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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday, BB fans!! :D Today will have the Veto Ceremony inside the BB14 house and as it stands right now, from more late-night plotting, it seems that the plan to get Janelle up & out is back in effect! Oh my, how the live feeds are gonna be buzzin' today!!

Since I will be covering a lot, I will break down the main alliances for y'all so that we don't get confused:

The Silent Six:
Frank & Boogie, Britney & Shane, Danielle and Dan.

(Unnamed 5 person Alliance):
The silent 6 minus Boogie/Frank, plus Ian. 

Team Tits:
Wil, Ashley, Jenn
(**Interesting to note that it seems Janelle and Joe are outcasted.)

Twitter was buzzing all night long about the plan to get Janelle out and as I stated on Twitter last night, I don't really care who goes home this week, as long as it brings drama! lol I think there's major drama that is about to go down in the next week. "You can only weave so many webs before you can't walk through them." ;)

**Sidenote: I just put up a new poll on the right side of the blog. Wondering what y'alls thoughts are on Janelle possibly leaving. Go cast your vote! :)

Okay, let's dig out heels into the Overnighter and see what happened last night!!

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Before I start the Overnighter......
8:58am BBT:
If you have the feeds, turn'em on. At this moment, Boogie is talking to use feed watchers...

Boogie: "! Whether you're at work or not, you might wanna tune in post veto ceremony. To you superfans that love (Janelle) for some reason, you'll be able to spend the summer chatting with her, since she won't be going to jury. I'm doing you guys a favor. Maybe you all will be nice to me now."

The Overnighter:

(I'll start with the conversation that got Janelle into hot water...and by her own doing.)

10:29pm BBT:
HOH Room
"Coaches Meeting"
Janelle pitched an All-Coaches alliance and tells Boogie she wants Frank out. Boogie wasn't having it.

Janelle: "I'm trying to get US to work together, but you're not willing to work with us!"
Boogie: "Umm yea, I'm not getting rid of Frank in this game...I can't be a part of a plan to send him home and play with people that lied to me."

Britney likes Boogie being straight-forward and honest with his answer.
Dan: "Take Frank off the table, is there anything that can be done to build that trust? ..because we could put up anyone.."
Boogie: "It'd be a waste of an HOH...(to take out a floater this week)."

Boogie said that they're at an impasse because they can't agree to work together.

Dan: "What do you think, Janelle?"
Janelle: "It's like you (Boogie) are mad at my players and all this stuff in the past, I think we should just move forward in this game."
Boogie: "But nobody is willing to sacrifice one of their players.."

Boogie said if wither Wil, Joe, or Frank went home, it wouldn't be a "waste of an HOH". But none of the former coaches are willing to "sacrifice" their former players.

Janelle: "Can I just say one thing? Joe, Wil and Frank are obviously targeting the coaches..."
Boogie states that Frank isn't after the coaches. 

Boogie/Janelle start going back and forth.
Boogie said that he heard Joe said that the coaches are "playing for $50,000 now" and how cocky Joe is.

This is what sealed Janelle's fate...

10:39pm BBT:
Dan: (to Jani) "Do you feel that Joe would put 2 coaches up?"
Janelle: "I don't really talk to him. We don't have the same relationship."
(Translation: I'm not working with him.)

Boogie: "If you don't have the same relationship with Joe (as you used to), then what about him going up there tomorrow?"
Janelle: (silent)
Boogie: "Dun dun DUN! You still kinda have a relationship (with Joe), right?"
Janelle: "No, but.."
Boogie: "You're hesitating to answer me for a reason."
Janelle: "Go ahead and put him up, then!"

Boogie: "Joe is clearly anti-coach, so what about him?"
Janelle: (silent for a few seconds) "...that'd be up to Danielle."

10:47pm BBT:
Boogie tells Janelle to stop telling lies about him in the game because he doesn't think it's necessary to lie to just lie in the game.

Britney, again, said she likes how straight-forward and honest Boogie is being.
Brit/Jani go downstairs.

Dan: "Well that clearly isn't gonna work (coaches alliance)..are you ready to f**king roll (with me) or not?"
Boogie: "Yea!"
Dan: "All I ask is that if you have to stab somebody (in this game), let it be one of those three..Shane, Britney or Danielle. Don't (stab me).."
Boogie: "I'm not gonna stab the only person I have respect for in this game!" (re: Dan)

Boogie: "We can Memphis/Dan and Willie/Boogie this thing! I'm close to Frank but I just met him 30 days ago.."

Dan  said he's gonna pitch the idea of getting out Jani to the "squad". (*He does, and succeeds.)

Dan said he wants to get to the end with the best (Boogie).
They make a pact & do a bro-hug.
Dan said he wants Boogie's tshirt with the picture of his kid on it "as collateral".

Dan: "Not that I don't trust you.."
Dan thinks it'll be hard to sell Britney. Boogie disagrees, she liked his honesty.

Dan tells Boogie the 1st week they win HOH, he has to be honest and stick to his it straight-up, but after that, he can flip and put someone like Shane up. Boogie said he plans on playing it straight-up and sticking together.

They make a pact to get to the Final 3/Final 2 together.

They plan to take Wil off the block, put Janelle up. (Leaving Frank up there will hide their alliance. Dan did this with Memphis in his season and it worked.)

11:09pm BBT:
HOH Room

Britney tells Shane/Dani about Janelle hesitating when Boogie mentioned putting Joe up. Dan/Brit talk to them to get them on board to backdoor Janelle. They agree to the plan.

11:18pm BBT:

The fab 4 fill in Ian. Ian wants Jani out, too.
They tell Ian that they formed an alliance of 6 people, but "this is it" (re: Dan/Dani/Shane/Brit/Ian). They are the core group. The talk about votes, should be a 5-4 vote.

Brit changes her tune a bit and says she's "50/50", as does Shane. But still seemingly working with the others to get Jani out.

11:35pm BBT:
Janelle asked where Dani and Britney were. Ian said "upstairs". Janelle goes and knocks on the HOH door...'s locked and they don't answer.  (Frank and Boogie hid in the bathroom stall in the HOH bathroom.)

11:56pm BBT:
Frank/Boogie/Dan/Dani/Brit/Shane come up with the alliance name, "The Silent Six".

They do their "Shhh!!" huddle. (**lol)

Downstairs, Ian can hear them in the HOH room..
Ian: "What was that??"

12:02am BBT:
Janelle/Britney did faial masks together. Britney lied her butt off and said she doesn't know whats going on and that she feels so out of the loop. Janelle didn't seem to be buying it.
The move into the arcade room.
Britney: "I don't know whats going on, they never talk to me.."
Janelle: "You 4 (Shane/Brit/Dan/Dani) are always up there (in HOH) together, though.." (confused look on her face).
Brit: (pauses) Nuh uh!"
Janelle: "No?!"

Britney: "Even when they do get me alone, they don't tell me anything. Maybe I'm being paranoid."
Joe interupts them and all them that he just heard Boogie yell "Hail Mary!" and made a BOOM sound.

12:22am BBT:
Britney cried to Dani in the HOH room that she felt bad lying to Janelle.

3:19am BBT:
As Dani/Shane cuddled in the HOH bed, Shane said he wants to "call out" Janelle today for "throwing his name around". Dani thinks they should ask Britney first (if he should call her out).

4:42am BBT:
And so the new alliance "Team Tits" is born.

Jenn/Ashley/Wil. They will "run the house" (**uhh..) and Wil thinks they should throw HOH's. (**Face-palm.)

Jenn talks about how she was in a all-female band called Kittie and they went platnium, sold over 1.2 million records, and she knows Kelly Osburne. Wil talked about his internet fame of mixing sketch comedy and music.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D Starting the moring post right now!

Stay tuned...
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Mrs WonderBoy said...

I stayed up WAAAAAAAAAAY past my bedtime last night watching BBAD. Thankfully I get the east coast feeds from Showtime while being on the west coast. I cannot WAIT to see how Janelle reacts whens she's put up on the block.

I thought the conversation with the 4 coaches was great. Boogie called Janelle out on her behavior in a pretty nice way. Janelle of course was speechless. I think she knows deep down sh** is about to hit the fan. If she walked out of that meeting with the 4 of them thinking they are working together...the bleach is getting to her brain.

D Brown said...

is Jenn even still in the house? is she being out casted too?

JJ said...

Janelle made a huge mistake last night by fighting so hard to get rid of Frank. Yes, it's smart to get rid of him, but she should've noticed the tides were turning against her.

What she should've done was give them Joe. Let them get rid of Joe this week to keep herself safe (which would be better for her in the long run since Joe would eventually turn against her anyway). This would've shown that she was willing to work with Boogie which would've brought her a few more weeks. Then she could let Wil take out Boogie or Frank leaving her hands clean.

I also think the team of 6 is making a mistake by going after the big players right now. It seems like a common mistake to ignore the floaters and the people who can't win anything. The power players all take eachother out and you're left with a Porsche or Gnatalie in the final 2.

If they all would've agreed to get Joe out this week, or even Jenn or Ashley, I think it would've been the best bet for all of them. Boogie thinking of it as a wasted HOH is the problem....If everybody keeps thinking that way Ashley will end up in the final 2.

Pam Reed said...

Call me crazy but if I was in the house I would take Jani to the final two. No one would give her the money. Love her or hate her the house will be less entertaining to watch with her gone.

Anonymous said...

That coaches meeting was the most impactful moment in determining the course of the rest of the season. That exchange laid to rest any dreams Dan had of the 4 coaches working together and that the choice needed to be made this week whether to work with Boogie or Janelle as that clearly wasn't an and situation with those 2.

And the decision between the 2 was made relatively easy the way they both handled themselves. Janelle was mostly silent and wasn't willing to sacrifice any of her former players even though they're all weak for the most part while Boogie came off completely open and only cared about protecting Frank. I just loved the juxtaposition on BBAD where Janelle was telling Brit that the meeting clearly showed to them all that Frank needs to go this week while at the same time Dan and Boogie are upstairs solidifying her ouster due to what just happened.

I think Janelle really needs Dan to be her coach as she's the one most stuck playing personal. She's completely fixated on getting rid of Frank even at the cost of her own game. If all she really wanted to do was work with the coaches she should've jumped at the opportunity to get rid of Joe this week but she's more concerned with Frank leaving this week than she is herself winning the game. She should've taken the olive branch when it was offered and worried about Frank later but now instead she's gonna be slapped upside the head and swept out the door with it.

Frank is a perfect candidate to be taken out in a FF which there should be multiple of this season given the numbers. That's how Jeff went that's how Brendon went and that's how I see Frank finally going. And unfortunately for Janelle she won't be around to see it. I guess she can enjoy having a little party at home when she watches it on TV.


James said...


No way would I want to take Janelle to final 2. If she managed to get there it would be by winning a bunch of comps and her scheming would be considered a success. She would win hands down just out of respect for the game.

I think the core alliance of 4 (DDBS) are making the right move by getting Janelle out and then going after Boogie and Frank in the next few weeks. Take Ian to final 5 and then they can battle it in the final 4. The only one who's loyalty I am uncertain about is Dan. I can't get a read on him. Not sure if he really wants to go final 2 with Boogie or just playing him and getting info out of him.

Also, it seems that Danielle has only told Dan that she is a nurse, not Shane or Britney. Why? Get it out there, it won't hurt her.

James D.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love 3 players who were found on the internet and never watched the show before that form an alliance that's gonna run the house by never winning HOH and against the strong competition they're against to boot.

By the way Dan told the core 4 that he said that to Boogie about playing it straight for 1 week and then if he's gonna stab someone the next time make it one of the others. He said he did it as a test to see where his head was at thinking he'd jumped at chance to do that but he completely passed. Now whether Boogie knew it was a test or Dan didn't really mean it as a test and was covering his tracks who knows cause these 2 are clearly playing the game on a much higher level than everyone else combined.


Jamie said...

Oo I totally missed that Brian, thanks!!

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