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Monday, July 2, 2012

Mentors Twist (Rumor) + House Tour

Hello to all you BB addicts!! :D Okay, so the countdown for the BB14 premiere is still going strong and we have just 10 days until it begins! Can ya believe it??! I'm still getting in my summer 'to do' list before my summer is filled with nothing but the Big Brother live feeds. ;) hehe

Alright, so we have a few things to update y'all on, so let's hop to it!

1) Cast Reveal is now scheduled for this Thursday July 5th! w00t w00t!!
2) The '4 former hg's as mentors' rumor is starting to look more like a reality than a rumor at this point & here's why...

*Rachel is "on vacation" in Costa Rica (or is she in a hotel room in sequester? lol)
*Dan's wife is rumored to be tweeting for him
*Janelle's twitter is being ran by someone else & there's proof of that (I'll get to that in minute)
*And Mike Boogie...well, nobody is really sure where he is. lol

The proof that Janelle is not tweeting comes from this picture:
Janelle tweeted the pic claiming that was her checking in at the airport. However, the pic was discovered in a 2010 article on a womans fashion website. Whoops! ;) hehe Busted!! The pic was later on deleted (by whoever is running her twitter for her) shortly after the news of the fake pic emerged in twitter land. So...I guess we'll see ya on BB14, Janelle! ;)

Back to the rumor: if you're wondering how the heck this whole mentor thing would work, well the rumor is that each mentor will get to pick their own team of 4 houseguests and if their team mate wins, they get $100,000. All mentors, who cannot compete to win the game, get a higher weekly stipend (I heard just over $2,000/week) than the new houseguests.  That's all the details I heard on it so far, though. (And again, these are just rumored details!! Not confirmed.)

3) Friday July 6th @ 6pm EST, Janelle & Rachel Reilly (from sequester? lol) will be doing 'Rumor Control' on the live feeds! So make sure to tune into that!!

4) If you haven't logged into the feeds yet today, boy oh boy do you have some awesome videos to sink your teeth into!!! (If you don't have them, now would be the time to get'em! They're still on sale!!)

Video 1: Press Day including Brenchel

 I won't tell you how it ends, but I will say that Brendon & Rachel ended up on the block together & that a veto was used to save one of them. The rest, you'll have to watch for yourself! ;)

Video 2: House Tour with Spicy
She gives details on the house, such as how extra firm & uncomfy the beds are in the bedrooms but how soft the bed is in the HOH room. By the way, I'm totally diggin' the house decor this year!! Love it!! :D Very camera friendly, too.

Video 3: Interview with Producers Allison & Rich

Something interesting that was said during the interview with the producers was that viewers will be more interactive & be able to "affect the game" a lot more this season than in the past. Hmm!! I like that! :)

Video 4: There's also an interview with Julie Chen, aka 'Chenbot' lol Speaking of, here she is poking fun at herself by doing a robot move while saying "I am Chenbot" haha! Too funny!!

Okay, so that's it for now. Don't forget to watch Rachel & Janelle (supposedly lol)  at 6pm EST on Friday on the live feeds!! :D

As a reminder, here's what we have in store for us in the near future...

July 5th: Cast Reveal!!!! 
July 6th: Rumor Control w/ Janelle P. & Rachel R. @ 6pm ET (live feeds)
July 11th: Last chance for Early Bird Special!!!

July 12th: The Talk w/ Julie Chen will be a BB special episode!
July 12th: Happy Hour w/ Missy, Spicy & Ellen @ 6pm ET (live feeds)
July 12th: BB14 Premiere & feeds go live after west coast airing!!!!! :)

Stay tuned...

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Trevor said...

This mentor thing is devastating. The mentor teams will all team up together. America Votes will always be in favor of the mentor meaning the mentor team will win everything important, and the mentor team will win the game. Quit bringing old players back! It Taints everything and is terribly unfair.

Anonymous said...

The cast reveal was almost a month ago I can't believe I missed it haha jk

I think you may have gotten things a little confused the mentors will not be all on 1 team and playing the game. Each mentor will draft their own separate team of new HGs that will compete against each other and then act as sort of a coach or mentor, hence the name, to their team. The returning HGs will not be competing to win BB but will receive 100K if their team member is crowned the winner. Now this is all just based on rumors so none of it could actually be true so we shall see.


bbfan27 said...

Jamie!! I was watching CBS and I saw a new commercial/promo featuring all the new hgs! Check it out!

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