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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! I'm back! :) A little sluggish, a little slow, but I'm here. :P I'm feeling slightly better, but not 100%. The docs don't know what's wrong. I've had 3 different doctors tell me 3 different things. Whatever it is, doesn't show up on scans and ultrasounds. (Might be muscle related or nerve related). They claimed that my gallbladder "looked normal" (not sure how that could be, since it was a wreck a month ago and I'm having the exact same symptoms as gallbladder attacks.) It's a mystery!! lol Oh well. **shrugs** I'd like to thank SuzieQ for taking over last-minute for me and allowing me to take care of my health! She did an ahhmazing job!! :D

Since I've been out of the BB loop for a couple of days (which feels like a month, oddly enough!), The Overnighter might be a little longer than usual. From what I gathered on Twitter the past couple days, it seems that everyone now has final 3 deals with everybody (except Joe) and that everybody is lying and playing each other. Is this right?? Let me know in the comment section!

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting it below! :D

To Recap Yesterday:
*Yesterdays POV Comp was a "How Bad Do You Want It" punishment comp.
*Jenn won POV (**wow!)
*Frank is  wearing a carrot suit now & taking slime baths everytime a fog horn sound is made.
*Britney/Danielle are shackled at the ankles together.

*Dan is solitary confident in the Have Nots Room with techno music and laser lights as annoyances.
*Frank can't play in the next 2 HOH's. (He was gonna miss next weeks HOH anyways.)
*Jenn had to burn her clothes.
*Jenn said she won't use the POV.
*Ian also said he won't use his Golden Veto this week.
*Jenn is on slop for the rest of the season.

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which come with your live feeds pass!! :D (Plus you get mobile feeds free!)

(The feeds were wonky last night and it's showing on the Flashback Feeds are skipping. Ugh.)

12:39am BBT:
Frank took one of his slim baths, as Joe/Ian/Brit/Dani/Shane/Jenn watched.
Frank went upstairs to take a hot bath since it was so cold outside.

12:54am BBT:
Hot Tub

Joe and Shane are stratezing for upcoming weeks. They're talking about someone speficialy but due to not being able to hear Joe, it's unclear who they're talking about.

Shane: "And if you win POV, slam dunk."

They think this weeks HOH comp might be endurance. (**I doubt it.)
They both agree that they think Dan is a goner this week.

1:21am BBT:
Dani, shakled to Brit, has to go pee and poo.

Dani says she'll hold it. Doesn't wanna poo while chained to Brit.
Britney: "Just go."
Dani: "No!"
Britney: "I won't judge you."

Britney: "Do you think we're gonna able to hold our (poo) for 24 hours?" (laughing)

Dani: "I dunno.."

Let's check up on Dan, let's see how he's doing in the Have Not's Room...

1:33am BBT:
Dan is sleeping, as loud music is playing and laser lights are going off.
(Though I feel bad for the guy, it's hilarious to watch! The camera man is zooming in and out to the beat of techno music..making Dan look like that 'that one guy' at a rave that passed out on the floor and his friends left behind. lol)

 Camera man zooms in and out on the light switch. lol

1:52am BBT:
Time for another slimy chum bath!
Shane/Joe/Ian are watching from the hot tub.
Shane gets him a towel.
Frank cleans up and heads into the hot tub to warm up.

3am BBT & on...
Joe stayed up with Frank outside since he knew Frank would have more chum baths to take. They talked about how the game ends in just 3 weeks, how the "Have Nots" for the season should be over, and how its 'crunch time' now.

Joe said they (Frank and Joe) need to make it until the end, they don't wanna go to jury.
3:20am BBT:
Chum bath time, again!
3:24am BBT:
Frank talks to us live feed watchers..

He says he hopes everyone at home see how much passion he has for the game and that he tried his best at keeping Dan from winning the veto, and it worked, even though he got disqualified. He said he can't compete in the next 2 HOH's and hopefully that doesn't come back to bite him.

Frank stops talking once Joe heads back into the backyard.

3:26am BBT:
Talk is about Dan and how he doesn't get out of solitary until 6 o clock. Frank said he feels bad for Dan having to endure all of that, but kinda doesn't at the same time.

Joe: "(Dan) has pretty much resigned. I think he'll ask Ian and Jenn (for votes) a few times. Gotta try!"
Frank: "Gotta try."

3:35am BBT:

Dan is wide awake, watching the laser lights..the music goes from really loud, to barely audiable, then a little bit louder.

Techno music lyrics: "Solitary dance party!" (*lol)
Dan started mouthing the lyrics at 3:36am BBT.

He continues to lay there, wide awake, staring at the ceiling like a zombie.
And that's it for The Overnighter!! :)

Frank was kept awake pretty much all night as Frank had to do chum baths. Dan was sleeping on and off as music played randomly in the Have Nots room.

At 10:46am BBT, it seems that BB is waking up the HG's for the day. Today is usually my "get back to realtiy" day, but it's gonna be a resting day for me today..minus getting laundry detergent which I ran out of the day. :P But I will be back tonight for tonights 8pm EST BB show! So come join me in the chat room!! See y'all then!! Enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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it's ME! said...

Glad you are back... BB is just not the same without your special take on the game...

I'm worried about Ian.. he's been quite a bit more "tickish" the past 48-hours! Hard to tell what's going on in that boys head.

As for my fave, Dan, it's going to be tough for him to get out of this one... but if anyone can do it... a student of Dr. Will and the Karate Kid can!

Feel better!

J.M. said...

I had similiar problems with my gallbladder. Had attacks for 2 months, lost 40 pounds and everytime I went to the ER, they said it was ulcers. They were doing MRI's on me and telling me my gallbladder was fine. It wasn't until I went to a different hospital and they an ultrasound that they said my gallbladder was full of gallstones. Ultrasounds are the only way to get a good look at your gallbladder! Hope you get it figured out!

Anonymous said...

Hey J- had the same thing a few years back and even though Teu couldn't see anything - I felt horrible- finally found out t was my gallbladder shutting down and not working :( it tool a while to diagnose bc the test is diff.

Welcome bck and hopefully relied will come

Nichole Powers said...

I am so confused. WHY would Jenn compete so hard for a Veto she isn't going to use? I am pretty sure she was not in danger of becoming a replacement nom.

Nichole Powers said...

WHY would Jenn fight so hard for a Veto that she wasn't going to use??
I don't think she was in danger of being a replacement nom? Do you?

Nicole said...

Welcome back Jamie, hope they figure out whats going on soon! Do u know way Frank was disqualified from the POV?

Digiam42 said...

Jamie. I went through exactly what you are going through for years. Ultrasounds showed no stones, did 2 hida scans that said it worked, had 3 egd's. It was aweful. The problem was id have an attack and by the time they could get me scheduled for a hida scan the problem was gone. I finally got so bad that i couldnt eat and was throwing up. They finally caught it on the 3rd hida scan and i had it out a week later. It went to the lab and came back saying that it was chronic inflammation with lots of scar tissue and sludge. All things that wont show up on any ultrasound. Ive been pain free ever since it came out. Hope you get better.

Dawn Gulledge said...

Jamie in 2000 I had the same problem they sent me home 4 times the last time I went by ambulance and refused to go home until they found the problem. It was my gal bladder and it was full of stones and diseased my pancreas had been attacked because of the gal bladder they had to rush me into emergency surgery. I pray they get you fixed soon. Thank you for your bb updates. Take care.

Scott said...

Welcome back Jamie
With all the playing around the producers do with this show they can't un-shackle the girls long enough for them to take care of personal business. I mean it's not like were going to be watching - or at least I hope not LOL

Sarah Trahan said...

Jamie- you definitely need what's called a Hida-scan! It may be that you have a dysfunctional gall bladder! This test may show it! Hope you feel better! Glad to have u back!

Goldchampagne said...

It's blatantly obvious that production wants Frank to win! Frank your check is filled out and waiting for you in the DR please go collect it now so we can get on with the rest of our summer!!

pgh fan said...

Welcome back. gallbladder stones msy be stuck in duct then u pass them. good luck-hurts more than hesrt attacks according to my dad. just hurt to put on dhirt for me. ian should use it on dan since frank cannot come at him. keep the game interesting. Jenn mudt really want to stay if she wanted it so much. i think dan will ask ian to use it since he protected him and was fall guy. ian might use it. dani csn go cry with boogie

agentbarbie said...

Watching Joe go to the bathroom and not wash his hands is really gross. Does he and the producers not realize that he could contaminate the house and house guests with e coli? Very deadly. Not to mention that as a cook in a restaurant he is contaminating the food he prepares and the public. Come on people wake up and smell the poop!

Skid Rock said...

Just a quick note to let you know how much you are missed
when you are not around.....

I really hope things start going better with your health issues.

Thanks for everything you do to keep us up to date........

Your across the lake neighbor,

Jeehadjoe2 said...

Dan needs to approach ian and jenn and say hey, bottom line, you want to sit next to frank at the final two or me, whos won the game... Who do you think youll win against? Come on Dan work some magic!

Jen said...

What time does Dan get out of solitary today? I'm finding it painful to watch him just zone out :(

Glad you're back in action, Jamie!

Jamie said...

Wow, thanks for the help guys!! I definitely will ask for that scan! Wonder why they didn't offer me that.

And thanks for the love!! :) missed yall!!

Jamie said...

Joe said 6pm, that's the only time I heard.

Shelley Butz said...


I have had the same gallbladder issues you have had. Classic gallbladder symptoms but all test have been normal. Have you had a HIDA scan, if so find out what your ejection rate is. If it is 80% or high google high ejection rate with gallbladder symptoms. There is research that suggest a high ejection rate is just as bad as low ejection rate. However, I have yet to find a surgeon to take my out based on the research I have found. Just thought I would pass it along. Hang in there and I hope you feel better soon!

Shelley Butz said...


I have had the same gallbladder issues you have had. Classic gallbladder symptoms but all test have been normal. Have you had a HIDA scan, if so find out what your ejection rate is. If it is 80% or high google high ejection rate with gallbladder symptoms. There is research that suggest a high ejection rate is just as bad as low ejection rate. However, I have yet to find a surgeon to take my out based on the research I have found. Just thought I would pass it along. Hang in there and I hope you feel better soon!

Shelley Butz said...

Hi Jamie,

I have had the same gallbladder issues. All my test came back normal yet I had classic gallbladder symptoms. Have you had a HIDA scan yet? It measures your gallbladder ejection rate. Mine is 88% ejection, which is in normal rage. However, I did some research and found a study that suggest high ejection rate can be just as bad as a low ejection rate. Just wanted to share the information. I know how frustrating it can be. I hope you feel better soon! Check out this article:

Brenda said...

Hi Jamie,
Glad you're back and really sorry to hear about the gallbladder woes. Had mine removed 2 yrs ago and I'm already having similar problems which I believe are stemming from the bile duct they left behind. Sending you get well wishes and hoping you feel better soon.
One more hour and Dan can get out of that room... He looks like he's in a trance :/.
Hoping he can get votes to stay longer.
Take good care of you! Hope to see you later.

kelsey said...

Hey Jamie, I hope they find what is wrong with you and that you get to feeling better... Praying for you :))

Brenda said...

P.S. Mine was diagnosed during a tilt table with contrast...I had to drink 2 bottles of contrast and they took scans as it went through my digestive tract. My 1st clue was when they had to stop the test twice to come adjust the table at steeper angles.On the 2nd tilt, I asked what the problem was and was told it wasn't clearing my gallbladder...dun dun dun dun!

kelsey said...

And for frank not to play in the next 2 HOH's has got to be horrible... I know he won't in the next one but he can't even play in the one after that... All I have to say is OUCH... And they still want him out and he thinks they don't yea right... He is way too cocky and Im soooo ready for him to go home or to jury should I say and Dan looks like a goner this week unless something drastically happens but if Ian did decide to use, would he have to use it on Monday or thursday?

Brenda said...

She beat Dan out of his veto to pull himself off the block...she's on Frank's team and he had been DQ'd.

James said...


Ultrasound is the most sensitive test for identifying gallstones, however even US can be false negative. Sometimes bowel gas can obscure portions of the gallbladder, a stone can be in the neck of the gallbladder and not always seen by US or the gallbladder can be contracted which makes the test less sensitive. If you had gallstones weeks ago, then you very likely still have them, unless it was just sludge. They also look for pain with visual compression of the gallbladder (sonographic Murphy’s sign), wall thickening and gallbladder diction. Stones with Murphy’s sign is very specific for cholecystitis (gallbladder inflammation).

The typical symptoms of cholecystitis are also nonspecific and gastritis, liver disease or bowel symptoms can mimic gallbladder symptoms. In that case, removing the gallbladder will not help you and any surgery has its risks.

It sounds like you do need a HIDA scan. If the GB does not fill, that is acute cholecystitis and is treated with surgery. If it does fill they go on to do an ejection fraction. An EF of <35% is abnormal, and there is controversy between 35-50%. If there are no stones, this is called acalculous cholecystitis with gallbladder dysfiction and would benefit from surgery. Above 50% is considered normal, although if there are stones, they can transiently obstruct the GB and at times can have a normal HIDA and EF.

If it sounds confusing, it is and doctors get confused too.

James D.

Erica Moore said...


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