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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, everyone!  SuzieQ here with more updates.

A Jamie Update:  as of 9am EST
Not much has changed since my update last night. She is still in the hospital.  There was some blood work and some tests, but no results yet.  Doctor will visit later today, maybe more info then.  I will update as info changes.

Let's see what happened last night.

12:02am BBT - backyard - all HG's except Frank (Danielle has stopped crying, at least for the moment, and has been wearing glasses.  I never saw her wear glasses before now.)

Jenn tells everyone how it is a pleasure to be there with them, that she never thought she'd be doing this, is having an amazing experience, and is happy to be there with each of them.
Jenn explains her reactions aboiut being nominated.  She said she was worried about going home because she knew Boogie is THAT good (to be able to do something where he stays & she goes.)

They talk about Boogie.  It comes out that Boogie thought Danielle was a nurse. Danielle wonders what made him think that.  Dan, trying to keep Danielle's secret, says, "Why would someone lie about what they do?"  They they all joke about what they all REALLY do?  For example, Joe is really married to Sarah Pailin, Ian really graduated college at 18 and is working on his PhD, and that Jenn is really the nurse, Joe is not really a chef, Brit is really a rap artist.  Joe calls her MC Snowflake!  Jenn said she will make her a T-shirt that says "MC Snowflake"  (*cute!)
They all wonder why Boogie brought a Banana Suit.  Ian said that production wouldn't allow him to bring a hoodie that looked like a dinosaur hood because it looked too much like a penelty costume.  So they are confused why Boogie was able to bring the banana suit.  They discuss how they thought there was an America's Player.
They start to scatter:  Jow & Dan cook in the kitchen, Ian goes to the hammock, Danielle & Brit are doing the laudry.

12:55am BBT (approx)
Danielle/Shane - bathroom lounge
Jenn/Joe - backyard

They are all talking strategy & scenerios.  At one point, at about the same time in seperate convos, how Danielle is protected. (by Shane, and by Jenn)

1:17am BBT - Brit/Danielle - Arcade room
Brit is not happy about how Dan played in that challenge.  Dan was playing for himself, not the team.  he didn't help Danielle and he didn't let Brit change places in line for the claw machine, he was in it for himself. (I don't understand why Dan getting a power to take himself off the blcok is a problem. ???)

Danielle said she doesn't want to win POV, because she doesn't want to take herself off the block, knowing that one of the other team members would go up in her place. 
Brit:  "You know you're going to have to do that eventually." (get someone from the team out at some point)

Brit does not want Danielle to tell Dan what she (Brit) said in this convo.

Danielle said that if it's a spelling comp, she's just going to spell "school". (in other words, sounds like Danielle is going to throw the veto comp)
(*** It almost sounds like Danielle has about given up, with all of her crying lately and not wanting to win veto to save herself.  As if she has resigned to the fact that she is going home because she'd rather go than to let one of the others be at rsik.)
1:43am BBT - Convo ends.

Meantime... 1:04am - Joe/Jenn - backyard  (Ian in hammock, alone)
They think Frank will be a more positive player now that Boogie is gone.
They like that Dan/Brit/team is feeling the heat now, for the first time. 
Joe:  "This game loves power changes."

Jenn doesn't want to see "snowflake" (Brit) go up against Danielle. (girls' alliance?)
Frank asked Jenn to keep Danielle safe.
Both Joe & Jenn said they will keep the noms the same if they win POV.
(Dan is in a tough spot)
Sidenote:  Dan is the only one in the Have-Not room now. 

2:08am BBT - Headphones Room - Brit/Danielle in the same bed, Shane/Ian in the same bed, Joe.
(Jenn, outside by hottune, alone, after some drinking some wine. I spot check on her but didn't hear her say anything to cameras.)

Room is dark but they are talking.
Shane:  "Why do you have the blankets over your heads?  Are you girls making out?"
Joe:  Easy there Shane!"
Ian:  This is getting hot!"

That's it for the overnighter.  I'll be back in a bit with a morning report.

Stay tuned...
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Neche said...

Suzie, just wanna let you know that you are doing a Very great job. I pray Jaime gets well soon.

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