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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Morning/Afternoon in the BB House

At 10:35am BBT, the houseguests  went on HOH lockdown for reasons unknown. They speculate maybe a luxury comp or pandoras box. It could be something as minor as a camera needing maintenance. Who knows.

As I covered in the Overnighter, Frank told Boogie this morning about Joe being a no-go for a vote, and that Boogie is going home. Boogie, surprisingly, wasn't too upset. More accepting of it, really. Maybe he's just done with the game. He didn't wanna play the game anyways. Only as a coach. In fact, he told the HG's during the HOH lockdown that "3 of them" (the vets) got "tricked" into playing the game and to leave all the negativity behind and that there is "no need to dance on his grave". He's okay, he won the game before, doesn't wanna leave being negative. He doesn't want people fighitng or making things uncomfortable.

Ashley also chimmed in and said that at one point or another, they're all gonna get stabbed in the front or back in the game and that at the end of the day, "it's just a game", all of them are good people, everyone has family, etc.

Currently on the live feeds...

11:02am BBT:
All HG's still on HOH lockdown.

A little bit ago, they all saw something on the tv in the HOH room. Whatever it was that they saw, is making Boogie think it's Pandoras Box.

11:08am BBT:
No talking at all. Most HG's sleeping or resting their eyes.
11:31am BBT:
BB: "The lockdown is over. You are now free to move about the house."

Houseguests scatter to see if anything has changed. So far, nothing. Ian is searching every room for clues.

BB: "Ashley, please go to the Diary Room."

Dani/Shane crawl back into bed.
Frank is in the Arcade Room alone.
Jenn and Joe are laying down in the Boom Boom room.
Boogie just got his suitcase from the storage room. 

Boogie/Frank/Ian are talking in the Arcade Room.

11:35am BBT:
They talked about how they're still on inside lockdown and that BB is setting something up in the backyard. Boogie said he thought at first maybe they'd do an eviction tonight, because they got their suitcases early and are on lockdown, but doesn't think that anymore.

Boogie: "(Production) told me "2 hours", not like the usual..." (Feeds cut to fishies..)
Frank: "They're gonna open up the backdoor and there's not gonna be anything there."
Boogie: "The structure could have been some sort of crane.."
Frank: "A forklift.."
Boogie: "No, a cherry picker.."
Frank: "You're speech was good. I was biting my tongue the whole time."
Boogie: "Just calm things down. It'd get so ugly otherwise."
Ian: "Last night was total sh*t."
Boogie: "Glad I was sleeping..."

Boogie said he's glad he knows he's going home, instead of begging for votes and looking stupid on the live show.

Ian: "Or maybe you'll get a special power and stay."
Boogie: "A hail mary.."

Meanwhile, upstairs...
Joe is talking to Shane/Dani about Ashley crying. (Shane thinks it was just an act by a good actress.)  They talk about how she cried because she busted, not because she felt bad.

Joe leaves the room a minute later and heads downstairs.

11:42am BBT: 
Joe goes and sits on the living room couch by Dan and said he didn't buy Boogie's crappy HOH speech.  Dan is eating his cereal and talking to Joe.

Dan is convinced that someone is leaving tonight and then someone again tomorrow. (Double eviction.)

11:49am BBT:

Dan: "I'd be shocked if there wasn't a live show today."
Dani: "You don't think they'd tell us before it happened?"
Dan: "No.."(feeds auto-switch to..)

Ian/Boogie in the Arcade Room.

Ian said he'd put up Dan and Joe, maybe throw Shane in there somewhere.
Ian: "Make them sweat a little."

Feeds auto-switch again, back up to the HOH...

Dan tells Dani/Shane that he just wanted to tell that (about him thinking it's a live show tonight) and he'd be shocked if it wasn't.

Dan: "(Production) wants Frank to stay. He's the villian. Without him, they have no show." (**Surprised we didn't get fishies.)

Dan said he wouldn't feel safe if Ian
Dan: "Them getting their suitcases is what (makes me think it's a live show tonight).."

11:59am BBT:
All 4 feeds are on Ashley in the kithen, drinking water. Looking at the memory wall, as Frank is in the bathroom.

Sidenote: This was just posted on the blogs facebook group page...if you wanna get a behind the scenes look at the candy POV comp the HG's played on Saturday, then click here to watch the video! :)

12:04pm BBT:
The house is pretty calm right now.
Dan/Ian are at the dining room table, as Ash/Frank talk in the sneakers bedroom.

12:07pm BBT:
Dan is telling Jenn about his theory about tonight being an eviction.

12:11pm BBT:
Ashley told Frank that she's voting to keep Boogie as planned.
Ashley said he's not gonna have his bromance anymore. Frank said he'll still have his showmance (with Ash).

Announcement: Ian came from the Diary Room and announced that there is NO live show tonight.

12:33pm BBT:
The house is calm.
Brit is telling Ian about Jenn/Ashley's little fight last night and how Ashley cried.

Frank/Ash are still chit chatting in the bedroom.

12:39pm BBT:
Inside lockdown is over.

Quack Pack meeting!
Ian told them that "they" still think he's with them. He mentions that nobody wants Joe gone right away, but he really does and wants him gone by 7th place.

Ian: "I am so sick of him! He causes so much sh*t for me."
Ian said that Ashley wins HOH, he can get in her ear because she's gullible.

Ian: "But if Frank wins HOH, we're f**king tanked. If he wins HOH, he's gonna try to make a deal with you (Brit) and you (Shane), and put up Dan and Danielle."
Dan: "That's what I figured."
Ian: "Frank has told me on numerous occasions, that if it's between me and him (in an endurance comp), he's throwing it to me."

Ian said he'd prefer to get Frank out in a fast forward so that he didn't have to deal with him all week.
Shane: "I understand."

Ian said he'd put up Joe and one of them to "cover the track" of the Quack Pack.
Britney says no, put up Ashley/Frank.
Dan asked Ian flat-out if he'd put up Frank, and Ian didn't say yes or no, just that he'd want Frank out in a fast forward scenario.

Ian: "That bridge can be crossed when we come to it."

Dani comes out and joins them. They get her caught up to speed. Ian said that he (Ian) keeps telling Frank that he is lying to him and saying he'd put up Dan/Dani, instead of telling him someone like Joe, otherwise Frank wouldn't throw Ian a HOH comp to him.

Ash comes out. Game talk stops.

1:05pm BBT:
Ash/Brit talk in the Arcade Room.

Britney said even though Ashley said she wouldn't vote out any girls, but is voting out Jenn, she won't hold her decision against her..she's not mad. Ashley got defensive and thought Brit was attacking her. Brit said she pulled Ashley into the room to tell her that she wasn't mad.

They leave.
Brit tells Dani on the patio what happened.
Ashley ran to Boogie/Ian poolside to tell them about her convo with Brit.
Boogie wants them (Ian/Ash) to take them all out once he's gone.

1:31pm BBT:

Frank is pitching the idea of Boogie/Frank/Dan all working together. Dan said he appreciates Franks hustle and wouldn't expect him to wave the white flag.

Frank: "All I can ask is that you consider it."
They leave.

Frank goes and asked Ashley about her convo with Brit. She recaps it for him, saying she's making the best decision for her game and how Brit brought up the "you said you'd never vote a girl out" thing, etc.

**Okay, now I'm *really* taking a break. lol Been at it for 5+ hrs straight. :P I'll be back shortly.

Stay tuned...
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Neche said...

Something order than Double eviction is gonna happen tomorrow. What do you think jaime?

Neche said...

PLUS The Mike Boogie we all know would never give in to anything nor make piece with people, SO something is wrong somewhere.

Jeehadjoe2 said...

I swear to god if BB has rigged it to keep boogie or frank win hoh next Im gonna flip my lid and rage!

Nicole said...

Yea I feel
Uneasy also..... Boogy just accepting
His fate seems odd to me!

bbfan27 said...

Hmmm. Now I am wondering if BB is going to surprise us and tonights show is live.

shana said...

I love love love it! I hope he (boogie) does stay! That would be awesome!!!! What's a little drama gonna do in the BB house anyways.....

James said...

Without Frank/Boogie there is know more show. Everyone is on the same team and love each other. The weaklings all herded over to Dan and Britney thereby sealing their fate. I'm surprised they (Ian & Joe) are so blind to see that there is already a tight alliance of 3 strong players (Brit/Dan/Shane) that will take them out one at a time. Unless production does something, this game is very predictable right now. Boogie tomorrow, Frank next (unless he wins HOH which doesn't change much entertainment wise, he'll just be out a week later), followed by Ashley, and then Ian, Joe, Jenn, and Dani in no particular order.

Nicole said...

I hate when production gets involved ! There will def be a show after F/B !!!! All those other peeps will start turning in each other....... They always do!

Anonymous said...

Would at least be original to do a surprise live show tonite..Have them on as is without getting dolled up. do the double evictio n over 2 nites....if theres a power or twist to save booger, bb has fully jumped shark..Dont understand why grodner has to follow same script every yr..same format ,challenges etc ..predictable enuf that hgs %& viewers know whats coming up...Look at every chsllenge..weve seen them all before..lazy producers..they have a year to come up with new challenges * new twists to realky shake up the house had all new & diff needs an overhaul & change EPs...

Neche said...

Glass house and different challenges but they were all lame, Glasshouse is a really boring show to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Ian seems to be thinking along the same lines as I was last night. If Ian were to win this next HOH his best noms would be Joe and Shane. This would cover him with Frank since he put up 1 of Dan and Shane and he's made it clear he hates Joe. If the noms stay the same then they have the votes to keep Shane and eliminate Joe like he wants so Shane's at no risk. And if either comes off he can put up Frank and have him evicted without having to deal with a long drawn out mess.

His worst case scenario is revealing his hand by putting up Frank and him winning POV. This way there's a little better than 50% chance Frank won't get to play and if he does and wins it then he wouldn't have been able to get rid of him anyway.

I'd put up Shane of the Quack Pack since it guarantees he plays in POV where he's excelled. It could even be possible if Ian, Shane and Joe draw Dan, Dani and Brit that Frank would basically be automatically on his way out the door right then cause all would use POV and Frank would go up and out.


James said...

Good point on Ian's potential HOH Brian. I also think Ian is threatened by Joe. He thinks his 5th place position may be in jeopardy. If he blows a chance of taking out Frank, just to CYA himself, then the rest of the Quack Pack will be pissed.

I actually think the Quad (DDBS) would be better off taking Joe and not Ian to the final 5. The problem with Ian is if he wins HOH or POV in the top 5, then he goes to the top 4. The POV in the top 4 is the comp all about the events of the season, which Ian will be very good at. Then he is suddenly in the top 3 and gets to choose who to send home that week. (top 4 POV is very powerful). Joe is much less of a threat to take to top 5 (or even Jenn).

FYI: the other James above is not me. I will always end my posts with:

James D.

it's ME! said...

Great convo between Frank and Jenn on the live feeds... I'm lovin' Jenn right now! You go girl! KJ

C.Montes said...

Ugh why does Dan always look like he needs a shower? With his headband and everything. Just like frank looks like his hair needs washing. Totally off topic it's just something that always bugs me whenever I'm watching BBAD or big brother.

Kiley said...

I think Jamie, Brian and James D. should all go work for CBS. You all always bring things to the front that I've never even considered. I read this blog every day and look forward to all your posts.

Hey Jamie! How are you feeling? I have GB issues as well so I feel your pain. :)

hummingbrd said...

Hello Jamie,hope your day is going well. I found a link for the west coast viewing since jtv is down it is i had to google it to find it lol . yay bb14 have a good evening doll :)

it's ME! said...

In BB10, midpoint there was no doubt who Dan's partner in crime was... he was all in with Memphis. BB14, I really haven't figured it out, which I think may mean, Dan's not figured it out either. There really is no F4, it could be any 4 - Dan and Memphis took Jerry - because they knew they could beat him in the final 3-challenges and cut 2-of what everyone thought was F4 when they (Dan & Memphis) sent Reny and Keisha to the jury house.

My best guess... possibly Joe in the F3 cause they can beat him... but who would his F2 be? it could be anybody at this point.


Jamie said...

Kiley, I'm still fighting the gallbladder crap. All week long, I've had a flare up. Nasuea, dizzy, can only take short breaths becasue my gallbladder is swollen and pressing on my organs and diaphram, which is also causing fatigue. Not fun. :(

I am trying naturally to reverse the gallbladder sludge by going on a low fat diet and eating organic, along with some "liver detoxing" stuff..such as 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a gallon of apple juice. The acid is supposed to move the sludge along, I guess. I'll see. lol

I'm also staying away from coffee for a week, so this is gonna suck! lol I wanna see if that helps.

it's ME! said...

Call BB. They might have some extra slop you could try!

Hope you're feeling better very soon!!


Jamie said...

haha! i think their slop is just oatmeal with some kind of protien in it, if i remember correctly. and its available at GNC. lol I just forget the name of it.

Thanks for the well wishes!! :)

it's ME! said...

You're welcome girlie! said...

Me to talk about a game changing moment

Veronica Hollestelle said...

Special coin? Not reality anymore should call it mouse house the way bb tries to influence and rig things. lol

Veronica Hollestelle said...

A special coin? Should call it mouse house the way bb influences things. they want Frank and boogie for ratings its obvious.

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