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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, boys & girls! Well, in case you missed the drama last night, I'll catch y'all up to speed. (**Off Topic: I'm waiting on a call back from my doctor right now. I got really ill in the middle of the night due to my gallbladder problems. He told me I may need to go to urgent care & he's gonna call me back in a few minutes. So hang tight.)

Last Night:
*The feeds went off for nearly 4 hours yesterday after Willie started threatning violence. (See the previous 2 posts for details.)

*When the feeds came back, Willie was nowhere to be seen & it was confirmed by the houseguests that he was no longer in the game.

*According to Janelle, Willie head-butted Joe 4 times, he threw pork rinds at Janelle and told her to "F**k off!", he called her the "C" word, and kicked the Have-Nots door several times. Willie was then removed from the game at that point.

*Frank still gets to play out his HOH for the week.
*Today is the POV Comp
*This weeks target is now Shane. If Shane wins POV, then Danielle will go home.

Okie dokie, now that we're all caught up to speed, let's dip into The Overnighter! :)

**The HG's are up on the Live Feeds right now, getting ready for the day & POV Comp.

The Overnighter Lite:

8:44pm BBT:
HOH Room

Janelle said that Brendon/Rachel hung out with Porsche at a party and Brenchel got really drunk and told Porsche that they didn't win Amazing Race (before it aired).

8:45pm BBT:
All HG's

BB ordered pizza for the houseugests, in light of everything that happened.
The Hg's alls gave a shout-out thank you to Willie.
HG's: "Thanks Willie!"
Boogie: "Joe took a headbutt so we could get some pizza!"

Everyone talked about Willie & what happened. Joe said he wants everyone to know that he doesn't hate Willie. Britney hopes that Willie never goes off on anyone like that again. Jojo is glad he's gone.

9:09pm BBT:
Shane/Jojo talked to Frank in the HOH room. They told him they don't wanna be penalized  for Willie's actions. Frank said he understands and that anything can happen this week.

 **Update on me: Doc said that I could clear out my bile ducts in my gallbladder by going on a low-fat diet for a few weeks (basically eat like a rabbit lol) to clear our the micro-stones. If that doesn't work, then they're gonna rip that sucker out. lol :P

11:28pm BBT:
Ian admits he doesn't know how to drive. He never had the urge to learn. Minutes later, Britney told Ian he could lose his virginity on BB and Boogie said that would earn him "street cred". Talk turns to who they think America loves. They think Wil and Frank are possibilites. Ian thinks America hates him. (**Are you kidding? I'm rooting for ya buddy!! I am now officially Team Ian! lol)

Okay I'm gonna wrap this up, since nothing major happened.

Wil is paranoid that theres gonna be twists coming up that are either gonna bring people back into the game, or that the coaches will just be "released" into the game without fighting for a chance and how hard it was for the newbies to get there, and that he would hate for them to just play without fighting for it.

Dan approached Janelle and asked if she'd work with him until the end of the game, if/when the coaches get to play. She said yes and that they'd talk more about it later on.

Jenn told Danielle that it's possible that she's going home this week, if Shane wins POV. Danielle had no idea she's a target this week. Jenn corrected her and said that Shane is the target, but if he wins POV, then she's next in line.

3:00am BBT:
Dan (alone)

Dan talked to us live feeds watchers, and to himself, about what he's thinking about game play (how he wants to go with Jani to the end of coaches play), that he doesn't trust Boogie, Ian is getting a little too cocky, he needs to watch out for Joe, wish he would have picked Frank for his team, etc. It's a great watch, so if you feeds, use the flashback feature to watch it! :)

Okay that's it for the Overnighter! Starting the morning post!! :D

Stay tuned...

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hummingbrd said...

O my Jamie < I so hope you feel better ! That is some of the worse pain there is ... U Rock girl Thanks for all you do ~!

Jamie said...

aww thanks hummingbird! :) yea, the pain kinda sucks. :P Hoping that eating like a rabbit helps! haha!

Jamie F. said...

Jamie, I totally agree about Ian. He is my fav - plus he's a Pittsburher!!!

Jamie F. said...

I hope you feel better soon!!

Jamie F. said...

Jamie, I totally agree about Ian. He is my fav - plus he's a Pittsburher!!!

Gross said...

Hope you feel better J

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