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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Evening in the BB House (Post Live Eviction)

WOWZERS!!!! :-O What an episode!! Okay, so the power just totally shifted in the house, from the Untouchables...which consists of Shane/Danielle/Willie/Jojo (at least for now, we'll see who jumps from that sinking ship) being in power last week, to the alliance "Diversity", which is everyone else. This is definitely gonna be an interesting week on the live feeds!!!

Speaking of the feeds...while the feeds were blocked today before the live show started, apparently Willie almost got into a fist fight with Frank.

Let's dive into the live feeds for a little bit tonight....

7:11pm BBT:

Willie told Brit that if she won the coaches challenge, to not save him. He'll save himself. He also said that he knows she wouldn't trade him. Britney didn't say a word.

7:20pm BBT:
Arcade Room

Britney: I wish he'd keep his friggin' mouth closed. When he went on his tirade, he lost Ashley.
Shane: Frank is on cloud 9
Britney: i dont blame him
Shane: oh yea, he deserves it.

Britney hopes she wins the coaches comp. (**Wonder if she'd either save Willie, or trade him.)

Jojo enters.

Britney is blaming Willie for losing Ashley's vote today.
Jojo: "Maybe Willie does need to go...if he's gonna put me in a bad situation, ya know.."

Jojo said that Willie played "too hard, too fast" & now they're in a really bad place.

Britney asked Jojo to get Willie for her. She does. Before Willie enters, Brit talks to herself.
Britney: "I have to win this...I have to win this."

Willie enters.

Willie: "I know I'm goin' home, it ain't no big thing!"

Britney said she's done defending him. Willie said he didn't "come here to play with a coach." & that he's a big boy & can handle his own.

Willie: "I love you Brit, but I had to defend myself..where I'm from, that's what you do."
Britney: "Well that's not how you play Big Brother."

Britney: "You're doing a terrible job! (..playing this game)"
Britney said that if Willie wins POV, then either Shane or Jojo is going home...and it's all because of

Willie: "You can still win this game, trade me off your team! You could trade me off your team. And I'm gonna still love you! Because you're doing it for you! I want to win, I wanna be here..."
Britney: "I tried so hard.."
They're going back & forth on what Willie went wrong: Britney says it's from him saying stuff that pissed people off in the house. Willie's defense is that people took what he said and made it worse.

Britney: "But it would've never happened if you would've never said anything."

Long silence.

Willie: "We're in a bad spot. I feel bad. And you can't make me feel any worse than I already do."
Britney: "You can feel bad as you want, and it doesn't change anything."

7:46pm BBT:
Britney is still laying into Willie. Being sarcastic, blaming Willie for ruining her game, and Willie said he's the one thats going home & to get rid of him, but Britney said she's still upset at "the way things are".

Britney: "I'm gonna spend at least another hour being upset at being in this spot."

Willie tells her to do whatever is best for her, and he'll do what's best for him & that he does care about his team. Britney said because of Willie, his team is gonna pay...and it's all because of him.

Britney gets called into the Diary Room.
They hug & Willie says its okay & to do whatever she has to do.

7:50pm BBT:
Arcade Room

Willie told Shane about his talk with Britney and about how he told Brit to trade him if she wants.

**There's soooo many convos going on at the same time, hard to pick out which ones to listen on in!

I'll go with...

Frank/Wil/Janelle/Boogie in the bathroom.
Boogie/Janelle wanna win the coaches challenge so that they can keep the teams the same. Then they talk about how they wanna tell Willie that if he wins POV, then they'll just send another one of his team mates home.

Janelle & Boogie bash Willie, calling him a bully and a jerk, and then do some celebrating about the votes being 5-3 and how happy Boogie is that Frank is still there.
Ashely is there with Boogie/Janelle/Frank. (Wil left the bathroom.)

Britney comes in. She said the backyard is still closed off.
Talk turns about the HOH room & Brit talks about how BB has to get releases from the people in the pictures.

Boogie & Brit bring up the fact that Julie Chen never talked to Willie alone in the HOH room like they normally do. Brit thinks it's because they had too much footage of all the fighting from the week.

8:17pm BBT:
Dining Room/Kitchen Area

Joe is preparing dinner for everyone, as he does every night.
Wil & Jojo is helping.

Jojo: "Do you know where the peeler is?...oh, thank you."

8:19pm BBT:
Talk is about the HOH comp. They thought Ian would've won that comp, surprised he didn't.Frank said he was so nervous being in the comp & how he was just taking it all in.

8:27pm BBT:
Sneakers Room

Dan said he's "sweatin'" this coaches competiton. He wants to win it. Frank said of course he wants to win it because if Britney wins it, then she'll trade Danielle for Willie, knowing that the house is gunning for Willie, and get Willie out...then Dan (since all his team mates would be gone).

Janelle joins the boys.

Frank: "We were just talkin' about how Britney cannot win!"
Dan: "I'm not gonna lie, I'm nervous.."
Janelle: "I think if Britney wins it, she's gonna do that though.." (**what Frank said.)

Boogie enters.
**Joe is making turkey tacos, btw. :) Boogie mentioned how good they're smelling. lol

Boogie wants to threaten Britney that Shane will go if she wins the coaches comp & trades Willie. Dan doesn't wanna get rid of Danielle. He doesn't wanna trade her.

8:41pm BBT:
Britney is laying into Willie again.
Willie keeps saying he's sorry & that he truly does understand where she's coming from & that he loves her. She keeps going off on him.
Jojo said that they (as a group) are not "dead" yet and that Willie is not "dead" yet in the game, so to stay positive. Britney agreed.

Britney: "If I'm being too hard on you (Willie), I really am sorry. I'm just upset."

BB: "Houseguests, the lockdown is over."

8:52pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Both are talking about how they don't like that there are "coaches" this season. Willie mentions that he hopes nobody goes home because of him. (*If he ends up winning the POV.)

8:56pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Dan said that even though he's moping around the house, he's only doing that because he can't show how happy he is...he is very confident in Danielle and tells her that she's actually in a great spot right now. Danielle says she's scared that Britney will win the coaches challenge and trade Willie for her.

Dan said they need to think of a way to tell Britney that if she did trade Willie for Danielle, that she (Dani) would sabotage her team & throw every comp, etc.

Talk turns to how Danielle/Kara traded secrets before tonights show. Kara told Dani that she's a playboy bunny, and Dani told her she's not really a teacher..she's a nurse. (Dan already knew.)

Okay boys & girls, I'm outty for the night! Meet me back here in the morning for The Overnighter! If you're watching BB After Dark on Showtime, or the live feeds, then you'll get to see Frank get his HOH room! It seems like it's gonna be a night of game talk and paranoia. I love it!! ;) G'dnight, y'all!!

Stay tuned..

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stephanelson said...

I don't get why Brittany and Willie are sitting in the arcade room isolating themselves and bickering, go be social, its not helping, all the two of them are doing are going back and forth.

Mark Camilli said...

Okay, so the guy who spoiled the whole mentor twist, Missyae i think, is now saying that whatever happened when Willie was up in HoH is some special power that is going to guarantee him safety this week. That is also why he's telling britney to not save him if she wins the coaches comp. Hmmm, interesting! What do you think?

Jamie said...

ehh i think they are well aware that no matter what they do, willie is screwed this week. lol :P no point in trying.

JE said...

If Dan wins the CC he should trade Nat for Wil.

Thenakedcanadian said...

So Willie is called out "(tattle-taled) by Frank for mocking, yet now it's ok to bash him? And his boring speech on bullying (pretty sure threatening Brit would be the same) means nothing with how they are acting now. This show always heads for Boringville after moves like this. Who are they going to focus on once all their supposed villians are gone? They are never smart enough to know keep someone everyone hates that way you look golden.

Kim M said...


I agree. All the bashing of Willie by team Diversity and their coaches is pretty hypocritical when they are doing the exact same thing - mocking the choices of others and threatening Britney into doing what they want.

Willie certainly isn't an angel and has made some bad choices in the first week, but so have many people from the other side.

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