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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Meet 9 of the BB14 Houseguests!

Happy 4th of July!!!! :D Please remember to keep your pets SAFE & INDOORS, perferably with some background noise (air conditioner, tv, or radio) to help keep'em calm! And please don't drink & drive!

Before y'all get your 4th of July party going, take a moment to meet 9 of the BB14 houseguests via 2 *new* Big Brother commercials.

1 HG is Russell Hantz's (from Survivor) brother Willie Hantz, and Kara Monaco is is a Playboy model.


And here's a video of another BB14 houseguests, Wil Hauser..he's quite the character! lol

Come back tomorrow morning when the FULL Big Brother 14 cast will be revealed at 9am PT / 12pm EST!! Until then, enjoy your 4th of July!! :D

One last thing, if you still didn't get the 'Early Bird Special' yet, then you might want to get it now while ya can! Time is running out!!

UPDATED: I was gonna post these 2 videos earlier but took them down, but someone was smart enough to snag theYouTube links off the pages before they got deleted and reposted them in twitter land! :)

OKay, here's the 2 interviews that were leaked this morning:

Stay tuned...

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AlienMando said...

Ahhh! So excited to be tracking your blog for the 5th year in a row now I think! Favorite time of year!

Jamie said...

Thanks for joining me for yet another BB season, Alien!! :D Nice to see ya back!!

Trevor said...

None of these clips are working for me :(

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