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Friday, August 10, 2012

Morning/Afternoon Post

Hello BB fans and welcome to the Morning/Afternoon post! As I said in the Overnighter (1 post down), we have the Have Not's Comp today and then the Nomination Ceremony, will it looks like it'll be Joe and maybe Shane as a pawn. It's really 100% clear who the pawn will be, but it will become clear through the day and then finalized at the Nomination Ceremony. It's gonna be a fun-filled day on the live feeds!!

Ashley's been having back problems this whole season, and it seems to be getting progressivly worse. (**Whoever thought of those Have Not beds, needs to be fired. They're messing up everybody's backs this season.)

At 6:44am BBT, Ashley got up and got some pills (Aleve or Advil), then crawled back into bed.
She clearly had a hard time walking. :( Poor girl.

Currently on the live feeds...

9:28am BBT:
Ashley's in pain. Wil's petting her head to comfort her. She's talking and giggling here and there, not on her death bed or anything. But definitley in pain. Her back has been jacked up for weeks now.

As she confirmed last night, she'll be seeing the BB doctor again for another shot in her back.
At 9:34am BBT, Boogie walks through, stops to ask how Ashley's feeling.

Ashley: "I have Nurse Wil." (*lol)

Boogie continues to head into the kitchen.
Frank sits on the couch with them, talking about how cold it is in the house and Diary Room.

They talk about how the Have Not's Comp is at Noon today. They started building the comp around 4am this morning.

10:50am BBT:
HOH Room

Joe said he's only looking to get Wil out of the house and to get to jury, he knows he won't make it to the end and blames his age for making him winning any comps a reality.

Frank tells Joe he's "most likely" going up on the block, but that doesn't mean he's the target. (**But he is.)

They thank each other for the talk, hug, and Joe goes downstairs.

10:55am BBT:
The HG's are visiably worried about Ashley, seeming that she can't even walk without assistance. 

Ashley: "Alright...I think if I put this foot forward...(she stops and laughs)..I don't know what to do!"

Boogie: "Don't get frustrated.."

Feeds then switch to fishies for the millionth time this morning. Ugh.

10:58am BBT:
After Ashley went to the bathroom, Boogie and Dan tried to get her to lay down on the bathroom couch.

Ashley: "Ahhhh yea! I feel good!!"
Ashley: "Thank you!"
Dan: "You're welcome. You want your blanket?"
Ashley: "No, I'm okay."
Dan: "You sure?"
Ashley: "Yea, thanks!"

11:08am BBT:
HOH Room

Frank is talking about his convo with Joe this morning. Britney and Boogie express their thoughts on Wil and that he's a threat, unlike Jenn, or Ashley because she's handicapped right now, Ian is "on a short leash" with them so no worries there, and Joe is 100% by himself and can't win comps.

Boogie said they can either nominate Joe and Wil, and say "f**k it" and out their alliance, they have the numbers anyways....or do they wanna disguise the alliance by putting up one of their own.

(Meanwhile downstairs, Dan told Dani that Brit/Boogie/Frank are talking and to go up to the HOH and talk, and if they ask her to be a pawn this week, say no.)

Danielle enters the HOH room.
They talk about Ashley. Boogie's pretty sure she won't play in the Have Not's comp today due to her back issues.

Frank says that he doesn't want Wil going up on the block UNLESS they're gunning for him because he doesn't want to be in Wil's "line of fire" for next week. Britney again says Wil is "really smart".

Talk continues. Joe is still this weeks target.

11:58am BBT:
Cams 1 and 2: Joe and Wil are visiting Ashley on the bathroom couch. Non-game chatter at the moment.

Cams 3 and 4: Britney/Boogie/Ian/Frank are in the HOH room, talking about Janelle.

They think maybe she got a standing-o last night.

Britney: "Oh, she did!! People were screammmming!"

Boogie says that Janelle can't win the $25,000 fan favorite prize now that she was sent home, and Boogie thinks it'll be good for Ian (to be fan favorite). Ian thinks Britney, who won it during her season, could get it again. Brit disagrees.

12:09pm BBT:
Cam 1 and 2:
Brit/Joe are talking about religion as Ashley continue to lay down on the bathroom couch.
Cams 3 and 4:

Frank: "I'd like to send Dan home this week if possible. I don't trust that motherf**ker!"
Boogie: "REALLY!?"

Frank is DEAD SERIOUS in wanting Dan out this week.

Boogie: "Who would you put him against on the block, he'd have the votes to stay.."

Frank thinks they could get the votes to get him out. Boogie says its way too early and they'd break their trust to people in the house.

Boogie: "He's shady, and he's good! And I don't wanna be wiht him in the Final 4 or 5, but..."
Frank: "We don't wanna be with him in the Final 2."
Boogie: "Oh no, he'd win."

Wil comes up.

Wil said that if he's a pawn this week, no hard feelings. Boogie said he wants Britney up there. (**I love how Boogie is speaking as if he's the HOH and Frank is letting him.)

Wil leaves to get his mic.
Boogie said they need to get Wil to tell them who his target is. Feeds cut to fishies...

12:17pm BBT:
Feed are back. So is Wil. Talk continues.

From their convo, which was cut by fishies mostly, Boogie and Frank say they don't like Wil's attitude and that he's gonna gun for them (Boogie/Frank) next week.

Boogie and Frank now want Wil out.

Boogie: "Why don't we f**king backdoor him."

Boogie: 'F**k it, put ME up! I'm kinda serious. Let me play veto."
Frank thinks it's too risky to put Boogie up.

They continue to talk what to do. (**Their talking is way too fast and over-lapping for me to transcribe.)

Frank goes downstairs to get coffee and see if Shane's awake to talk to him & goes back up to the HOH.

Dan is in the HOH room now.

Boogie fills Dan in on Wil's convo with them and how Wil wasn't willing to work out a deal until after POV and that he (Wil) said that he's aware of a "large group of people working together".

Dan asked if they changed thier minds. (**They are talking so fast and over-talking one another.)

Frank said that he told Joe he's mostly going up. Dan asked if they floated the idea to Shane to be a pawn, they said no.

Boogie: "What about Ashley? She won't even be able to move in the veto."
Dan: "What move would you be sending to Wil?"

Talk continues. Frank still wants Wil out this week, then Joe out next week.

More fishies. (*ughh!)

Feeds back. Oh look! Britney is in there now.
Boogie said that Wil came up to the HOH room with an attitude. Britney's shocked.

Boogie said that when Frank asked who's Wils target, Wil didn't wanna say.
Britney said Wil knows that they're all working together. (**The Silent Six)

**This is killing Boogie's ego. lol He's SOOOOO pissed that Wil didn't bow-down and be humble and offer deals, and that Wil is so cocky on top of it. He even said that's how "they" (Boogie/Frank) are supposed to act, not a possible pawn. I am now secretly hoping for Wil to win veto just to make Boogie's ego hurt that much more. ;) hehe

It seems that Frank will put up Wil/Joe. Dan made a good point that if Joe wasn't on the block, and was picked for the POV, Joe could win and pull Wil off and they'd be screwed. 

Meanwhile, downstairs...

12:48pm BBT:
Wil is talking to Ashley in the living room.

Wil: "Are they (production) gonna make you play (the Have Nots comp)?"

Feeds to fishies. Ughh!!!!!

Feeds are back. Wil and Ashley are talking about cortizone shots.
Ashley confirms that she's on muscle relaxers and that her 2nd dose is tonight. (Twice daily.)
12:54pm BBT:
BB: "Frank, please go to the Diary Room." (**Have Not Comp time coming?)

12:56pm BBT:
Ashley/Wil/Boogie/Dan are all having light chatter.
1:05pm BBT:
Ashley/Wil/Boogie/Dan/Ian/Jenn are in the living room, waiting for the Have Nots Comp to start.

Danielle and Shane just woke up. He's cracking her back in the bathroom on the floor.
Britney is in the bathroom, too.
Brit tried to crack Danielle's back for her by walking on it.

1:11pm BBT:
Frank comes out of the Diary Room...

Frank: "Ex-SQUEEZE me, everybody!! It's time for the Have Not Competition!"

Feeds switch to triviaaa!!! Expect the feeds to down for 2-3 hours. I'll start a new post when they come back. :D In the meantime, check out Jeff (former BB player) interview Janelle LIVE!!! Click here to watch!! 

UPDATED: I'm gonna do some offline stuff, so if the feeds come back on and i don't post a new post, please check the blogs Twitter account for updates until I get back home!! :) I should be home by then, though. This is a just-in-case backup plan. lol :P

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Too bad there's not an actual nurse in the house and Wil has to try and fill that role as best he can.


Amanda Hearn said...

Hi! I have a real quick question for you. Are you using Superpass to view the live feeds or are you using a different program. This is my first year using the live feeds and I want to make sure I'm using the best player.

Amanda Hearn said...

Hi, I have a real quick question for you. Do you use Superpass to view the live feeds or do you use a different program to view them? This is my first time watching the live feeds, so I want to make sure I am using the best player.

Digiam42 said...

I thought dani was a nurse?

Debbie Franz said...

Too funny, Brian!!

Anonymous said...

BB Producer responds to controversy over Dan's DR leak:


Anonymous said...


No she's a kindergarten teacher! #sarcasm


Scott said...

Boogie said that Janelle can't win fan favorite because she was sent home? Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe anyone of them can win it regardless of when they were sent home. I remember being able to vote for Cassie last season and she was out in week 2

Jamie said...

Amanda, no I'm using the BB Viewer. I was gonna post the link for people to download it, but the link I downloaded it from is dead. lol I have no clue how to find it again. :(

kelsey said...

Danielle doesnt want boogie to be talking about her being in medical stuff thats prob. Why she didnt help lol that would be suspicious... Boogie is already talking about shes in medical something lol and he prob. Told other people also about her and the medical stuff because she knows alot about it and stuff lol

kelsey said...

She helped dn with his leg when it was hurt and wrapped the basketball pool hoop good with medical tape like she was wrapping a person lol

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