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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Overnighter

Hello BB addicts and welcome to your Tuesday!! :D We have another gem from the awesome Doug K. this morning to get your day started off with a smile..

 She might be finally making an appearance!

Today is gonna be a mystery day in the house as far as what will happen. Boogie is still butt-hurt, Jenn's attitude has been up and down since she was put up as the replace nom yesterday, and Joe has now (finally) picked a side of the house to roll with...Shane & Co. Dan/Dani/Brit/Shane/Joe are called "The Head Hunters" alliance. (The Quack Pack is still solid, at least for now.) Also, Team Tits is no longer. Ashley wants Jenn gone this week. She feels better with keeping Boogie in the game.

Moving on...

I have to go to work today for the majority of the afternoon, but I'll be back around 4pm BBT to blog. Luckily for y'all, the HG's are slow and sluggish in the mornings and takes them until noon BBT to get going for the day. lol ;) Although today is picture day and HOH blogging & tweeting day for Shane, so maybe they'll be more alert today.

Okie dokie, let me go gather up the Overnighter! :)

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9:38pm BBT:
There's no story behind this pic, I just thought Shane was looking kinda adorbs & wanted to share it! lol ;)
10:46pm BBT:

As Ashley leaves to go get a banana, Ian and Britney talk.

Ian: "Go upstairs in a little bit."
Britney: " you have any urgent news?"
Ian: "No, standard. I just need to talk to someone, and you're probably one of the better people to talk to. "
Britney: "Yea, I'm kinda in the middle right now. But I think it's pissing off Dan and Danielle because they want me to be taking more heat."
Ian: "I think they want me to be taking more heat, too."
Britney: "I know, that's why we can't....(Ashley comes back with her banana)...yayy!!"

11:11pm BBT:
HOH Room

Joe told Britney how Shane told Frank yesterday that his target is "the guy that talks too much", implying Joe. Britney said it doesn't even make sense for Joe to be at the top of Shane's list when Frank is still there.

Britney: "Shane needs to just quit talking to people so that (Frank) can't go to people and say stuff like that."

Joe wants to do something to show that the house is divided. Britney said it's already divided, no need.  Joe said that Frank is gonna "divide" the house tomorrow (today) and that's why they want Joe on their side.

Joe: (about Frank) "Sorry, this ship has already sailed, brother."

11:14pm BBT:
Arcade Room

Ashley and Ian agree that Joe needs to be gone next. She tells Ian that even though she loves Jenn, she's gotta vote her out this week.

Ashley: "No matter what, are you gonna vote for Boogie?"
Ian: "Yea."
Ashley: "No matter what?"
Ian: "Yes."

11:30pm BBT:
Frank/Ashley (Ian is around for the 1st half of convo)

Frank mentioned how Shane said that people aren't liking Jenn's attitude lately. Ashley said that she likes Jenn but has to throw her under the bus this week and tell people that she's gunning for them. (**I don't think you telling Shane that Jenn is gunning for him is gonna scare him, Ash. Just sayin'. lol)

Ashley tells Frank about her convo with Ian and how she tried to get info from him. She tells him how Ian is so set on getting Joe out. Frank said that Ian's making him nervous.

11:38pm BBT:
HOH Room

Joe brings up how Frank said that Shane implied in their talk that he's gunning for Joe. Shane said maybe he misunderstood him. Joe said he doesn't believe him, but just wanted to let Shane know. Joe then talked about how the Diary Room has been keeping a check on his blood pressure, they think he had a panic attack a little earlier.

11:43pm BBT:

Ian is telling Britney that he hopes Joe promises his vote to keep Boogie, so that Ian can vote Boogie out and blame the vote on Joe. Britney tells Ian that's not gonna work because Joe's telling Boogie tomorrow (today) that he's not voting to keep him. Ian says ok.

Britney: "Why is Ashley pro-Boogie all of a sudden?"
Ian: "She's been following me around like stink on sh*t."
Britney: "It's freaking me out. Does she just not want you talking to me?"

Ashley comes out into the backyard.
Ian: " this.." (re: proving that Ashley is gonna come talk to him.)
Britney: "It's freaking me the 'F' out."
Ashley said that she thinks she's just gonna go to bed because there's nothing to do. But then lays on the grass by the hammock and rags on Ian a little bit (playfully). She said that they (Ian/Ash) are like Romeo & Juliet..

Ashley: "The DiCaprios and the Capulets." (**lol)

12:05am BBT:
Boogie: "The Wizard (aka Diary Room guy) said 'yo, I loved it when you said you were gonna f**k Dan's wife!'" (**He made this comment earlier in the day.)

Frank and Boogie laugh really loud. Ian's passing by.
Frank: "I did, too!"

12:56am BBT:

Boogie told Frank that he thinks he's sure that Dani is a nurse (*true.) and is gonna use that to scare her in to voting for him by saying he'll keep it a secret. (**This is not gonna work. lol) He mentions maybe getting her to believe that he has some kind of special power. (*Face palm.) Frank said to hint that he has a special power because he has the banana suit to "vote his way, its in her best interest, nurse Murphee". He said he'll do it in a scary voice, too. (**I swear I am not making this up. lol)

They spent more time bashing the HG's, talking about this past POV comp, how they wanna call meeting with Joe/Ian/Ashley, how Shane and Dan need to go, etc etc. Boogie thinks that Joe is with the other side now because he's been hiding out in the HOH room for hours. They think Ian is useless (**I wouldn't say that, Boogie. hehe) and hasn't won anything, and gives them "magic 8 ball answers" when asked if he's keeping Boogie.

2:32am BBT:

Boogie mentions that if Dan keeps on ignoring him, he's gonna throw his bible over the wall in the backyard and his t-shirts in the pool.

Frank: "Bad Girls Club style!"

2:44am BBT:
Up in the HOH room, the lights are off and Dani is giving Shane a backrub.
2:46am BBT:
Frank is telling Joe that he has his back and he knows he's a loyal person. Joe didn't really commit to anything, just said that he hears him, etc.

2:55am BBT:
Now Boogie and Frank are trying to get Joe on their side.
Boogie: "All we ask if that you do what is best for you."

They mention how tight the alliance with Brit/Dan/Dani/Shane is and that he's at the bottom end of that totem pole.

Back in the HOH  room...

Danielle leaned into Shane's neck. She kisses it and gets off his back.

Shane: "You have no self-control."
Dani: "What??"
Shane: "Just kidding."

3:05am BBT:
Shane: "I can't snuggle with you when you're facing that way."
Dani wants Shane to spoon her.

Shane: "Man, that was option B. You butt engulfes my crotch! I can't stand makes me feel very..small..because it's all butt for you. It makes my crotch disappear. You have a big butt." (*LOL!)
Dani: "Are you serious??" 
Shane: "It makes me feel inferior to your large rectum. It just engulfs my crotch." (**I'm dyin' over here...)
Dani: "I did not know this was an issue..."
Shane: "A lil bit..if you could tone down the ass-ness, so that it doesn't engulf my crotch as we spoon.."
Dani: (in shock, laughing) "Fine. Fine, fine."

3:11am BBT:
Joe told Boogie/Frank that he needs to talk to Ashley before he makes a decision to roll with Boogie/Frank or not. (They told him they think Ash is rolling with them..and she is. Pretty sure this was just a stalling tactic to pacify B/F for the night.)

**And that's it for the Overnighter!! :D  Here's a current look at the live feeds:

10:42am BBT:
Everyone is still sleeping, except for Boogie/Ashley/Frank.
I'll be back around 4pm BBT! :)

Stay tuned...
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Brandy said...

Are Boogie and Frank gonna wake up and see Ian is screwing them?

Goldchampagne said...

Boogie's ego could never accept being "duped" by a kid like Ian! Come on.... The great and powerful Booger! Come on Ian tell him on the way out the door!

C.Montes said...

Ian is starting to really annoy me. Thinks hell be picked for all stars and that he could be part of the evil team in a good vs evil season. He has yet to win a comp and hes letting Dan take the fall for what he said. He's too fake it really bugs me. Jenn, joe, Ashley and Ian need to go

Neche said...

I agree with C.Montes

hummingbrd said...

Hello Jamie , I just watched a convo between Jenn and Dani in the storage room . we see Dani cry n act skittish then she goes up to HOH and explains the convo like she was barney the bad ass and told Jenn off (not)! I love the picture of Invisible Jenn u posted :) it was spot on ...Have a great day :)

James said...

As Boogie is in between doors and about to open the outside door, Ian should peak his head through the inside door and an tell him. Hey Boogie, how come you never saw me coming? He can then tell Frank (in his Rain Man swagger) that he was just wishing him well and blame the vote on Ashley.

James D.

Nicole said...

The way Ian stuck
To his guns in front of
F/B last night made me love Jim all over again!

Krissy said...

I checked to see if Shane tweeted yet and I found it a little strange the the @bigbrotherhoh is following a twitter handle @bbhohinternal hmm and there's 393 tweets from this PROTECTED account I wonder what this is all about...

Nicole said...

The way Ian stuck up for himself to F/B last night made me lOve him all over again

JCopperKid said...

I can't stand how many times Britney touches her face. Seriously... Watch how many times she does it during a conversation!! She touches her neck, then picks at her cheeks! Ugh! I don't think she contributes much to the game other than mindless paranoia.

Agri812 said...

Seriously? No one is going to comment on Shane being such a dick to Dani? If the ass is too big for ya honey, maybe you're too small for it...just sayin...GO DAN BB14! !

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