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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quickie Update

Good morning/afternoon, everybody!! Today I have to work at my job all afternoon, so I won't be able to update until tonight and there's not gonna be an Overnighter this morning. (Luckily this will only happen on Tuesdays for the rest of the season). But I wanted to do a quickie post, and then I gotta haul butt outta here! lol

Okay, so last night nothing really happened, nothing really changed. Janelle is still slated to go home on Thursday. Althought, y'all did miss Danielle re-telling her story of her meeting with Janelle last night (I covered it before logging off last night) to Britney, Shane, Dan and Ian. At one point, she even claimed that Janelle had "rage' (which sent y'all on twitter into a laughing frenzy lol) because there simply was no "rage", as Danielle claimed.

Also, Britney offered a final 2 with Danielle Her reasoning? Because a girl never wins next to a guy in Final 2. Danielle was honest and said she's in a Final 2 with Shane already, but she's still down for a Final 2 with her.

In other news, Ian was offered an alliance with Team Tits and he went upstairs and told his own alliance about the offer as he laughed. lol Dan told Ian maybe he should tell them "it's too early" in the game for him to make alliances and he's uncomfortable with it right now. Let them down easy.

And last but not least..
Team Tits met last night (as I covered) and wanted to get Boogie/Frank into their alliance. Wil approached Frank and told him they're gonna vote to keep him and that he (Wil) will be going after Shane/Joe. Frank told Boogie all of this, Boogie told Frank to throw Wil the HOH next week if it's down to them 2 left and let Wil take out Shane..get the blood on his (Wil's) hands. By the way, Frank went and told Britney about his convo with Wil.

And that's it for this quickie update!!

It's 10:25am BBT and some of the HG's are already up and at'em! Boogie/Brit/Frank/Dani are on the BY couches talking about Vegas and M&M's and that they're staging "a revolt" to take back the kitchen from Joe. He's been using up all the food in the house and it's pissing them off. :P

I'll see y'all back here in about 6 hours (depending on traffic)!! Until then, follow me on Twitter for updates: Follow on me on Twitter!!

Stay tuned...
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superbecca said...

I totally understand the food riot but I don't understand why they aren't just telling Joe to cool it down or to cook more healthy choices...BUT gross that Joe doesn't wash his hands especially when he knows that he is on CAMERA...gross

Anonymous said...

How great of a spot is Danielle in right now? If they somehow make it to the final 4 with her Dan, Shane and Britney she's virtually guaranteed to be sitting in the final 2 chairs no matter what happens. And its very difficult to not see her getting that far of her group cause all the strongest players are in her alliance and if someone not in her alliance wins there are so many bigger targets to go after shielding her from going home.


Goldchampagne said...

Does anyone see the complete "unhinging" of Dani in the making? This girl is losing it! Has Dan created a monster or was one lurking under the surface the time? I predict Shane will be getting a restraiining order against her as soon as this season is over! The girl has "dropped her basket"! Look for her to unravel as soon as Shane hits the block! Karma's a bitch... And her name is Wilma! Hope springs eternal...

James said...

Completely agree Brian. She is sitting very pretty right now. All of Dan, Brit and Shane seem to want to take her to final 2 over the rest. She told Dan she would take him to final 2 despite any deal with Shane or whom she thinks she would be more likely to beat. She is VERY loyal to Dan, part of the reason why she was so determined to win this endurance HOH.

James D

kelsey said...

Joe is disgusting to not wash his hands before he cooks... Thats just nasty and he cooks too much

kelsey said...

I would tell him about that if i was them

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