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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning everyone, and happy TGI-FRIDAY to y'all!! w00t! Last night we watched the remaining houseuguests battle it out for the title of HOH this week and congrats to Ian for winning! The comp was definitely designed for a smaller person (..Brit would have been great for that comp for sure..). Joe was the 1st one to drop, which means that he has a punishment of hula hooping everytime a horn goes off.

Today Ian will make his nominations, and like he said late last night, "Nominations without Frank, is like Easter without eggs." So you can expect Frank to be up there on the block. :P Frank will be going up against Jenn, he's made no secret about this. And last night he told Joe that he wouldn't go up, unless as a replacement nom.

Okie dokie, let me go gather the Overnighter and I'll start posting it below! :)

11:20pm BBT:
The horn sounds, which means it's time for Joe to wiggle those hips of his and hula hoop!!
11:22pm BBT:
Shane teaches Joe how to hula hoop...

Shane: "It's all in the go back and forth, not side to side."
Joe tries it again, and fails. lol
Shane: "Quicker! Quicker! Like its the first time you (saw your wife)." (lol!!)
Dan: "Joe Arvin, this is your life."
Joe: "This is your life, on a hula hoop."

11:37pm BBT:
Shane: "(BB) can we have the trumpet noise again? I wanna see Joe.."
Joe: "Shhh!!"
Trumpet starts to be played over the loudspeaker. :P

Dani and Shane cheer him on.

11:50pm BBT:
Ian: "Who wants to see my HOH room?!"

HG's clapping and cheering.

They enter the HOH room and look at Ian's pictures.
Shane: "Ian, your mom is hot!!"
Ian: "Thanks."

Ian got perogies in his HOH basket...
Ian: "YES!!!"

He also got bud light. (**Ian, you're from should've got Yuengling, my dear boy! lol)
His HOH CD is "Arctic Monkeys". (Never heard of'em.)

Ian's letter was from Mom & Dad.

They told him that he knows how to play the game and to PLAY IT! And that they support every decision that he's made in the house, and how many people are rooting for him...near and far.

12:06am BBT:
Everyone is leaving the HOH room and then...the trumpet horn sounds!! Get down with your bad self, Joe & start hula hoopin' buddy! lol

Frank is laughing.
Frank: "..poor guy is terrible!" (lol)

After Joe's done, Ian grabs the hula hoop and starts goin' to town! He's REALLY good at it!!

Frank: "OH SH*T!!!"
Joe: "You and Shane are the only ones that can do that."
Ian: "It's all about the thrust!"

**The flashback feature is wonky for me when I try to go back to 12:30-1am BBT. Hmm.

Anyways, Joe/Ian talked in the HOH room and Ian told Joe he's safe this week. BB came over the loudspeaker and warned Ian that he's not allowed to discuss his nominations.

(**Sorry, had to take a phone call from docs.)

I'm running late for my job, so let me just do cliffnotes since we knew it's looking it'll be Frank/Jenn up on the block.

12:49am BBT:
Frank tried to work with Ian, so that it'd be Frank/Jenn/Ian. Ian said the only person he trusts is gone..Britney. Ian told Frank that he doesn't wanna "waste his HOH on him", since he can't play in the next HOH anyways. (He later on tells the remaining Quack Pack that he's nom'ing Frank/Jenn, with Joe as a possible replacement.) Ian is planning on keeping his word on keeping Shane/Dani safe this week. 100%.

1:44am BBT:
Ian admitted to Dan that he made a safety deal with Shane/Dani this week. (But not Dan.) He tells Dan he's still down for the Quack Pack and that either Frank or Jenn is going this week.

2:09am BBT:
Dan/Ian still talking in HOH. Dan asked Ian if he wants to still do the "renegade" thing (Final 2 deal). Ian said he'll let him know by the end of the week.

2:20am BBT:

Ian: "We might not have Britney, but the Quack (Pack) is back."

*And that's it for The Overnighter! I'll be back this afternoon to do the afternoon post and into the evening. :) As of 9:36am BBT, I only see Joe up on the feeds. He's in the kitchen (hula hoop nearby), washing dishes.

Stay tuned...
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hummingbrd said...

Yay go Ian :)I am so happy he got HOH ! I would like it very much if he Back doors Dan and kept only newbies in the house .. Frank n Ian should go head to head in the end :) ...
And Jamie I hope you are feeling ok and hopefully you can rest this weekend ~ feel better ~

Abdi said...

I've been rooting for Ian from the beginning, but not now. He can backstab people and when someone does it to him he gets mad? I'm team Dan and Shane

kelsey said...

I want frank gone this week... Hopefully he goes... I wonder what pandoras box will be lol one of them will at least be bad because last one wasn't... And abdi I agree will on of your teams and that's for team Shane lol I love me some Shane... :)) and I don't want Dan to win because he has already won and I want a newbie to win that deserves it but I want frank to go home and he should have already left on the reset night... So he got lucky that night or he wouldn't be there and he doesn't understand that with his cocky self... But I wanted either Ian or Shane to win lastnight :)) either one is fine but abdi, Ian isn't the only one that does that because frank and boogie did that also last week... If it didn't go their way then they don't like... They are hypocrites... Didn't
Ike frank or boogie this season but I've never liked boogie lol

cynbook said...

'BB came over loudspeaker and told Ian he is not allowed to discuss his noms.'
What?? I must be missing something. Discussing the noms is about as important in the game as anything. What am I missing? Someone PLEASE explain to me.

Neche said...

The quack pack is a joke, they have no trust, they can't even survive not being in power. worst alliance since the Keith one last year.

James said...

I think Ian has not played a very good game during the past week and at the double eviction. He certainly needed this HOH to rebuild his game. I personally think he should backdoor Frank and not just put him up since there is a 25% chance he would not play POV if not initially nominated. There is a chance that if Frank won POV, he could take Jenn off, but big deal if Joe goes home over Jenn. He could even make a deal with Frank and put up Dan and Joe. Neither would choose Frank if they drew HG choice. If Frank does not win POV, then they backdoor Frank. If he does, then they have the votes to vote Joe out.

James D.

Digiam42 said...

Thank you. Finally someone see's this little back stabbing lier for what he is. And if he was really smart, why would he put frank up and give him the opportunity to play in the pov. Nobody wants any blood or a target on their back at this point so if ian asked someone to take down a nom to backdoor frank, im sure they would. Frank is a beast. You cant allow him to play in the pov.

shana said...

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Dan promises/ swear on the bible to keep his deal with Frank and he already told dani to get Frank out? I saw it after dark

Linda said...

This is not about BB but Jamie, I would of done a Gall bladder cleanse weeks ago, It is simple takes only a few days to complete and you would of felt a lot better by now.

Linda said...

Ian needs to back door Dan and then go after Frank.

Linda said...

What is OETV?

Linda said...

what is oetv?

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