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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House (POV Comp Results)

Good afternoon/evening to all you BB addicts! Okay, so shortly after 2pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means that the POV Comp was ready to begin! Who will win the POV? We shall see!

Just a heads up, this coming Thursday, expect 2 things: (1) the coaches to possibly join the game & (2) definitley expect an endurance comp, which is my personal favorite to watch on the feeds! :D Love those endurance comps!! And if the coaches are able to play, I suspect a very long endurance comp (and I mean hours and hours long! lol) If you wanna test drive the feeds, you can! They come with a 3 Day Trial so you can see whatcha been missing & what makes us true BB addicts. ;) You have never truly seen BB unless you've had the feeds!! So try'em out!

When the feeds come back, I will post the spoiler below.

Winner of the POV is:

Currently on the live feeds...

4:17pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

While we wait...
1) You can watch Jeff (of Jeff & Jordan lol) interview Jojo on YouTube.
2) Vote in the new poll on the right side! (just for kicks! ;) )

Feeds are back!!

4:17pm BBT:
HOH Room

Feeds came back as Britney/Danielle/Shane were in the HOH room talking. Shane said he's a bigger target now for winning. Danielle said theres a lot of tension downstairs. Britney said she wants to hide from Janelle today. (*lol)

Britney: "Wil was being such a piss poor baby! I am so over him! He's so bitter! It's so embarrassing."

Britney said that it's time that Wil and Janelle not be in a sing-song mood anymore. She said she's sick of them braiding hair, eating, and singing all the time.

Shane said that Joe's coming home. Shane looked at the camera and apologized to Joe's kid, but that he "has to go".

Britney: "..they're shakin' in their boots!"

4:23pm BBT:
Sneakers Room

Janelle doesn't know what to do now. She complains that she's still so sore from yesterdays coaches comp.

Wil: "At least Shane can't compete in next weeks HOH comp."
Janelle is pretty sure there's gonna be a twist this Thursday.

In the Arcade Room, Danielle/Ashley are still wearing their costumes from the pov comp.
(They're not talking much at the moment, just overhearing all the HG's talking about the comp in the background.)

4:28pm BBT:
Back in the HOH with Shane/Britney.

Shane: "Joe's gotta go this week. Get the snitch out. He didn't last 3 seconds in that comp!"
Britney: "I wonder if we're gonna have our Sushi party tonight."

Britney: "We need to get Joe's recipes before he leaves on Thursday."
Britney wants Joe's slop recipes. She recommends they watch him cook it before he leaves. 

They look up and see Janelle is coming up.
Britney: "Oh sh*t."

Janelle: "Can I talk to you Brit?"

Janelle is throwing Frank under the bus and defending Joe.

Britney: "I'm not convinced that your players (Jani's) wanna work with Shane."
Janelle: "Oh, they do!"

Shane and Britney aren't buying it.
Wil enters.

They're going back & forth on why who-did-what. (**There's no way I can transcribe this. lol)

4:46pm BBT:
Ashley enters.

4:54pm BBT:
Janelle/Will are justifying why they've done what they've done in the game. Britney and Shane undertands and that they went to "higher ground", while they had to "go down with the ship", in reference to Willie.

Shane said there is a lot of time between now and Monday (VETO Ceremony), so they'll see what happens.

Shane: "If we do go ahead and do something, we need your word that I'm safe."

Janelle takes off her wedding ring as proof (..Britney/Shane aren't taking it the ring...) that they have her word for 3 weeks on working together with them.
They decide to work together and go after Boogie.

Talk turns to about Ian and how he's "attached to Boogie". Ashley said that Ian told her that he tells Boogie everything & how Ian came into the house to be a villian, but everybody ended up liking him.

5:30pm BBT:
HOH Room
Boogie is saying that he, and his team, wants to continue to work with Shane and that he loves Frank/Shane working together and that America wants to see 2 alpha males at the end.

**Annnnd that's it for me on this lovely Saturday night! There's gonna be a lot butt kissing to Shane, the HOH & now POV winner, so you guys will have a lot to watch tonight on the live feeds!! Enjoy your night! :D  (as I'm typing this, Frank just joined the HOH with Shane/Brit.)

Stay tuned...

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hummingbrd said...

Hello Jamie I hope U feel better soon! If there is a endurance comp will we see the feeds or will it be on trivia ? I was shocked to see Shane and Dani laying so close today whats up with that lol are they together did I miss something LOL ?
and 1 last thing Who do u want to see get veto and go home this week ?
Thanks again for all you do EVEN WHEN U ARE NOT FEELING GOOD ! YOU ROCK :)

Jamie said...

thanks Hummingbird! :D

Hmm Id love to see Joe go home, personally. :P Other than that, I wouldn't cry if Jenn left either. She hasnt really done anything so far in the game.

How about you? :)

And YES we see the endurance comps live on the feeds! :D

hummingbrd said...

YES I so very much agree Joe should go HOME :) and Jenn is very much riding on coat tails in the house for sure. I can't wait to see how this plays out, And I LOVE SEEING HOW DOWN JOE IS AND TRYING TO PLAY I AM GOD HERE ME ROAR! :) I just want to tell him TO SUCK IT! ROTFL

sherri griffin said...

Jamie, I'd also like to thank you for all the updates!! ;-). Do you want to see coaches come back in the game??? I don't just because I feel it's not fair that the "players" have done a lot of what coaches have wanted them to do & they haven't played their own game due to teams! Also the coaches have had a months free ride & that's not fair!!!

Scott said...

Wow I see Joe is as popular with every else as he is with me. I don't ever recall seeing such a lopsided pool. LMAF

Jamie said...

lol 91% to 9%. Hilarious!!

Umm..on one hand, i DONT want the coaches to play. At least not all of them. But on the other hand, I DO because the game needs a huge twist right now. I dunno. One hour, I'm pro it. The next hour, I'm against it. I see both sides of the coin.

Trenon Whitey said...

Hope you feel better Jamie

Jamie said...

Thanks Trenon! :D

Anonymous said...

Man has Shane gotten super cocky or what? Based on his attitude I guarantee you he won't win and I can almost guarantee you that someone who he doesn't want to win and who will make him change the noms will win. It almost always happens that way. The feeds will come back and him and Brit will be up in the HOH upset and worried scrambling trying to figure out what to do next. He's about to get slapped with a much needed reality check I feel and he'll deserve it.


Kelly said...

I personally was hoping for Joe, Wil or Ashley to win just so one of them would come off and Shane would have to put up Boggie's team. I'm rooting for Shane and Danielle but I really think its in their best interest to get a member of Boggie's team out. There more of a threat IMO.

James said...

Even if Shane is cocky, he is won bad ass competitor for sure. I recall anyone ever winning 3 POV in a row and one HOH, plus helped Britney's team win the 1st HOH. Unfortunately for him, that makes him the ultimate target and a long shot at the win. He would have been better of throwing this POV.

So if JoJo is not in sequester, I see no way the coaches could not come back, They need more players at this point, too many weeks left.

James D.


ZierbM said...

I am so disappointed with this season. Britney is a terrible coach and they are making a terrible decision by keeping Frank off of the block. They should taking this opportunity while they have it. Once the coaches enter the game in Thursday there is no way Feank and Boogie will break from their alliance and Shane will be the first to go. I wish I could just shake him!!!

Lee said...

I have a question. What is that brownish drink Britney keeps downing in those large mugs?

Jamie said...

I think its iced coffee lee...

kelsey said...

I love Shane and I wish him and Danielle would start showmancing already lol I thought they were going to lastnight lol it was funny because the dr kept calling Britney in the dr and Shane and Danielle was in there alone lol but joe has got to go... I personally think Shane can trust frank more than joe... Joe needs to stop putting the kids card out there... He already swore on them geez what else lol he needs to take his cooking with him, his job needs him lol Shane is bad ass... I've never seen somebody do that in the first couple of weeks with 3 POV's and 1 HOH which should have been 2 HOH's and it would be that he have won all the comps but 1 lol that is legit but he is a target... He gets my vote for America's player even if he wins :))

Lee said...

Ah, ok! No wonder she is always buzzing around then!

Franknstan:) said...

So I think I'm addicted to this show... I am actually blogging about it- lol:-).
Basically, I think that there's still so many variables at this point- but after watching tonight's showtime BB after dark, I am no longer happy with the way Danielle is playing this game- she is too obsessed with Shane and not focusing on the fact that this is not a dating show- yes peeps have found love- but they both need to leverage other relationships right now. It was hard to watch how insecure she got about Shane not paying any attention to her after the spin the bottle kiss....Shane's behavior did seem like he was purposely trying to avoid her- but for game purposes. If anyone in the house other than Danielle gets HOH next week, it will be both Shane and Danielle on the block. It's obvious. Danielle needs to pick up her game and be a better competitor, the showmance will never develop unless she becomes a powerhouse in comps too.
As for coaches coming into the game, I'm with you guys- it needs a twist, but it's not entirely fair, but who knows they may become main targets (which Shane and frank could benefit from).
As of now I'm team Will or Shane. :)

superbecca said...

Anyone know where those mugs come from? I want those giant clear coffee mugs!

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