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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Overnighter (Cliffnotes Version)

Good morning/afternoon, BB addicts! Happy Sunday to y'all!! As you guys know, I've been battling gallbladder problems this season and last night, I was in the hospital until 4am due to shortness of breath and chest pains due to my gallbladder. So after probing me with needles, drawing blood, and doing an ultrasound, they've come to the conclusion that it needs to come out. So tomorrow, I gotta make an appointment with the surgeon to get that sucker yanked outta there this week. lol :P But until then, I'm gonna be on percocets (never had those before) to take the pain away. (This should be an interesting week of me blogging. lol)

Todays Overnighter is gonna be a cliffnotes version, then I'm having a guest blogger take over a little bit after that. :) This way I can rest today, and y'all will still be up-to-date with the house happenings.

Alright, let me go get the condensed version of the Overnigther & I'll start posting it! (PS Thank you guys so much for all the well wishes!! I really appreciate it!! xo!)

And if ya need a laugh, Doug K. is at again!! lol ;)

The Overnighter:

10:25pm BBT:
Wil, Janelle, Brit, Danielle and Ashley got all dolled up and danced in the backyard last night. (Wil was his alter-ego, Craig. lol)
10:50pm BBT:
Ashely/Jani wanna get Jojo out this week, she's more of a threat than Danielle. (Wil wants to keep Jojo because it'd keep him safe if he was ever on the block with her.) They agree to not tell Boogie's team that they wanna keep act like they're not sure what they wanna do. Jani said they don't have the votes to do what they want, so they'll have to do whatever Frank wants.

11:25pm BBT:
Shane tells Boogie/Frank he will work with them and vote any way they want him to. Boogie that at some point, they have to "fire a shot" at Jani's team. A little bit later, Frank/Boogie tell Shane that if they wanna get rid of Jojo this week, then Shane shouldn't vote with them because it'll out their alliance.

12:20am BBT:
Danielle told Dan that Wil told her that he's fighting for her (Dani) to stay & that he can't stand Jojo. Danielle then said that Janielle "goes where the power is" and will stab ya in the back. She said at first she was mad at Dan (when earlier Dan told her she was on her own & to fight to stay by herself), but that it really lit a fire under her & she's glad he did that & she trusts him.

1:15am BBT:
Ashley/Britney hung out last night, talking about Willie never tried them badly..was always nice to them. Ashley then talked about Janelle and how she talks to whoever is "the flavor of the day".  (**Remember, Jani saved Ashley this week after she won the coaches comp. That was Franks idea, he thought it'd make her feel like part of their group more.)

Ashley also said that Jani told her that Wil is "ruthless" and how can she have his back if she's calling him that.

Minutes later...

1:30am BBT:
Jani told Ashley they need to "latch on to" Jojo after the veto ceremony to make Frank/Boogie nervous & make them think they all have a deal, so that they can keep Danielle. Ashley loves the idea & says it's smart.

Ashely told Jani that if she won HOH, she'd put up Frank/Shane.

3:10am BBT:
Jani told Wil about her talk with Ashley and that if they (Wil or Ashley) win HOH, they need to get rid of Frank, possibly by backdooring him. They agreed that Jojo needs to go this week. Ashley was there as well & pointed out Ian is slipping under the radar and will need to go at some point.

And that's it for the Overnighter!! I'll be back tonight to open up the chat room & post the link to watch tonights BB epsiode! But before then, I'll have a guest blogger take over to keep y'all updated on today's events.

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hummingbrd said...

Jamie ,I am so so sorry to hear that you have to go thru a surgery ,I have lit a candle for you and will be praying for your recovery! YOU are the BEST BB BLOG OUT THERE :)
We are thinking of you ,get better soon :) Lottsa love and respect coming to you from Seattle

MommaHil said...

Jamie, your blog is the first I run to every day. I really enjoy your writing! But this isn't about BB. I feel your pain of your GB (gall bladder of course). I went through the same thing when I was 41 (long time ago!) so I know the procedure is even that much better than it was then. I had it removed laparoscopically. 3 days later I was climbing up many stairs inside one of those huge navy ships on a private tour. I had hardly no pain at all. It will be so much better for you after you have it done! No more pain and being uncomfortable! So have no worries, everything will be fine! Just get better fast! Lots of people enjoy you! Thank you for doing what you do! Get well (last exclamation mark!)

Jamie F. said...

I agree with co mentors above. I'm praying for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery!! Don't sweat the small stuff!

Gross said...

Jamie, don't take the percs on an empty stomach!
They can make you nauseous!

Stay hydrated and rested. You're in my thoughts!!!

Cutie pie said...

Sorry to hear about uR prob. I'll pray for u for a quick recovery I miss u already lol

James said...

God Bless Jamie, wish you the best.

James D.

daryl42 said...

Hope all goes well & you have a speedy recovery!

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