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Monday, August 20, 2012

Afternoon Post (Veto Ceremony Results)

Well my lil addicts, this afternoon should be entertaining!! All of us live feed watchers might be in for some drama after the Veto Ceremony is over.

While Boogie and Frank think that Dan will be the renom (and backdoored this week), this is not the case. Shane has had them believe that this possible though. Boogie said the other day that having Jenn as the renom would be his "worst case scenario", and well..that's about to happen.

The Veto Ceremony Renom was:

11:51am BBT:
Feeds are back!!!!

Sneakers Room

Boogie: "I'm gonna put Dan on blast this week! I'm trying to stay calm so that I don't scare the girls. I gotta calm down..I gotta calm down right now."

Ian gets up and limps away, leaving Frank/Boogie to talk alone. (He sprained his ankle playing badminton last night.)

Boogie: "I hate this fu*king kid. He's such a fu*king phony."

11:55am BBT:
Ashley comes in.
Ashley: "Sorry, Boogs."

Frank: "Now I want Shane out before Dan."
Boogie wants to tell Shane he just did Dan's dirty work for him.

Boogie: "Dan's bitch, is what (Shane) is."
Frank: "Ash, obviously we want you to vote to keep Mike."
Ashley: "Mmm hmm. I just don't want Jenn to know that right now. She's just mad that Danielle didn't tell her because she thought they were close."

Ashley: "I don't know why he wouldn't put Joe up. He's a f**king idiot."
Boogie: "He's not playing HOH (anymore), I am!....Now the line is completley drawn."

Frank thinks it's a stupid move and he's "gonna tell him that, too!"
Boogie and Frank are licking their wounds, saying everything they wanna tell Shane.

12:02pm BBT:
Jenn is talking to Shane

Shane said that her relationship was better than Ian's, so that's why she's up on the block.
Shane: "This is 100% on me, I'm HOH. It sucks, it's not personal, purely strategic, and I put a bigger target on my head now.."
Jenn: "Sure did! You can't play HOH this week, so.."

Shane said that he also heard that Jenn was getting info for Boogie's team, and that's another reason why she's on the block.

Jenn: "You must have one hell of a deal with Dan and I hope it works for ya."
Shane: "I don't, actually."
They thank each other for the talk. Jenn leaves.

Jenn goes downstairs and talks to Frank/Boogie.
Frank tells her he thinks Shane knew all along that he wasn't gonna put up Dan today. Jenn tells them about her talk with Shane and how she hopes whatever deal he has with Dan, is worth it.

Jenn said that she went by Dan in the kitchen (he was doing dishes) and sang one of her songs with the band Kitty, "You look so pretty digging your own grave.." then walked away.

Ian is in the bedroom now as well.
Ian said maybe he should walk by Shane and say "f**cking scumbag" and start a fight. Boogie's all for it.

A minute later in the living room, Frank tells Ian not to.

A few moments later, they all leave and scatter throughout the house.
Lots of awkward tension. Very, very little talking at all between all HG's.
Dan walks through the living room where Boogie is, Boogie stares him down. Dan doesn't notice.

12:20pm BBT:
Ashley/Dani are talking in the Arcade Room.

Dan is stealth-whispering. Hard to hear....oh, BB just turned up her volume to full-blast (**I hope she doesn't sneeze or yell while her mic is on blast lol)

Dani said she thought Joe would go up. Dani wonders why Jenn is pissed at Dan, but says that Dan still likes her.

Dani: "Did (Jenn) say anything about me?" (Me: "This is so not about you.." )

Ashley: "How's Dan feeling?"
Dani: "Like sh*t."

Britney joins the girls.
Britney: "Nobody is talking in the rest of the house. It's silent."

Britney said that Jenn is pissed.

Switch to Cam 1, guys! Boogie and Frank are going off on Shane!
Frank said that they feel like "yo-yo's" because Shane kept implying Dan would go up, and now he's not.

Boogie to Shane: "You look like Dan's b*tch right now, man!"
Shane: "Maybe I am, maybe I"m not..I'm happy with the decision I made."
Frank: "You say that now, wait until Thursday. Dan just moved from #1 on my list, to #2 (to gun after)."

Now there's awkward silence.

Ian hopes BB opens up the backyard soon, he wants to go in the hot tub (to soak his ankle).

Jenn said that'd help a lot.

And a picture that's worth a thousand words...
12:37pm BBT:
Shane is doing dishes. Joe/Jenn/Boogie are in the kithen/dining room area. Mostly silence.
Dan is in the living room.

Jenn: "I'm gonna take a nice relaxing shower."

12:40pm BBT:
Frank and Boogie are telling Shane how Dan is "loving this" and that he's a good player (Dan).

Boogie walks into the living room and sits by Dan.

Boogie: "Awesome play. Excellent play."
Dan continues to read his bible.
12:44pm BBT:
Frank/Boogie talk to Joe, campainging for his vote, throwing the other side of the house under the bus.

Frank: "Roll with us."

Boogie said that this week is gonna be war in the house.

Boogie: "And as long as the both of us are in here, we are always gonna go up (before you)."

Joe: "Give me 24 hours to think about it, I will tell you 1,000% yes or no! I am as stunned by this decision..what are they thinkin'??"
Boogie: "Shane cannot play (for HOH) and we can get him."

Joe, again, says he'll tell them within a day either way.
Boogie: "The line is so drawn in the sand!"
Joe agrees.

12:55pm BBT:
Living Room
Ian/Frank/Boogie/Dan are in the living room. Boogie and Frank about Ian's ankle. He said his badminton days in the house are done. (Apparantly the medic was called in last night after he sprained it.) Frank and Boogie joke around and wonder if his partner tripped him so that he's not any good in the HOH comp.

Boogie: "Are you gonna ignore me all week? I tip my hat to you!"
Dan: "I'm not ignoring need to (tip your hat)."
Boogie said he truly respects him outside the game and thinks he's a great player, but inside the game, he "hates his f**king guts" and laughed.

Dan is silent again. Reading his bible.
Frank jokes he's gonna write a book (like Dan's) called "How to REALLY get on a reality tv show".
Dan still silent.

1:02pm BBT:
Ian leaves.

Boogie to Dan: "Okay, Dan..we did it, we disguised our alliance!" (*LMAO!)
Boogie: "Janelle's at home with a big dildo, enjoying this moment."

Jenn sits down and joins them a moment later.
Boogie asked Jenn why she thinks she's on the block. Jenn said proably from Joe throwing her under the bus.

Speaking of Joe, he just joined the living room crew.

 (**This is so awkward to the calm before the storm. I love it! ;) )

1:06pm BBT:
Boogie said he hopes Britney finishes 4th amoung Shane/Dan/Danielle.
Jenn: "She's really sorry."
Frank: "Yea. She's a nice girl."

Boogie tells Joe/Jenn that if they make it to Final 3 with Dan, that Dan will
Dan: "I haven't thought that far down the road yet.
Boogie: "Oh I think you have, buddy. You've thought about every inch of this road. And beyond."

Joe: "I don't like the bullying aspect. You're approaching people and getting in peoples faces."
Frank: "We have a right to be irritated!"
Boogie: "I"m trying to start a conversation, Dan's just not talking back! He doesn't wanna talk back because he doesn't want to lie. Don't fall for it, Joe."

Things are getting a little heated.
Frank: "We'd rather talk things out. We got scum-bagged by these yo-yo's for days now."

Jenn gets up and leaves.
Jenn: "I can't sit there."

Backyard opens up.
Boogie leaves.
Joe/Frank talk.

Frank said he can't muzzle Boogie right now, he's heated. (Re: to the bullying) He also said that Boogie isn't at 'full volume' and he's holding back.

1:21pm BBT:
HOH Room

Joe: "Why can't we just draw a line in the sand? Why do we have to sit and listen to them?"
Dan: "You don't have to."

They talk about winning HOH this week.
Joe: "What's up with Ian?? When did he turn into a dick?" (Ian was off-camera cussing about Shane.)

Joe: "I won't start anything now, but if it happens again (re: bullying), I'm stepping up! Is that cool with all of you?"

They say ok.

1:26pm BBT:
Joe tells them about Frank/Boogie asking him for a vote.
Joe: "I'm the swing vote, so I know they're gonna be on me all week. That's why I don't care what I say to them this week because they're still gonna have to be nice to me (for a vote)."

1:30pm BBT:
Meanwhile, on Cam 2, Danielle has yet again made this day all about her and she's crying to Dan about it.

She said she's sad because of the attacks on Dan in the living room (yet, she did nothing to help like Joe did) and that Boogie made her feel bad about herself.

Dani: "He said I'm not worth anything, I feel like I'm a friggin floater, and that Dan didn't really want you..."
Dan: "Don't cry, please don't cry."
Dani: 'I can't help it. They're making me feel like I'm worthless."

Dan is now forced to tell Dani why she's not worthless. Everything he says, she has a negative comeback for.

Dan: "You weren't worthless on the pirate ship!"
Dani: "That was one comp, Dan."

Moving to another camera... 

1:43pm BBT:
Cam 4 has Boogie/Frank hating on every person in the house. Boogie is calling them all spineless.
Britney joins them.

They ask her if she knew Jenn was gonna be the renom, she lies and says no and that she told Shane she didn't wanna know because she didn't wanna be involved. F/B tell Britney that this move is best for Dan, not for Shane, and that Shane has become target #1 in the house, with Dan being on the back burner now.

**Bloggy break! :) I'll be back tonight before bed to give a quickie afternoon/evening update. (The house has been calm.)

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Frand and Booger are stupid. Why would Shane leave both of them in the house. The way they have been acting this week they need to be broken up. And Jenn (who by the way I forgot was in the game) has the nerve to mad because no body told her she was going up. Get real!!

Trevor said...

They would have gone after Shane next week. they are just mad Shane beat them to the punch. too bad so sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Shane made a big move this week..this game was getting kind of boring..Happy to see at least one of them gone this week.

Michelle said...

Shane is so going home this week in the FF. It's always the HG who was just HOH and can't compete.

Jeehadjoe2 said...

Losers are always the angry ones. Lil Vicious Franky looks like such a weenie. But i bet he wins hoh just as bb would like him too!

it's ME! said...

BB players are always so funny... if you don't make the move they want, you're the stupid one! LOL

I love Dan's calm attitude. (and Boogie's rage!)

Can't wait to get home tonite and watch the flashbacks of this afternoons POV aftermath! Thanks for keeping us up to date! KJ

Shannon said...

FYI- Ian seriously injured his ankle late last night play badminton. Medic was called in to see him and everything.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand Jenn. Booger kicked her to the curb when he was her coach. And she knew that he did not care about her. She is not a very bright girl. She should sit back and let Booger and Frank self destruct. Does she not know that she can not win the game with them in the house. She should be happy that a big threat is going home and not creating drama for herself... Damn she is dumb!!

Cutie pie said...

Iv never seen such a baby. As mike he so stupied. And he such a bully. Just pissed because they got played. Shut up mike

Cutie pie said...

Talk abouta cry baby. Mike. Ur just so mad that u got played by almost everyone that u thought didn't know how to play this game. Looks like u don't know how to play without ur better half Dr will and stop being a bully. Ur kids gonna see this one day.

Mrs WonderBoy said...

Boogie stop acting like a kid that didn't get his way! GEEZE!! So what if Dan is manipulating Shane? What did Boggie do to Danielle? HELLOO Same thing to get Janelle out of the game!

Anonymous said...


I still think Dan is in the most trouble in the FF. They'll both be on the block next to each other and if one of them gets POV then obviously the other is going home. But if they both stay on the block together I think Shane has the votes to stay. The only person Dan would have the votes to stay against that there's even a remote possibility of happening would be Joe. But even in a rushed atmosphere I don't think Frank would make that mistake although it would be spectacular if he did.


Trevor said...

Wow you are all so sure Frank is going to win HOH, its going to be trivia and i dont think his mind will be right. Dan sure as heck wont give this HOH away neither will Brtiney or Ian.

Andi said...

Am I missing something? What did Dan do to Boogie and Frank that was so horrible?

Godsgirl said...

Gotta love Dan :)

Katrinka Christopher said...

Boogie blames Janelle, Dan, Santa Claus, Mother doesn't matter. He slept thru the first weeks of BB & hitched his wagon to Frank. Frank has won the HOH's & been put up on the block because of it, not Boogie. 'Til now, of course.

Boogie & Frank are just ticked off that they got "got." They had the chance to do this to Dan, actually talked about it & didn't because Boogie nixed the idea.

If Boogie can't get a grip, he's going to tank what is left of Frank's game. Guilty by association. Let's see how much Boogie really & truly cares about his buddy. I bet Erica could give Frank some pointers!

Mike said...

I hate that Ian hurt his ankle. That's going to make it tough for him to win a competition...oh wait.

Putting aside my rooting for Boogie, and with the realization that he's gone, does it make any sense for the floaters (yes, you too, Ian) to keep him around? Joe and Ash have to realize that they're staring from the outside in at Dani/Dan/Brit/Shane. Ian too ( do you really think any of the four would keep him over the other 3?). Are they better off keeping Boogie in the game and letting the two sides of the house go at each other for the next few weeks and hopefully get the only 2 decent competitors in the house (Frank and Shane) out, so that they have a chance in a competition?

I realize none of that will happen, I have no confidence in Joe or Ian thinking for themselves, but just wanted to throw this out for thought.

bbfan27 said...

Finally a week where the house is interesting again!

Anonymous said...

Please someone tell me that I am not the only one TIRED of Dani and her WAM syndome? WAM= What About Me.

Cutie pie said...

Mike says he's mad because he thinks Shane should have told hem up front what he was gonna do. He's just pissed that he knows hes gonna look like a fool going back and forth talking to. Shane thinking he gettin him to change his mind when now he knows Shane was just playing him and all America was sitting back laudhting at him. Including Dr Will. He hates the thought

Mike said...

Does anyone really think Brit is in a position to "give away" an HOH? she's won like 1 comp in 1 1/2 seasons, right? Every time she opens her mouth, I can't help but think why the hell is she even on this season...other than to give us something pretty in a bikini?

Cutie pie said...

Jenny finally found her voice. She woke up saying. What huh who me nominated who am I where am I. Who are all u people. Why does my back.hurt. Lol.

hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie Happy Monday ~ Now this is why I got the feeds! Today has been awesome (WELCOME TO BIG BROTHER JENN) LOL I get that she was shocked at the nomination but didn't she think for one second it was a possibility? Today is going to be great.
I hope you have a great week Jamie and thanks for all u do and for the coolest blog ever~

Razldazlrr said...

Can I please change my favorite housegtuest vote now to shane for taking a stand? LOL - he is one of the first to have some balls in this show. I'll be so glad to see boogie go - just can't stand him

Anonymous said...


There have been 2 Q&A HOHs and Frank has won them both. So he's clearly got just as good a shot as anyone if not better. He's not just a physical threat he's a huge fan of the show with a head on his shoulders. I like seemingly most expect him to win just because historically that's how this show always works with huge shifts in power. I'd lay money Dan or Shane leaves in DE and that even if the other side wins HOH Frank will still be in the house at the end of the night by winning POV and possibly even the 2nd HOH comp of the night.


DeleteMe said...

I hope Shane and Dan go in the DR and make a "chilltown" style video making fun of Mike and Frank. Of course, they're probably too classy to actually do it. I'm always Team Dan, but I've liked Shane from the beginning this year.

P.S. I forgot that Jenn was in this game too. My son and I were naming the players and it took us like five whole minutes to figure out who we missed and it was her.

Stephca33 said...

Frank looks like Boogie's ***ch not Shane being Dan's. Boogie has made all of Franks decision's for him from the get. Also, off topic, why is Frank saying he coined the phrase "appresh"? Jeff said it 100 times on BB11. Im also nervous about that ? In the arcade room. If its a power and Froogie get it, I might cry rigged again by BB. AND Jenn...shut up please tough girl, no one is afraid of you...grab a life vest in the words of Rachel LOL

Stephca33 said...

Frank looks like Boogie's ***ch not Shane being Dan's. Boogie has made all of Franks decision's for him from the get. Also, off topic, why is Frank saying he coined the phrase "appresh"? Jeff said it 100 times on BB11. Im also nervous about that ? In the arcade room. If its a power and Froogie get it, I might cry rigged again by BB. AND Jenn...shut up please tough girl, no one is afraid of you...grab a life vest in the words of Rachel LOL

C.Montes said...

Shane doesn't have balls. Wtf. He wouldn't even own up to his own nominations. He is pretty spineless. I kinda wish jenn would go home, just because she's such a waste of space.

shana said...

Shane has no balls! He's scared of Dan and Britney they are the only reasons why he nominated them inthe first place.. I hope they can pull this off if they can get ash,Joe,Ian,Frank they have it.. but Ian had to run to the other side and be a rat! And by the way if it were anyone else in the house that this happened to they would act the same b/f are now. I hope this sends someone from the quack quack home..

Anonymous said...

It's pretty amazing that Dani can't grasp the rather simple BB premise that being underestimated and viewed as a lesser threat than you actually are is a great thing. This still even after 2 vets have continuously explained it to her.


it's ME! said...

I have to agree with bbfan27.. finally got my money's woth this season on the live feeds... thank you Shane!

Yes, Dan has been my fav for years, second best BB player ever (ok i nmy world anyway)... but I'm kinda liking Joe! LOL.. I know.. I can't believe it either!


Tango said...


Nancy said...

You are definitely not the only one. The other day I actually started to respect her ability but right away again, right back to her. It's too bad because she really has a lot going for her.

Goldchampagne said...

If Dani cries just a bit more she could give WA-Amber a run for her money from BB10! She is just as annoying!

Ronda said...

Maybe Jenn will get some tv time. Boogie is a sore loser

kelsey said...

i cant wait until boogie leaves on tursday and goes home and see that its ian doing all of this stuff and playing them and not dan hahahahahaha and yes shane was gonna put boogie and frank up and it wasnt for britney and dan... hes the only one in the house the house that has balls and people that bash shane just likes boogie and frank and thats why you say this stuff and joe will never go with frank, so yall can forget that... i have always liked shane and jenn should know that shes the pawn and stop being so angry... at least shes better today and GO QUACKPACK!!!!!!

kelsey said...

ashley is soooo two-faed and i cant wait for jenn to find out that ashley really isnt her friend and is gonna vote her out and joe is gonna tell frank that hes voting boogie out and try to expose ashley to jenn and i hope that he does :))

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