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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House + Veto Ceremony Results

The feeds went to trivia at around 11:10am BBT, which means it's time for the Veto Ceremony!! Shane is NOT expected to use the veto. However, right before the feeds switched off, Joe told Janelle about Frank trying to make an alliance with him (Joe) and how Frank said he wants to get rid of Willie & Shane, even though Frank has an alliance with Willie. Janelle said they have to Willie that Frank is lying to him, and boom..feeds went to trivia. I suspect some drama on the feeds today!! :D *fingers crossed*

Currently on the live feeds...

12:14pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

The Veto was:
Not Used
Lots of convo's going on!!

I'll stick with Brit & Willie in the HOH room...
Brit is telling Willie that Frank is not trustworthy. Willie asked who is more trustworthy: Frank or Kara, Britney said neither of them, so you have to get rid of the better competitor, which is Frank.

Shane enters the HOH room with Brit & Willie.

Britney: "Good job today, Shane!"
Shane: "Stuck to the plan."

Britney just told Shane about Frank trying to make other alliances. Shane said he doesn't trust him.
Jojo enters.

They're all talking about who to trust, not trust, who should go, what they should...they wanna talk with Kara and "pick her brain", Jojo wants Kara gone because she's scared of Dan.

Britney: "It's good we've seen (Franks) colors.."

Britney wants Frank to go.

12:27pm BBT:
They're all talking over each other, but it's clear that Brit & Shane want Frank to go.

Switching feeds to...

Boogie/Kara talking. Boogie just asked Kara if she'd be his date for his birthday party tonight. (**What the heck? lol)
Kara, who was super uncomfy with the question, said she'll think about it. (*Haha!!)

12:32pm BBT:
Arcade Room
Britney said that it's important for Team Britney & Team Janelle to stay tight with each other.

Britney: "I think Frank needs to friggin' go!"

Janelle said that Kara will be rattled for the HOH comp & Boogie will go off if they make others believe that Kara is going & then vote Frank out.

***For the record, I'm pretty sure Frank never went to Joe and offered an alliance. It could be Joe making HG's do what he wants them to do. lol Would be long as he doesn't get caught. ;) Remember, he went to Janelle last night and told her to get Frank out. Now this will seal-the-deal that he goes.

12:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Willie told Kara she's "in a good spot", as far as being safe this week. He asked her who she'd put up on the block if she won HOH, she said Ian & Jenn..she wants Boogie out.

Willie asked if he would be safe, Kara said yes.

Willie: "I'll do you a solid this week (& keep you safe), you do me a solid & keep me safe next week."

On another feed, Ian asked Ashley out on a date and SHE SAID YES!!! lol Awwww! :)

Britney: "You sealed the deal today, Ian!" (**Atta boy!!)

Seems like their date will be tonight around 8pm BBT. :)

Meanwhile, Boogie is making a fool of himself by pushing for a "Brigade" alliance (like Lane/Enzo/Hayden did in BB12). If Frank goes on Thursday, then there goes that idea. lol

Frank & Willie talk in the Storage Room while putting ice cube trays in the freezer.
Frank told Willie about Boogie wanting a brigade alliance. Willie told Frank to just lay low for a couple of days and they'll see what happens. (**Pretty sure Willie doesn't trust Frank for crap anymore. He was very stand off'ish.)

**Note: Kara doesn't wanna "go on a date" with Boogie. haha! She told Dan it's awkward being around Boogie now.

1:23pm BBT:
Music is playing in place of the feeds audio. Grr @ production. :\

1:35pm BBT:
Still BB music over audio. I'm giving it 5 more mins before throwing in the towel & heading to the gym to get in my pre BB episode workout. lol

1:40pm BBT:
And I'm outta here!! lol I just got word that the last time this happened (not sure what season it was), it happened for 10 hrs. Ummm yea..I'm gonna go now. lol :P I will be back tonight at 8pm EST in the chat room to watch tonights episode with y'all & then I will blog for a little bit before I go to bed. Now go out & enjoy your afternoon!! :D

...Or you can get the feeds & hope that the music will stop looping! haha! You make the call. ;)

Audio is fixed yay!! But I'm on my way to the gym, so I'll just see y'all in a couple of hours!

Update 2: 
Looks like a chill afternoon in the BB backyard...

1:59pm BBT:

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Carl Mack said...

Hey Jamie, your blogs are awesome, I have followed since BB11. I have a question for you relating to the feeds.
I purchased them for this season, and when I got onto my laptop this morning(What I watch the feeds on) I got to the Superpass site, and I seen this:

I have no idea what to do, I have tried using a different web browser, restart my computer, and even tried emptying files on my laptop like the site said if I experienced any problems. I don't know what to do. Do you have any suggestions?

Jamie said...

Hmmm i have no idea sweetie :( I never had that problem. I'd contact support on the support page. Let me know if you need the number!

me281 said...

how can they not get rid of frank... he is the physically strong player!!! he is buff and they will regret this.

me281 said...

how can they not get rid of frank he is hugely physical dude!! they will regret this very soon....

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