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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursdays Live Show + HOH Endurance Comp

Good evening, BB fans!! Tonight is the night that the game will change for the rest of the season!! We will see either Frank or Joe get evicted (though it still looks as if Frank is going home), and then it's time for the HOH Endurance Comp and most likely somewhere in between all the madness, we'll have the coaches come back into the game. It's going to be an ahh-mazing show!! :D

Don't forget, the only way to watch tonights live HOH endurance comp is on the live feeds!! If you don't have them, then you're gonna be left out in the cold. It comes with a 3 day trial so that you can see whatcha been missing all season long! So what are ya waiting for??!!

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West Coasters, if you'd like to watch the live East Coast showing, then click here!! :)
As always, the chat room is open & I'll be in there chatting it up with y'all!

Let's get this party started!!!!!!!! :D

9:00pm EST:
Show begins...

9:40pm EST:
America picked to let the coaches decide to come into the game or not.
One by one, they entered the Diary Room and had the choice to hit a "reset" button or not.
All it takes is for 1 coach to hit the reset button for all the coaches to come into the game.
If they do, there will be NO eviction tonight!

Brit was first & hit the button, which reset the game!!
Evicted from the BB House is:
Britney RESET the game and the coaches are now in the GAME!!!!!
Dan & Janelle hit the button, too! (Boogie did not.)

The HOH Comp is Endurance!!! Click the pic to watch!!

Stay tuned...
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Christine Miller said...

OMG WHAT?! Yesss! I was team Frank from the beginning, but I wasn't fighting it this week because I really wanted to see Boogies reaction! You know Boogie said "no thanks" because he thought he was already solid in this game with Frank. I can't wait to see Dan and Janelle play again on their own. But I am TEAM FRANK! Wooo!

Anonymous said...

This is the most unfair thing Ive ever seen! Im so angry. Grodner gets to change rules to save her fave; next time theyll be a secret power. So Shane loseshis HOH..Frank gets saved; coaches got 3 wks of immunity while having got chance to save and evict others. They mAde it so obviously the coaches woukd go in by making only one have to say yes. I wanted Frank surprised and voted out while boogie lost his mind...And now as always we ger tge same damn challenge weve seen for years. At least Glass House has some original challenges...BB + Grodner cant seem to come up with original ideas. I wish cbs would try a new inventive production team next year so houseguests& viwerswouldnt fiNd it so predictable.
They couldve easily done the reset bs AFTER the eviction...But i bet Grodner didnt want FrAnk out yet. The HG ar prob not gonna use their #s advantage to get coaches out the next four wks

Kim M said...

I feel like Shane got a little screwed here. He pissed Boogie (and sort of Frank) off by planning to backdoor him and putting him on the block despite their alliance. But now with no eviction, they'll be out to get him even more.

At least they're letting him play for the HOH again.

Aaron said...

As of right now Joe, (psh) boogie, (really man? Come on) And Jen are down, i'm hoping for Frank to flip the house again or I would really like to see Ian hold for it. Thanks Jaimie, been following your blog for the last three seasons and don't know what id do without them. Love the more friendly mobile version this year, I don't usually get the live feeds but subscribe to showtime for the summer. Couldn't help but get the feeds for endurance. I really enjoy reading Brains comments, hope you Jaimie are on the mend thanks for all you do

Anonymous said...

Kim M

Well it's not that bad since Frank and Boogie seemed to buy that Frank was staying so Shane can continue to role with that he was just a pawn for the votes stuff. Boogie would've been coming hard after him anyway and now maybe there's more of a chance Shane and Frank work together since Shane's distrust of Boogie was a huge stumbling block between he and Frank. But that's definitely why they let him compete for HOH again. I bet the original plan was to do it after this eviction but Willie's ejection made them do it before to make the numbers still work for what else they still have planned especially concerning the evicted HGs.


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