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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House

Hello everybody and welcome to the Afternoon post!! :D As suspected, the HG's woke up a little late (some either woke up & went back to bed, or just never woke up at all yet as of Noon BBT. lol)

This morning/early afternoon has been filled with the whole Ashely "Frank & Ian have a Final 2 Deal" thing from last night. Oh, and Joe has been up cooking already. He said he's going to make a BB Cookbook, and I'd definitley be interested in reading that after seeing him make this morning...
Carrots with Olive Oil, pepper, and I believe thats red pepper flakes as well. Looks yummy!! (He's just prepping for tonights dinner.)

Okay, let's move on with the day & see what's going on inside the BB house!! (**My drama senses are tingling today, so be prepared! hehe)

Currently on the live feeds...

11:49am BBT:
Backyard Patio
Ashley/Jenn (others coming & going)
Ashley said that things were blown out of proportion yesterday with the whole Ian/Frank Final 2 fiasco. (**If you missed that, I covered it all in the Overnighter, which is just 1 post down! :)) Ashely said that things exaggerated in the house and she's just gonna stop talking. Jenn said she didn't blow anything out of proporation. (*She didn't. She simply said that Ashley was crying in the bathroom and that during her crying, she mentioned that she thinks Frank/Ian have a Final 2 deal.)

Jenn offered to talk in private, Ashely declined. Twice.
Jenn went inside and told Janelle about her convo with Ashley outside.

Janelle said she hasn't talked to her for a while but that she'll talk to her.
Jenn went to go upstairs to talk to Frank, but Janelle/Joe told her that Frank is blogging in the HOH room, so he's not available right now. Jenn walks back downstairs and goes into the Have Nots room to tell Shane/Jojo about her convo with Ashley.

After venting to Jojo/Shane, Jenn then makes her way towards the sneakers room where Wil is laying down.
Wil, who is already anti-Ashley, is bashing Ashley for being the one who cried & said that Frank/Ian have a Final 2 deal. Nobody is blowing that out of proportion, Jenn just said exactly what happens. Wil then calls Ashley immature and talks about how they weren't sure about how she was gonna vote (for Kara or Frank).

12:32pm BBT:
Wil/Jenn are still talking. Jenn said she just wants to drop it and let it go. Wil is doing a little Ashley bashing.

Jenn: "I know you're gonna just go and talk to her.."
Wil: "Are you kidding me? All she's gonna do anyways is flat out deny it. And if she wants to act like an immature child, that's her issue Jenn. She made a big mistake and she's trying to put the blame on you, which is really unfair."

12:40pm BBT:
Jenn said that the whole situation could have been put to rest if Ashley would have just talked to her in private. Wil agreed.

Wil said that his lips are sealed and he's not gonna go running around talking to people about the Jenn/Ashley thing. Wil leaves to go outside to workout.

12:42pm BBT:
Frank: "Photoshoot time!!" (*HOH Pics!)

Frank heads outside to take pics.
**If you missed last week's HOH pics, you can go to to view them! :)

 Britney & Shane...
1:03pm BBT:
East Coast girls, Ashley & Jojo...
 Danielle & Shane do a cute & goofy pic together..
Ian is outside alone.. :(
Someone (couldn't see or hear) comes out and says it's time for a group picture.
Ian: "Oh yea yea yea! I was just enjoying a puddin'."

Ian heads inside.

Group picture time!
Dan hugs Wil pre-picture..
Wil: "Aww besties!!!" (*lol)

 The group pic...
My favorite..a goofy group pic! (This just might be my new desktop image! lol Love it!)
And that's it for HOH pics!! :)

Back to the game...

1:14pm BBT:
Sneakers Room

Joe is about to lay down to take a nap. Jenn is talking about how Ashley didn't wanna talk in private. Joe said that Ashley is nothing but an attention seeker. Jenn thinks that Ashley not wanting to talk to her will only hurt her game.

1:17pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Britney is asking Ian how flies eat. (**lol) Ian said that he thinks just with their mouth, like a dog would.

Britney: "You're eating a lot of pudding today. Do you mix up the flavors?"
Ian: "Yea, this is breakfast/lunch.."

Britney asked Ian if he's gonna go on a 2nd date. He said they were supposed to but never did. Ian tells Britney about the whole Ashley/Final 2 Frank & Ian alliance deal fiasco that happened yesterday.

1:31pm BBT:
HOH Room

Boogie & Frank looked through the HOH pics on the cam.
Frank got called to the diary room (to return the cam).
Janelle said it's time for a nap.

1:44pm BBT:

Jani/Ashley lay down in Franks HOH bed and they start talking about what happened with the Ian/Frank final 2 fiasco. Ashely said that she was just venting. Jani's advice is to blame it on Kara (and her eviction speech, which she mentioned something about a final 2 deal between Ian/Frank.) Ashley was blaming it all on Jenn.

Frank comes in.

Janelle asked who they should get rid of this week. Frank said Jojo. 
They talk about how dangerous it'd be if Danielle won HOH this week.

Pixie & Trixie nap..
Frank is on his way to workout.

Dan/Ian are in the pool.
Britney is poolside.
Not a whole lot of talking is going on.

Stay tuned...

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m said...

Am I the only one that is tired of Jenn running around about this? So Ashley didn't want to talk to you, get over it. Jenn is complaining to everyone in the seems to me that she's seeking just as much attention as Ashley is.

Kelly said...

Jamie, what is going on? HOH blog and pictures is supposed to be Wednesday. Do you think BB is planning to evict someone tomorrow, and prerecord it.

Anonymous said...

I agree, i have a question though. I watched BBAD last night and was wondering who told Ashley that the only reason Janelle saved her was to make her feel like part of the team? i feel like no one in the house said it to her and maybe it was from the DR?

Anonymous said...

I watched BBAD last night and was wondering who told Ashley that the only reason Janelle saved her was to make her feel like part of the team? i feel like no one in the house said it to her and maybe it was from the DR?

Anonymous said...

Jamie, I've been reading your blog since BB11. You do such an amazing job!
So I've been thinking for a few days about the coaches' key slots. Say Jojo and Shane convince team Boogie to vote out Danielle with Frank being the tiebreaker. Would Dan have to leave out the door with her? I don't think so. Maybe the first 2 or 3 coaches to have their team eliminated get to come in the game instead of leaving with their last player. The coaches nor the players would know this until one team completely dissolves. After Julie would announce such twist, it may create a mutiny between the remaining coaches and teams if the coach wants $500k instead of $100k

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