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Friday, August 31, 2012

Afternoon Post: Pandoras Box-Jessie was back!

Good afternoon, everybody! Hope y'alls Friday is going well. While I was out at work, it seems that Ian opened up Pandoras Box!

Ian said that there was a Christmas tree with presents underneath it for Ian, as Jessie was released into the house downstairs. He took all the junk food and replaced it with healthy/organic snacks. He also got rid of all the beer, too.

12:14pm BBT:
The feeds are back from trivia. The houseguests talk about what happened.

Shane: "He called us all fat! He called Dan "skinny fat"."
Dan: "Ian, he hugged me for 10 seconds and wouldn't let me go."
Ian: "Ahh, geez."
Jenn: "He was hatin' on Joe."

Dani: "He kept going "Danielle, look at my arms..why are you looking at my ass?" (**Sounds like Jessie alright. lol)
Dan: "He told Frank he needs to shave his chest."

Ian: "They showed me the Christmas tree and these gifts, and I was like I bet Jessie's gonna pop out from behind the tree and it's gonna be weird gifts, like punishments or something. It said "If you open it, you may have the best Christmas ever!"and then I opened it and it said all the gifts are for you to keep. And I started opening it and it was toys."
Frank: "What else did you get? A special diamond power of veto?"
Ian: "I wish. It was just a bunch of toys."

One of the presents was a 6 foot floating alligator for the pool.
Jenn: "It was hard to watch him dump out all the beer."

12:26pm BBT:

The HG's go outside and find that BB gave them a luxuary hammock. Ian is thrilled! :)
Ian: "Ohhh nice!!! And no creek, whatsoever."

12:36pm BBT:

Since the nomination ceremony hasn't yet taken place, Jenn pitches to Ian. Jenn said she saved Dan because it was a bigger target to keep in the house and that was best for her game. Ian said he's gonna do what he thinks is best for his game. (He plans to put up Jenn/Frank.)

12:50pm BBT:

Joe talks to Ian about not being a replacement nom. (Notice all the toys laying around from Pandoras Box.) Joe said there's Dan/Frank/Jenn as options to put up as replacement nom. Ian said there'd be "temptation" to get rid of any of them instead of his target. (Frank) Ian said he doesn't know if theres gonna be a need for a replacement nom. They end their convo by shaking hands. Joe goes downstairs.

1:30pm BBT:
Dan is making the most of the new pool toys.

All other HG's are outside as well. Most of them tanning.
2:24pm BBT:
Trumpet sounds off, it's time for Joe to wiggle those hips again & do some hula hooping!!

2:58pm BBT:
Frank/Ian talk.

Ian: "I want you to stay here. I think even if you're up on the block, I think I can (get them to keep you). So keep that in mind. It's 4 people voting, and I'm in the tie breaker. I just got a lot of thinking to do. You're not my biggest target this week. Keep that in mind, ok?"

Frank said that if he stayed, and Ian was on the block, and he (Frank) won veto, he'd save Ian. And that he'll vote anyway Ian wants if he stays off the block this week.

Ian keeps thinking that he has a lot to think about before nominations tonight.

Sidenote: A few minutes ago, Dan/Shane talked. Shane said he doesn't trust Joe at all. 

**Since he house is calm and the nominations aren't until 6pm BBT (according to Ian), I'm gonna go rest. I'll be back later when nominations are done! :)

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Shane's new name is Brit Jr. His game is just as ridiculous as hers.
Joe is the only person 100% there for him. How does he not see this? I give Brit Jr. 2 more weeks in that house.

kelsey said...

I'm glad thegquack pack is back together :)) I wanted them to last till the end of final five but that thing changed but there is still four left in the house lol :))

Erin K said...

Thanks for all of your coverage of the Live Feeds. I love your blog and appreciate all the effort you put into it. Feel better soon!

shana said...

Didn't Dan promise/swear on the bible his wife his ring that he would keep his deal with Frank? Just to go back to the wanting to get him out... he can't be trusted at all!!!

it's ME! said...

@ Shana... it's Big Brother. People lie alot.

Jessie Godderz... the houseguest that never-ever-ever leaves!

strategy98 said...

Hopefully Frank will make it to the end, most of the house now will giv ian the money.

rawdaawg88 said...

Dan is running that house and hasn't won any competitions. That's why he is the best HOUSEQUEST EVER!!!! GO DAN!!

Anonymous said...

Bb needs to stop stupid punishments like hula hoops or already 2 stupid outfits..theyre nit funny anymore& the hg dont care...punishment should affect gameplay..cant play hoh or veto..or be really nasty or embarrassing..chum baths, slop 4ever; make em have nots...we didnt have lots of team food comps where they get diff foid categories..wheres the movie promotional tiein..or a star from Fall showing up in house..or winning trip out of house or skype ur family...dan saved the season but still wish grodner would cone up with new ideas HIRE ME or get a bb fans focus group

JChism said...

@sajam: agree 100%.

Laura Hodges said...

I think everyone in the BB house things Frank is a threat. Yes he is. He has been on the block every week, except one. He's been HOH twice. Now that should be enough for him to win this BB competition. I love the guy. He smiles all the time but I'm afraid Dan is going to back door him even after he swore on his wife, kid, and wedding ring that he would save Frank. I know it's a game but do you use those type of tactics. Dan is really getting greedy. If Frank is evicted on Wed/Thur, I'm not even watching the end of this show any more. Enough is enough

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