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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House

Happy Tuesday afternoon, y'all! :D It seems that Janelle was busy campaigning while I was away at work today. Other than that, nothing much happened. (Not yet, anyways. The pot of drama is on the stove and simmering, waiting for it to boil over. hehe)

Okie dokie, let's dive right on in and get caught up!!

Afternoon Overview:
*Janelle is still under the impression that she has the votes to stay.
*Brit said she feels bad by not telling Jani that they are voting her out.
*Ash & Wil had talked about when to tell Jani they aren't voting for her. Wil said he's leaning toward not telling her.

*Jani told Ashley that she talked to Dani last night and she that she thinks Jani will stay. She agrees she needs to talk to Shane.

*Jani asked Ashley if Wil is mad at her. Ashley said he hasn't been talking to her about it but (then lied) and said he is voting for her to stay.

 *Ashley doesn't think it was Wil because they were together that night. Jani hopes it wasn't Joe.

*Jani hopes people aren't just saying they're gonna vote for her to stay and not.
*Joe  talked to Dani in the HOH room for a little bit this afternoon: he wants Dani to know he feels the one person who is untrustworthy in the house is Wil.

*Joe said he wants to protect Danielle and that if he hears one bad word, he will confront them, then tell her.
*Joe wants to be with Dani in an alliance.
*He then told her that he will vote the way Dani wants him to.
*Dani says she doesn't want to tell people who to vote for. Joe said he will talk with Shane because he wants to be on board.

*Jani telling Shane that I am definitely not coming after you. Jani confirmed she has Brit's vote and 3 others, 4 in total.

*Shane saying he will talk to both Dani and Brit later.
*Jani wants to work with "them" next week. (Shane/Brit/Dan/Dani)

*Today was HOH picture day!! (Dani also blogged and tweeted.)

*Jani told dan she has 4 votes, needs 1 more. She asked Dan for a vote, he said if the others are 1,000% then sure.
*Jani thinks she has Brit, Ashley, Joe and Wil's vote.
*Dan said to let him know tomorrow night if the votes are secured. (**this is just a stalling tactic and being non-committal.)

Currently on the live feeds...

3:12pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...
*On cams 1 & 2, Janelle and Danielle are talking. (Non-game. Currently about pageants.)

*On cams 3 & 4, Britney and Wil are doing some Jani and Joe bashing in the HOH. They say that Janelle never played the game like this in her past 2 seasons...too many lies this season. Wil thinks Jani will go this week and then Joe next week.

Britney: "That sounds accurate....from what I've been hearing."

3:15pm BBT:
All feeds switch to Brit and Wil's HOH convo.

3:17pm BBT:

Janelle joins Wil/Brit in HOH room. She said that Joe claims he's gonna join her for her Brazilian butt workout today. Wil jokes and said Joe wants his butt to look good for his cooking career. lol
Jani asked Wil if he wants to workout with her, he said naww..he's gonna work on legs today.

3:25pm BBT:
Janelle and Brit are talking about dogs. Janelle loves Golden Doodles (sp?). She likes golden retrievers but they shed too much. (**I have a golden, and yes the shedding is awful, but she's so worth it! :) I want a 2nd one! lol)

Jani complains that Frank was farting all night and the air vent was blowing it in her face.
Janelle: "It was disgusting!"

Wil is listening to Dani's CD.
Brit leaves the HOH.
Awkward silence between Wil and Janelle.
Wil said he's gonna get something to drink. Jani said she'll go down with him. (**I'm sure he loves that. lol)

3:34pm BBT:
Most HG's are up and walking in/out of the house. Dani heads up to the HOH room. Dan is cooking something. Ashley just woke up. Janelle is getting ready to work out.

Wil and Dani are in the HOH room talking.

Danielle's complaining that Janelle keeps asking to workout and she doesn't want to.
Ashley joins the HOH group and says the same thing..she's tired of

Dani/Brit/Wil/Ashley talk about Joe creating lies and spreading them.

Brit comes in and heads towards Danielle...
Britney: "Get up..come on, geeeeettt up!"

Danielle is laughing.

Britney is making Danielle workout with Janelle with her.
Janelle goes up to the HOH room.

Janelle: "What's going on??"
Britney: "Danielle is getting ready (to workout).."
Janelle: "I'm ready."
Britney: "We know."

They talk about how funny it's gonna be to watch Joe do their butt workout. (**Oh dear lord no...)

3:46pm BBT:
As they're getting ready to do their butt workout, Dan passes through and does a little dance with Britney. lol

They can't find Danielle...haha!! They're calling for her.

Dan and Boogie are watching this comedy act of a workout. Hahaha!!!

Dan: "This is classic." (*LOL!)

Sidenote: I think Joe's having a fat-attack. lol

Danielle (to Joe): "I can't look at you.." (laughing)

Dan and Boogie are doing bootcamp for the guys tonight. (Not sure if Joe is included or not. lol)

4:04pm BBT:
If y'all wanna laugh until your cry, you HAVE TO WATCH THIS on flashback!! Start at 4:04pm on Cam 1 for a laugh-till-you-cry moment. lol

Dan: "Looks like Joe's having a seizure.."

Britney and Danielle then do "sorority girl dancing" lol 

4:11pm BBT:
Looks like the workout is now ovahhh. Britney wants to go run in the backyard.
Dan: "That's actually not a bad idea."
Britney: "Just knock it out, ya know? It's go time!" (claps)

Britney goes outside running.
Dani and Jani are gonna do arm workouts.

Joe: "I'm gonna lick my words for awhile."
Janelle: "Okay!"

**Annnnd I'm out!! I might do a late night post, but I'm beat from work today. :P I'll be watching the feeds and on Twitter tonight chattin' it up with y'all!! :D Enjoy the live feeds!! (Pss..they come with a 3 day trial and include FREE mobile feeds this year!!)

Stay tuned...
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C.Montes said...

Totally off topic but...I'm watching Monday nights episode of BBAD and Wil just said "ive gotta take a shower. Haven't taken one in 2 days." wtf? There is NO excuse for that. Lol

kelsey said...

Yea I know... I have the feeds and it was nasty to listen to lol eww

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