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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Overnighter

Happy Monday, BB fans!! :D Or at least try to make it a happy Monday. I don't know what the weather is like where you guys & gals are, but here it was a cool 65 degrees this morning, rainy, and overcast...perfect morning to sleep in a little bit and snuggle with Miss Bella. :) (She's the best cuddling partner ever!)

Today is the Veto Ceremony!! Will Frank use the POV? Well...

We finally had some game talk last night!! I know, shocking, right??! It's almost like these houseguests remembered that they're playing a game or something. (**I'm in a sarcastic mood today..just roll with it. lol)

Alright, so the main happenings last night is that Wil/Ashley talked to Frank and pushed the idea of getting out a big threat in the game, while keeping them (well..Wil, since he's on the block) safe this week. They made some really good points and now Frank is seemingly flirting with the idea of possibly backdooring Dan. Do I really think he will? No. Do I hope I'm wrong? YES!!! I love Dan, honestly I do. I'm just sooooo begging for drama right now, that I don't even care who gets backdoored! lol So Frank, you better bring it! 

Let me go gather up the Overnighter and I'll start posting it for ya. (By the way, I'm still constantly looking at the Big Brother 14 Wiki page to see if the ratings for Sunday's show has been posted and so far, nope. Not yet. I'll let y'all know when they're up.)
12:07am BBT:
HOH Room
Wil said that they have "3 points they wanna bring" Frank before todays Veto Ceremony. Frank is all ears!

Wil said that (1) they voted to keep Frank over Willie, (2) last week they sent home somebody that would have never put them up on the block & kept Frank there, and (3) if Frank wants to send home a big threat in the game, he would have the votes (Boogie, Wil, Ashley, Jenn and possibly even Joe..though they consider him a wildcard) to send that person home. Frank said he's been thinking about getting a big target this week. (Note: Frank never mentions that it's Dan that he's thinking about.)

Frank: "What you guys want is what I've been pondering since I won the veto. I mean, I've been thinking about it hard. And I've been trying to sell Mike on it, too. Trust me, I'm thinking about it, my mind has not been made up if I'm gonna use (the veto) or not."

Ashley said if the "other side" had power this week, she thinks they'd backdoor Frank or Boogie. Ash/Wil said they never targeted Frank and they made a big move last week.

Talk ends at 12:42am BBT. Wil said that Frank has "big decisions" to make this week. 

12:49am BBT:
Hammock Area
Wil: "If I get your off the block tomorrow, will you keep me in this house?"
Joe: "Of course!!"
Wil: "There's a good chance you will be pulled off the can't tell a soul!"
Joe: "You have my word. 100%. You don't even have to flinch."
Wil: "If I pull this off, don't vote me out of this house!"

Convo ends. They go their separate ways in the backyard.

12:52am BBT:
HOH Room
Ian asked Frank is the plan (to get out Wil this week) was still a go.
Frank: "Probably.."
Ian: "Probably? Oh geez..I don't like surprises."

Ian said he just saw Wil/Joe hugged outside and it made Ian worried.
Frank said that Wil/Ashley said if they stayed, they'd work with them. (Frank is reading the bible during this time.)

Frank: "What do you think? We have a shot to take at big targets if you wanted to..."
Ian: "If we keep Joe or Wil here, I don't know if their word is good. I think it's too dangerous to keep them here. We'd only be in trouble if 1 of them (Joe/Wil) stayed and won HOH."

Frank: "I'm not saying anyone specifically (..though he's talking about Dan...), but.."

Ian said it'd be dangerous because then 3 of the 4 (Shane/Brit/Dan/Dani) would be against them.

Frank said he probably won't use the veto. He then asked Ian if he ended up using the veto, would Ian still vote out the way he (Frank) wants him to...
Ian: "Sadly, yes."

Frank said he'll "sleep on it". Ian thinks they should take to Boogie. (Ian doesn't want Dan to get backdoored and tried his best to talk Frank out of the idea of backdooring him during this convo.)

Convo ends.

1:38am BBT:
Backyard Patio
Ian joins Brit/Dani on the patio. Ian tells them he just talked to Frank and that he'd take Joe off the block if he uses the veto, and that Dan would be the replacement nom. Ian doesn't think it'll happen, though and that he tried to talk him out of it and thinks it might have worked.

Ian: "I think we're okay. But we need to keep our fingers crossed. Nothing we say is gonna change it, but if I get caught telling your guys let's just shut the f**k up for now. He's just scared of Dan, that's all."

Dani: "Is he scared of me, too?"
Ian: "No. Not at all."
Dani: "What's he think about me?"
Ian: "He's not afraid of you."
Dani: "He thinks he can beat me in everything."
Ian: "He thinks he has a much better chance. He's not afraid of you. Relax. Relax, ladies."

Ian said that Frank probably will not change the noms.
Britney: "We don't have the numbers."
Ian: "We can, if we want to. We can get...we can get the numbers, if we wanted to do, I think."
Britney: "Jenn or Ashley would not vote against Wil. Nor Boogie. We would have to get Joe's vote."
Ian: "Joe's an idiot. He'll buy any thing we feed him. He's really f**king stupid. Here's the deal, nothing we say can sway anything, so we can't say sh*t, so.."
Dani: "I'm not telling Dan because he'll freak out!"

Dani: "So that deal we made with them (Silent 6 w/ Frank/Boogie) is pretty much sh*t."
Britney: "We've known that!"
Ian: "Franks word is good, he's just a little insecure."

Britney thinks it'd be a stupid move for Frank to do and stated the same reason that Boogie told Frank, too..which is that the whole house wouldn't trust them (Frank/Boogie).

Ian wants to win HOH and get rid of floaters.
Ian realllllly wants Joe out of the house BEFORE jury because Ian cannot stand him, so he'd target Joe with Ashley as a pawn if he won HOH. (Ian does want Ashley gone at some point, he called her a "floater" and said he "loves her to death" but he doesn't want her sitting in Final 2 just because she's nice.

1:49am BBT:

Dani: "Does (Frank) trust me, though?"
Ian: "You're not even a thought. He doesn't even f**kin' care. You're not even remotely a concern. He doesn't give a sh*t (about you). You're not anywhere even near the radar. He doesn't give a f**k. You're not goin' nowhere, for awhile. You're the 2nd least of his concerns."

2:00am BBT:
Storage Room
"Team Tits"

Team Tits did a happy dance, since they seem to be thinking that Wil might stay and Dan might be going home.  (**This is not set in stone, but it its in their minds. lol)

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D As I was doing the Overnighter, Frank/Boogie talked on the patio about the possibility of getting Dan out. Boogie, again, tells Frank it's "too early" to get Dan out. This is not the week to do it. The conclusion: sounds like Frank is NOT gonna use the veto, and is pissed that he has to pretend to be with in an alliance with people that have gunned for him and he can't do anything about it right now.

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I was reading your blog this morning Jamie and i really do love it and have been a fan for some time. It is so irritating to me though when people beg for drama of a backdoor or a great player such as Dan that will last for two days and then we are going to be stuck with terrible players like Jenn and Joe still in the house. The drama will come, once the floaters are out of the game it is going to be a much more drama filled season and more intriguing imo. So i do not believe that these 3 days of drama are worth the rest of the summer.

Anonymous said...

If Frank uses the POV he couldn't have Wil and Joe voting his way since one would still be on the block. He wouldn't need it anyway as 4 votes would be enough to make it go to him as the tiebreaker. I don't think he'll do it if he can't get Boogie on board first though. How funny would it be it he backdoored Dan and Boogie went against Frank and voted to keep him? As a huge Dan fan I in no way want him going at all but especially this early. If Frank decides he has to go the backdoor route hopefully him and Boogie can compromise in doing it to Shane instead.


Mark Camilli said...

Check out for the ratings....that website always posts it first! :)

Anonymous said...

I love how Frank complained to Ian how it pisses him off that the other 4 still don't trust him while at the same time plotting to immediately backdoor 1 of them a few days after they made a final 6 deal that saved him from going home. Gee I wonder why they don't trust you Frank clearly there's no basis behind it.


stephanelson said...

Of course Dani is trying to make everything about her! She is so annoying!

jack jr said...

WOW!!! Danielle sure wants to be known as a threat!!! or am i reading too much into this?

Jamie said...

like i said, i love dan, and i'm actually rooting for him, but im just so desperate for drama that i wanna see somebody backdoor'ed.

id love to dan to get the votes to stay, then start chaos in the house to get Boogie/Frank out, or Boogie to seperate from Frank..something, anything! I'm dyin' over here!! lol

But i do agree that i'd be the dumbest move (right now) for Frank to backdoor Dan, or any of "their own" in the alliance, not to menion it would blacklist them in the house with the others as far as trust goes.

Polar41 said...

I have a question... Ian hates floaters, but isn't he one himself?

I'm asking because I think he is but maybe I misunderstood what a floater is.

Polar41 said...

I have a question... Ian hates floasters but isn't he a floater himself?

Just asking because I consider him a floater but maybe I misunderstood the meaning.

Polar41 said...

I have a question... Ian hates floasters but isn't he a floater himself?

Just asking because I consider him a floater but maybe I misunderstood the meaning.

Anonymous said...


I'd gladly sacrifice a ho hum middle of the game to set up an exciting finish with a good deserving winner. If Frank fired the 1st salvo already this week then next week they go back at him and Boogie then the week after that the remaining goes after Shane and so on and so forth till Eagle Eye and the Tits are left standing in the rumble having done nothing but watch the players take each other out. Patience grasshopper haha.


James said...

Dani is going to have a breakdown soon. Ian probably doesn't realize he messed up by telling her she isn't even on the radar and nobody cares about her - that's what she's afraid of!

Another thing Ian should consider is taking out Jenn before Ashley. Dummy... the one person he kind of befriended and he wants to get her out??

Anonymous said...


Ian probably thought he was doing Dani a favor putting her mind at ease somewhat like it would've done any normal sane person.

Ashley wants nothing to do with Ian and talks about wanting to get him out all the time. The not wanting to go after Jenn thing is to keep the Team Boogie facade up.


JChism said...

Dani is so self-absorbed. She mugs every mirror in the house, whether in the bathroom, bedroom, outside. OMG!!!! This girl is a real head case. No wonder she has no boyfriend. Who out there believes the "DR" told Boogie she is a nurse? No way he could have nailed that one on his own.

kelsey said...

i cant stand frank

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