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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Nights BB Episode

Hey guys  and gals, hope your Sunday has been wonderful, or at the very least, relaxing and the BB house has been today.

Tonight's show is running 15 mins behind schedule due to golf. (**Stupid golf. lol :P ) So if you're wondering where your BB episode is tonight, just hang tight. It'll come on shortly. (Around 8:15pm EST.)

If you're not near a tv or your just prefer to watch from your mobile device, then click here to watch the East Coast showing of tonights show.

The chat room is open so feel free to hop on in!

A current look at the feeds...

5:07pm BBT:

Ian is swimming as he's talking to Boogie. They're discussing last nights POV Comp.At around 5pm BBT, Dan put on a Banana Suit that he found in a drawer, he thinks it might Boogies. Dan played a prank by putting it on and saying it was from a box with a ? on it.

Dan was able to convince Ian/Boogie that he has to wear it for a week. He goes back inside and takes it off. He tells houseguests he found the banana suit in Boogie's drawer.

5:09pm BBT:
Boogie walks into the bedroom and the bedroom crew (Jenn/Brit/Danielle/Joe) ask if the banana suit is his. Boogie (plays?) dumb.

Boogie: "What are you talkin' about?"
Feeds autoswitch to the HOH room. Hmmm.

5:20pm BBT:
All cameras are on Boogie/Frank/Shane are running in the backyard.

If you'd like to watch the feeds for yourself, here's your free 3 day trial to see whatcha been missing!! :D

Stay tuned...
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val024 said...

Jamie ..whatever was in the suit case willie was seen carrying when he was hoh?

anthony m said...

ok so i have to say i watch golf so don't run it down because it makes BB late! LOL!
i wanted to post this the other day but forgot,watching the wednesday,thursday and then last night's show and britney with her morals and feeling bad about lying to janelle and voting her out....Hey Britney you need to be a little backstabby ...a little ruthless... a little cutthroat to get farther in the game...oh but you wouldn't know since you weren't smart enough to see the BRIGADE!!!!!

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