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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursdays Live Show

Good evening, BB fans!! We made's Live Show Day!!! :D It's Thursday where things *will* change!! An evicted houseguest, a new HOH, which means new Nominations and a new POV winner this week! I think this season is about to get a kick-start to the heart, starting tonight. I can just feel it.

As I predicated earlier (1 post down), tonights HOH comp will indeed be the "fill it up" endurance comp!! :D Thanks to @BigBrotherScoop for the leak!!
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Tonight we will see either Wil or Joe go home, though it still looks like it'll be Wil getting the boot tonight. Also, we will see former BB houseugest Jeff Schroeder talking to Julie Chen on tonights show!!

The chat room will open up at 8:30pm EST, so hop on in and say hello!! ;)
Enjoy the show, guys!!

9:00pm EST:
The show begins....

The Votes:
*Ashley votes to evict...Joe
*Boogie votes to evict...Wil
*Danielle votes to evict...Wil
*Jenn votes to evict...Joe
*Dan votes to evict...Wil
*Britney votes to evict...Wil
*Shane votes to evict...Wil
*Ian votes to evict...Wil
Evicted from the BB House is:

The HOH comp is....ENDURANCE!!! Get the live feeds to watch!!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Shane's got this HOH in the bag. Dan and Ian could maybe do well but would have no interest in winning since they know Joe, Ash and Jenn stand no chance. Even if Brit could do well she'd be perfectly fine letting Shane win take the safety and compete next week in something Shane might not be as good at. Shane is all comp all the time so he's gonna go all out let him take the heat and make his target even bigger.


James said...

Agree Brian. I can't see anyone other than Shane winning this. He is lucky Frank can't compete. I also predict that Ashley will come in a distant last, or may quit altogether.

James D.

JChism said...

I would love to see Dan win it and put up Boogie/Frank.

Alanna's Mama said...

Poor Ashley has no chance with her back. But it looked as if she was targeting the safety bucket do smart decision considering her handicap in this comp.

Alanna's Mama said...

Poor Ashley has no chance with her back. At least she appears to be going for the smaller safety bucket which is a wise move for her. Boogie is going for the money - no big surprise. Right now he has at least 4 others competing for him ... Would be nice to see them make a move though.

Anonymous said...

Man I seriously might have changed my vote after Joe's awful last plea speech. He deserved to go just for that monstrosity of suckitude.


C.Montes said...

Brit and Ashley were both filling up the safety jug. And of course greedy ass boogie was filling up the 10k jug.

tk said...

Hahahahaha!!! So true!! Brian, you rock!

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