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Friday, July 27, 2012

Coaches Comp Results + Nominations!

Happy Friday Night, guys & gals! :D Just a quickie post on this lovely Friday night to let y'all know what's going on inside the BB14 house. (The Olympics are on tonight in case you guys in BB land forgot! lol)

The feeds came back on from trivia at 5:27pm BBT (8:27pm EST).

The Winner of the Coaches Comp is:

Janelle saved:

The Have Nots that I know for sure, are Joe & Ian.
The Have Nots food for the week is Salmon & Cereal. (**Lucky! lol)

Ian won $3,000. 
Sounds like Boogie might have won $6,000 (from a comment he said in the HOH room.)

The HOH door for the past hour has been like a revolving door. Everyone trying to save their butts from the nomination block. Boogie tried like hell to keep Frank off of the block. Will it work? We will see!!

7:20pm BBT:
Feeds on trivia! Time for the Nomination Ceremony!

Nominated for Eviction are:
Joe & Ashley**

Stay tuned...

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ashley h. said...

guess we will see if Dan threw another comp.... I really dont like Janelle, but im glad Wil is safe!! thanks Jamie!

Cutie pie said...

Who's the HOH Shane of Brit lol

Anonymous said...

Brit continues to coach her team to make strong strategic decisions. After wasting week 1 eliminating Kara they can waste week 3 even more so eliminating Ashley haha. It's been 3 weeks and Brit's team has controlled 2 as HOH yet they've eliminated Kara and potentially Ashley while somehow losing 2 players in Willie and JoJo despite not being in power only 1 week lol. Can't wait for the Boogie and Frank laughing "phone call" DR about how Shane was dumb enough not to come after him this week.


Anonymous said...

Oh thank goodness they might be getting a real threat out of the house this week. Ashley really has been shakin the house up since day 1... >.<

Anonymous said...

I agree Brian. He needs to backdoor Frank ... Which he won't

Anonymous said...

Do you think he'll backdoor Frank?

Anonymous said...

Do you think he'll backdoor Frank?

Anonymous said...

Haha ** insert sarcasm here**

Anonymous said...

I can write the DR script for Boogie and Frank right now:

Boogie: Man Frank nightmare scenario for you. You're the biggest threat in the house and you tried to get Shane out last week and now he's HOH so you gotta be the target now?

Frank: No actually Joe's the main target

Boogie: Well surely you have to at least be the other nom on the block with him right?

Frank: No actually it's Ashley.



Scott said...

MEMO TO: CBS Accounting
FROM : Allison Grodner
SUBJECT: Winner Check BB 14

Please write a check in the amount of $500,000 to Frank Eudy.

It seems the other players have decided to hand over the game to him.

Sorry for another season that sucks.


Anonymous said...

Hahahahahs. Soooooo true!?!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Boodie's team untouchable?! Shane needs to grow a pair and put his players on the block!! Have they forgotten about Ian and Jenn??

ashley h. said...

ashley?? what is going on? they need to make some big moves as jojo would say! haha

Thorn105 said...

REally not liking this season. I am SOOOO sick of seeing old BB players in there. That is so not fair to the new players, and this season's twist blows. All the bb fans in my house voted, and we made all 10 votes "NO!" to the coaches coming in - (that's 100 votes from friends and family), but I know they will more than likely do it anyway. This whole season has been quite the snorefest. Evel Dick claimed there was no way CBS would do that - guess he doesn't know everything after all. He also swore that if CBS DID let the coaches play, he'd never watch again, so let's see if he means it. LOL Bets anyone? Will Evel Dick REALLY stop watching BB and making money on his interviews or not? (Yes, I'm kind of sick of ED, who has long exhausted his 15 minutes of fame IMO - I find him almost as boring as this season of BB, but still love Jamie's blog:D) Hope you're feeling better Jamie!!!

Jessi said...

Here is my thoughts on how the coaches can potentially come back into the game...
Each Coach has to battle the evicted players from his/her team and whoever wins enters the game. If a coach has no evicted payers, they automatically enter the game. This would place four players into the game and works with the timeline of the show.

Scott said...

Works for me regarding Kara. Since Dan throws everything anyway then she could come back.

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