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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning and welcome to your Tuesday, guys & gals!! :D It's Tuesday in the BB house, which means today Frank, the current HOH, will get to do some live blogging and tweeting, as well as receive the HOH camera to take some pics for about an hour. All of that will happen sometime around the early afternoon.

If you're looking for lots and lots of game talk in todays Overnighter, well my dearies, you're gonna have to wait until another day. lol :P The HG's were in anything but game mode last night. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure they've all decided to take the next few days "off" to chill. (Boogie and Frank have been pretty vocal about living on "easy street" for the rest of this week.)

Wil is still slated to go home, there's nobody to really campaign to since he's aware of a "larger group working together" that would have the votes anyways. Joe, on the other hand, is doing fake campaigning. (Frank told him earlier in the week to still act like he might be at risk for going home, including campaigning, but that he's fine this week.)

10:31pm BBT:
Joe campaigned to Britney. Britney said they'll have to talk at a later time because she wants to feel safe next week with whomever she's voting to keep safe. Joe agrees. Joe then goes on to say that his family is at home watching the show, so he wants to play with integrity and honesty.

11:35pm BBT:
Dan/Brit/Dani talked a little bit of game in the Sneakers Room. Britney talked about Boogie..

Britney: "He covers his tracks. He wants to be there for the murder, but he doesn't want the blood on his hands." (**Ironically, that's how Dan is playing the game, too. He'll use Dani for the 'kills'.)

Brit thinks they can get Joe to keep all of them safe by voting for him to stay.

Britney: "We have so many alliances, it's hard (to keep track)..I'm in like 3 alliances." (The core alliance of Dan/Dani/Brit/Shane, then the Quack Pack with Ian, then the one with Frank/Boogie + core alliance.)

Dani said she was asked by production to come up with a new alliance name (for the Quack Pack). They come up with "The Quad", then change it to "The Squad", via Dan's suggestion.

Britney: "Can we think of a cute word to put in front of it? Like, the "Pretty Squad".
Dan thumbs-down it. lol

Britney: "I'll think about it."

They then talk about who they're voting out this week. It's Wil.

Moving on...

11:45pm BBT:
Britney re-tells her Joe masturbating story from a couple nights ago. (**If you have the feeds, you need to watch this on Flashback. lol)
 She's very animated as usual, rubbing the covers against each other for sound effect. :P
 Dan laughs, Dani is loving hearing the story again for the 2nd time.

Boogie comes in a couple minutes later and Britney tells him about it, after some encouragement from Dan and Dani to re-tell the story 1 more time.
The girls said it happened again last night! They said they could hear it and tried to make noises to interrupt Joe. (**

Britney: "I went into the D.R. and said 'I got masturbated on!'"
12:50am BBT:
Hot Tub Area

They talk about how they think that Frank/Boogie are working with Brit/Shane/Dan/Dani. Wil thinks that Britney "hides behind the guys" in the house, just like she did in her season. They think that by Frank not making a power this week, will cost him the game in the long run.

1:18am BBT:
Wil/Jenn talk.

Wil said that if he leaves on Thursday, at least it's by playing the game his way.

1:32pm BBT:
Dan and Dani talked about his BB winnings.

She asked if he blew all of his winnings yet, he hasn't. He invested in real estate...bought properties and rents them out. He said that if Dani won BB, he would "Strong arm" her into doing the same.

He said when he won BB, the house market tanked, so it was the perfect time to buy residential properties.

1:48am BBT:

Dani and Brit went into the kitchen/dinning room area and started throwing pillows at the table crew.

Joe: (laughing) "Is this a pillow fight??"

Frank then showed Britney a wrestling move..if you wanna call it that...he told her to put her hands on his wrists and hang on as he pretended to pick her up by her neck. They did a few times, each time worked perfectly.

2:26am BBT:
Frank/Shane/Britney/Dani were in the HOH room talking about poo'ing.

(**I refuse to write about this. lol) If you wanna know how Britney poo's, or how many wipes it takes Shane, then you need to flashback to this convo. I'm sorry..I ..I just can't. lol

Annnnd that's it for the Overnighter!! It's Tuesday, which means I have to go to work. (I'm running late, actually. Eek!!) So I will catch y'all back here later on for an update on everything we missed (don't worry, we won't miss much..the houseguests are not morning people.) and then do some live blogging as I cook up some dinner! :) See y'all later!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I wish D/D/B/S would come up with the Core Four as their alliance name since that's what I've been calling them. It makes perfect sense since they have 3 alliances that the 4 of them are in with them being the core group. It's just the matter of one of them probably Dan thinking of it.


C.Montes said...

I know that most of y'all say that u forget jenn is in the house...but I usually forget that Shane is in the house. Lol

Tracie said...

I cannot stand Frank. He's fake.

kelsey said...

do you have the feeds c.montes because he actually is on there alot to me and yea i cant stand frank either... go quack pack lol :)) and they do need to make an alliance name for the core four alliance brian lol they need to change the name for the qauck pack also lol :))

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