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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Overnighter

Happy Wednesday to all you BB fans out there!! :D Don't forget that tonight we have a BB episode to watch at 8pm EST. (And yes, the chat room will be back up & running tonight w00t!!) As I type this, the HG's are still sleeping, so we have plenty of time to dive on into the Overnighter.

If you're up and need a good laugh while eating breakfast (or lunch), then go to Cam 1 last night at 11:24pm BBT on the Flashback Feeds. Britney and Wil do some amazing Joe impressions. lol :P
They then talk about Janelle...Wil cannot believe that Janelle is considered a "fan favorite". He thinks Rachel Riley is a angel compared to Janelle. Brit said that Rachel never talked badly about anybody, Jenn agrees and said that if she (Rach) did, at least she'd tell the person to their face. Britney said Janelle used to be a comp beast and that's why fans liked her. They also talked about how differently Jani is playing this game her 3rd time on BB..very catty and different than her previous serious.

Speaking of Janelle, looks like she's still going home! The odds are just so stacked against her, that she might as well just start packing her bags now for tomorrows eviction. She thinks she might have votes to stay, when in reality, she might have 1 or even worse, none. (The 1 being Joe.)

Alrighty, let me go gather up the Overnighter and start posting below! :)

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which come with yourlive feeds pass!! :D (Plus you get mobile feeds free!)

9:54pm BBT:
HOH Room

Shane and Danielle were talking about playing poker. (The guys were having a hard time finding somewhere to play..the dinner table was too big. They ended up playing around the chess board on the HOH landing.)

Danielle: "If I win (poker), you have to kiss me. And a good one! If you win, what do you want?"
Shane: "A backrub..."
Danielle: "You can already get one of those, though.."
Shane: "I dunno..I'll have to marinate on it while in the shower."

Danielle said that "they" (production) said that America is calling them "Shanelle" for their (non-existant showmance).

Shane: "No they're not." (**You're right. We're not.)

Shane heads into the HOH bathroom for his shower.

10:30pm BBT:
Poker begins!!
Janelle won the 1st hand. They were playing with tootsie rolls. :P

12:27am BBT:
Ian said that he was on Teen Jeopardy. (He didn't win.) They talked about how "sitting back" is their current strategy in the game.

Ian: "If you're not on the orange chairs (nomination chairs), Monday through Friday is awesome."

They talk about how if you're not on the block, you can just sit back and relax the rest of the week. They think next week will be a "clean week" for them.

Meanwhile, upstairs...

Britney is playing mediator between Shane and Danielle.

Britney and Shane are trying to tell Danielle that they (Shane/Dani) cannot hang out too much or have a showmance because it's bad for their game.

Britney: "This game ends on September 19th. After that, you can do whatever you want."

Britney said they're both gonna end up on the block together if people think they're super close.  Shane said that living in the house with someone for 2 1/2 months and then going their seperate ways, sucks. So he put a "wall up" to block his feelings, but promises Danielle that he'll visit her to watch a college football game and that he won't "completely ignore her".

12:44am BBT:

Danielle gets upset at the "no" to a showmance and leaves the HOH bed to go pout on the couch. Shane/Britney talk about Janelle and votes in the HOH bed. Talk turns to about Joe. They both agree that Joe will be next weeks target.

Danielle gets up and goes to the HOH bathroom. Shane complains that Dani always wants him to kiss her and that he's normally not a dick, but he has to be with her. (Implying that she's too clingy.) He wonders if maybe Dan can talk to her about it.

1:14am BBT:

Janelle knows she's going home. She comments as a plane goes overhead that she'll be able to see her hubby and daughter soon, and their new puppies.

Janelle: "Do you think I should just stop campaigning?"
Joe: 'I'd just wait until tomorrow for 1 more small pitch and ask them where they are (voting wise). But either Wil is lying (about voting for you) and Wil's lying, they're all lying." (**Yep.)

Joe said that if they're all lying, then he's in trouble next week.
Janelle wonders if she would've played better had this season been an all-stars season.
Jani also said that her and Boogie get along really good outside the house...they text all the time, but in the house it's different.

2:11am BBT:
As the Jani/Joe convo was going on, Shane was giving a back massage to Dani (...he lost the poker bet...) and then Dan came up to the HOH room and Dani quickly put her shirt back on. (*She had on a black sports bra.)

After Dan left, Shane went back to work on Dani's back...

2:33am BBT:
Shane goes outside. He can't sleep. He blames it on a sugar-high.
Joe and Janelle are still outside.

Jani asked Shane if he talked to Dan yet (about voting for her to stay). He said he did.

Shane: "..He said he'd vote the way I voted, and I said I'm voting with the house, and it seems that the house wants you to stay, so.."
Janelle: "So you guys are gonna vote together??"
Shane: "As of right now, I am voting to keep you in, yea." (**Lie.)
Janelle: "YOU REALLY ARE??!! I'm just excited, I wanna give you a hug! Frank is acting like he's staying..."

Jani asked how Dani's voting. Shane said that Dani still has "mixed feelings". Jani said that she heard Frank say he's gunning for Dan and Shane, since Shane put him on the block.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! Jani still thinks she has a shot at staying, when she really doesn't....everyone is lying to her and giving her false hope. (They don't wanna deal with a pissed off Janelle the whole week & she's not going to jury anyways, so it doesn't matter if she gets pissed off at them for lying.) Jani thinks because Dani put Jani up against Frank, and not Wil, that she has a good chance at staying.

I have to go to work for a few hours, but the good news is that it's 9:54am BBT, all HG's are sleeping except Boogie and Frank, who are in the backyard talking non-game. (Talking about the olympics.)

It takes the HG's a good 2-3 hours to wake up anyways, so we won't miss anything. lol I'll start the afternoon post when I get back! :D

Stay tuned...
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C.Montes said...

When is that poor girl gonna stop begging Shane for kisses? Ugh

Erin said...

I feel bad for Danielle. She keeps her distance like dan tells her, and then he attacks her after she wins HoH. He's not being exactly fair.
I almost want her to be the one to kick him out when his time comes.

Lisa Trevino said...

I hope Dan does talk to her because she looks stupid the way she acts with Shane. Shane's not innocent either Erin is right he needs to not be in her HOH bed and giving her massages and all that. He needs to stop too.

Lisa Trevino said...

I hope Dan talks to her because she looks stupid when she's with Shane. Shane's not innocent either Erin is right. He does not need to be in her HOH bed and giving her massages and all that. Someone needs to talk to him too.

D Brown said...

wow Jenn is alive and still in the house! I was begging to wonder!

Anonymous said...

@Lisa Trevino

Dan talked to her ad nauseam when he was her coach about her relationship with Shane and it didn't change anything one iota. At this point he's no longer her coach and it's not his job to be constantly helping her anymore especially when she never heeded his advice on this subject to begin with. I'm sure at this point now that they're all players he'd probably actually prefer her to carry on and put the Showmance target on the 2 of them so that it'd be Shane who goes on the block with her and out the door instead of him.


Danielle Hunter said...

Shane is an ass. He shouldn't have led her on like that

JJ said...

I give credit to the 6 alliance but I'm more disappointed than I thought I would be to see Janelle (most likely) leaving. I was hoping to see at least a few weeks of a Boogie Vs Janelle showdown.

I'd much rather watch Janelle and Boogie duking it out than Shane and Danielle's diluted, narcissistic, uninteresting soap opera. I hope tonight's episode has less time devoted to these two saps.

kelsey said...

Dani told Brit today that shane keeps wanting to cuddle with her and kiss her and that's not right... He is just stalkerish and I know he isn't innocent also but she just like pushes it on her and he already said he doesnt want a showmance and the only reason he far her a massage was because he lost the bet in poker

kelsey said...


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