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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Nights BB Episode

Yayyyy it's another BB episode night!! :D Tonight's show starts at 8pm EST/7pm Central & it will show us the POV Comp (where Shane wins it) & Veto Ceremony (where Shane keeps the noms the same). w00t!!

I'm looking for 3 things on tonights show:
*explaination on Willie & his mystery HOH lockdown yesterday
*the burglar thing (he was in the house yesterday)
*and Diary Room sessions!!

I'm pretty sure Ashley is in the alliance "The Untouchables" (as they're calling themselves now), but I wanna be a thousand percent positive! So I'll be looking forward to her D.R.'s. And I'll have my ear plugs on standby for Joe's. lol :\

Oh, and speaking of alliances, plus how the voting looks for this week, here is a cheat sheet diagram that the lovely @NaimaTW on Twitter did:
**Thank you, Naima!! :D

Okie dokie, well since the live feeds seem to be as cool as a cucumber today, I guess I'll just see you guys back here at 8pm E.ST when the show starts!!

Just to give y'all a quick peek @ the live feeds...

Stay tuned...

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jen said...

So when did the have nots get to eat real food again? Are they only on slop for a few days?

deedee1123 said...


Houseguests are on an inside lockdown. Do you think HOH comp tomorrow will be physical comp or endurance?

kelsey said...

I have a question jamie... I have tried to get on it on my ipad and when i press sign in... It goes back to the sign in screen and i keep typing it in... I wander why... Im just wondering and i do have wi-fi on

kelsey said...

So is kara and danielle on willies team now? Because i thought kara was on the other team becausr of wil or not now? Lol just wondering

AnneK said...

I agree about Joe and his irritating voice and attitude! He probably needs to go... he is despicable but, he makes for good tv. =)

stephanelson said...

WTH! Ashley just said Shane's picture was double (whatever that means) and then it cut to trivia?????

Lee said...

I'm getting it via 3G on my Rogers wireless iPhone in Canada just fine.

Digiam42 said...

Mike boogie will reek havoc before its all done. He is the man

Digiam42 said...

I think mike brought it on a little to strong this time and im a big mike boogie fan. Brit is playing way to hard to early with he non big brother playing butt. When mike says something you might want to listen. The man always finds a way to get what he wants.

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