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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! :D I'm back a little earlier than planned but hey, that's okay, right? ;) The afternoon has filled with Britney & Wil working out, and just about the rest of the HG's laying out tanning and/or swimming .Lazzyyy dayyyy. Kinda feels like what Sundays normally are in the BB house.

Let's see what's happening on the live feeds!

1:39pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

The girls are getting ready to join the rest of the HG's tanning and talk about how they need to get Dan's team, and then Dan, out of the game for "when" the vets get to enter the game and play for themselves. (**Note: This has not yet been confirmed by CBS, but Brit & Janelle keep talking about the vets being able to play the game at the some point.)

Brit & Jani head outside & join the others poolside.
Meanwhile, inside...
Dan/Wil/Jenn/Boogie/Kara are having a fun chat at the dining room table.
Boogie asked Wil what kind of guy he likes, and Wil said a "GUY guy", with personality, and a little older, and a good sense of humor.

Wil: "I dunno, depends on the person."

Kara said she's ready to "settle down". Wil said she needs to met his brother because his brother treats women really well.

**I missed the convo, but just saw on Twitter that Willie  told Janelle (& I believe Brit was there too) that he is indeed Russell from Survivor's brother. Janelle said he can just tell other HG's that he wanted to tell them he was Russell's brother but that BB didn't have Russell sign a release form so he couldn't talk about it.

2:13pm BBT:
Time for some eye candy!!

And, for the ladies...Franks butt! haha ;)

2:22pm BBT:
Inside, Boogie/Dan/Willie/Wil/Shane/Ashely/Britney/Kara are all talking about teen heart-throbs like Kirk Cameron back in the 80's and how Justin Bieber is now.

2:54pm BBT:

Willie joined Danielle in the hammock and asked her "what the word on the street is", but Britney said she'll talk to him later, and Willie said he wants to ask her something too, but he'll ask her later and wants her to "be honest". She said okay. Kinda pointless convo. lol Fishies cut in & out, too.

Britney, aka "Debbie Downer" lol, then started talking about her father and how he was controlling & an alchoholic. She started telling Willie stories from back in the day about her & her father and how he said "I hope when I get to Heaven, I hope I forget I ever had a daughter."

Danielle: "I haven't really talked to him since (then)."

Willie said they'll talk later but that he's "not safe next week" & scared because he can't play for HOH.

Willie: "I just wanna know that..I have you."
Danielle: "You have me 150%..let's go upstairs. I'll be up there in like a minute."
Willie: "Ok."

Meanwhile, Frank talks to Shane to make sure he's okay & not going home this week & Shane said he wants to work with Frank at some point down the line.

Note: They talk about how the coaches have their own competition every week & whoever wins, can give some sort of pass or immunity to one of their own players.

Shane, again, tells Frank he's good and not to worry. Frank says he hopes that there's a "trade" with coaches at some point so that he can break away from Boogie.

Jojo, Kara, and Shane...PRANKSTERS!! They put lotion in a condom and placed the condom in the shower for an unsuspecting houseguest to find. (**Omg I'd be so grossed out. lol)

Shane & Jojo then wanted to go get a pair of Ian's underwear and put Icy/Hot lotion on the crotch part, but BB quickly put a stop to that...

BB: "Shane, stop that!"
Shane: "Ok!"

3:10pm BBT:
HOH Room
After going around in circles, and not sure what either of them are trying to really say, Willie gets to the point & asks Danielle if they're still gonna be cool, if Kara ends up going home.
Danielle: "Are you saying this because Kara IS your target?"
Willie: "No, just in case she goes home. I was pushed into this position.."
Danielle: "I'm not coming after you, no matter what, ok? I'm gonna vote to evict Frank, not Kara."

Willie is basically covering his butt with Danielle because Kara is going home and he doesn't wanna piss her off.

Danielle: "If I win (HOH), you're not my target, you're fine."
Willie: "Ian cannot win next week!"

Danielle agrees.

Britney & Janelle keep interrupting their talk. Britney seems irriated that Willie & Danielle are talking alone. Willie said Britney always thinks that people are scheming when they're talking alone.

Willie says they should wrap up their convo because Janelle & Brit are just gonna keep interrupting them.

3:27pm BBT:
And then we finally get a shot at the coaches suite! First time I've seen it. (It's the room that Pandora's Box is every year.)

Back to the HOH w/ Willie & Danielle...

Danielle told Willie that it's in his best interest to get Frank out because Frank said he's gunning for Willie in the next 3-4 weeks, while Kara wants to work with Willie like her (Danielle) is.

They wrap up their convo (finally) and head downstairs.

Meanwhile on the backyard patio
A minute later, the feeds went to fishies and when they came back, Boogie was awake. :P

3:41pm BBT:
A look at the feeds:

Joe is cleaning out the fridge, throwing away old food.
Other HG's are outside, chatting about non-game related stuff.

And that's my cue! While the house is calm, I'm gonna cook some dinner & eat, then I'll be back. :) Need to know what's going this very minute? Then, my friend, you need to hurry up & get your 3 day free trial of the live feeds & see what you're missing!! ;)

Stay tuned...

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Zachary Richardson said...

Yeah he did, it was right before the Brit and Janelle bathroom convo...

hummingbrd said...

Hello Jamie , I am a new feed watcher , Why do the feeds go to fishes in the middle of conversations? Is it because they don't want us to here what they are saying at the time or is it my computer or technical on there part ? Thank u for your time girl between the feeds and your blog I am in BB14 heaven !! :)

jack jr said...

if frank stays he and boogie may just coast till the end!!!

Anonymous said...

The more I hear and see about the coach twist, the more Im hating it. Just to start the fact that a coach decided the first HOH and evictee already screwed the contestants. It makes sense those coaches will be able to play the regular game maybe...I didn't think $100K would be enough of a prize or 2k a week or something would be enough (BTW< DOESNT ANYONE HAVE JOBS ANYMORE - COULD YOU GET 3 MONTHS OFF FROM YOUR JOB? PROBABLY NOT!!!) If they get to go back in the game, it will suck - Because they will know things about the contestants that they probably wouldn't have told them. Id like to see one contestant FIGURE OUT that might at least be a possibility - But Im really hating the coaches - I m so f-in tired of seeing the same contestants over and over and over. BB is starting to lose me

Scott said...

I'm with you sajam600. The only reason to send Kara home over the more competitive Frank serves only one agenda Brittney's & Janelle's. hope the HG's wake up and start playing the game for themselves.

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