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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tonights BB Episode

Good evening BB fans!! :D Well, we missed a couple of things on the feeds, so let me hop to it and break it down for y'all.

*Jani wanted Willie to be a tie-breaker vote to evict Frank on Thursday because it would "make great tv!", but Willie said it'd make him a bigger target.

*Jani/Jojo are taking a bubble bath & talking game.

Oh, and in case you missed Jojo saying it yesterday, she's currently telling Jani that she "can get any guy she wants!" & she Danielle "gets on her nerves".

Alright, that's it for not but I'll do a quick before-bedtime post after the show is over! It starts at 8pm EST! :D See y'all in the chat room!

Stay tuned...
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