way they want, and I'll stick out this season, but unless something changes I really think this may be my last season of BB. It has become insanely scripted and casting is a joke. Sometimes I feel like I'm just watching a teenage soap opera rather than Big Brother. While there are a few true "gamers," the rest are bunny boilers, crybabies, and BB living furniture.

It just seems like every year CBS is more and more appealing to the lowest common denominator. With their fabricated fauxmances and constant game manipulation it's becoming harder and harder to watch. Even with the live feeds you end up just watching a fishtank half the time.

I really, really want to continue with my guilty summer pleasure, so I'm hoping that next season CBS cuts the crap and gives us a real game.

Ok that concludes my rant lol.

Jtmusleh said...

Quackpack is a joke to be honest. They do nothing but control the votes, and hopefully one of them wins. I mean it feels like the whole house is in their alliance. I hope frank wins next week and ends that 400 person alliance. I mean really joe is now with them. Ian is a rat and is disposable, shane is taking all the blood for this so called "alliance". Dan, brittney, and dani do nothing but talk bad about everyone else. This show will be boring from here on out, unless frank ashley or jenn can shake things up

Megrock1 said...

Its all boogie can do now but talk shit & stir up trouble now that he knows hes going home. At first i figured he knew that dan/janelle would def hit thd reset button so he didnt even have to but now i know he really would have rathered stay a coach cuz he only after the $$$ which i guess is true for all of them,but 1 i in 4 for $100000 is much better than 1 in 9,10,12 for $500000 oh well too latr now sorry boogs, i was actually rootin for u & frank at more than one time but i can say for sure im glad your going home!!! Time to finally see how frank can fare by himself, ill be happy for him if he can actually come back and do some damage by himself without being boogies bitch or doing 'anyones dirty work for them like hes accusing shane of....ANYWAY IDK LET THE GAMES AND BB BS CONTINUE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH JAMIE FOR KEEPING ME AND ALL OF US WELL INFORMED AND UP TO DATE BBT!!

Megrock1 said...

Idk guess my other blog wasnt accepted~~i didnt say anything bad...anyway all in all thanx jamie for keeping me informed i def appreciate and cant wait to see how frank will fare all by his lonesome...let the BB BS continue :~)

TATA313 said...

Joe is such a puppet and wants to be a part of something so bad, I can't wait until he gets scum bagged and see how stupid he looks. He talks so much crap and can't win anything. Joe is a bum!!!

needlife2change said...

You missed a lot last night! I know you were sleeping, but I was up all night with them lol because I'm sick and couldn't sleep. Britt, Dani, Jen, Shane etc were up in the HOH room talking/laughing and Frank got mad and went upstairs to confront them. Then Jen went off on Ashley and told her to "suck it" which is wrong which made Ashley break down and cry. This is important to go back to on flashback. Boogie was in bed this whole time. This was all overnight :) Thought you would want to know.

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