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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning everyone & Happy Friday to y'all! :D The weekend is here w00t w00t!! Yesterday, Frank won the title of HOH for this week, and Julie Chen dropped a bomb on the house by saying that which ever coach wins this weeks coaches challenge this week, gets to either save one of their players, or they can trade one of their players with any other team. This is leaving Dan & his only team mate left, Danielle, worried. They're worried that if Britney won, she'd trade Willie for Danielle..knowing darn well that the house is after Willie and that would take Dan out of the game.

But don't be so fast to think that Willie is a goner just yet! Last night before I went to bed, I heard Boogie mention the idea of maybe gunning after Shane instead this week. Boogie thinks that Willie "take himself out of the game". I'll cover that in todays Overnighter.

Okay, let's see what happened last night on the live feeds!

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9:40pm BBT:
Kitchen Area
Frank/Joe/Wil/Ashley/Ian..then Jenn & Danielle
Talk is about who to nominate this week. They're thinking Shane/Willie, with Willie as the target. Danielle joins them. She tells them she's with them and will vote any way they want her too and that if she wins POV, she won't change the nominations. (*They'd put up Jojo as the replacement nom.)

9:50pm BBT:
Janelle said that the last HOH comp before Jury is always endurance, which would make it next week.

**NOTE: Lance Bass said on Twitter that CBS canceled the rest of BB14 houseguest interviews this season, so he thinks they might be starting Jury already.

Janelle has joined the group. Talk is about what if America voted Willie back in the game at some point. Jani doesn't think that'd happen because he's "an a**hole".

10:20pm BBT:
Britney told Jojo that if she won the coaches challenge, that she might trade Willie for Wil, but that'd piss off Janelle. Jojo said that Jani deserves it.

10:30pm BBT:
Living Room
The guys compare notes on the game so far..Boogie thinks that Frank made a big mistake by telling everyone that Willie "mocked" Wil (*which we all now know that Frank blew that way out of proportion.), but that it actually worked to Franks favor. Dan asked Boogie if he would have done the same thing he did with Kara..which is to tell her to lay low and wait to campaign. Boogie said he would have done the same thing.

Talk turns to about how Jenn was pissed at Boogie for not waking up during one of the BB-TV news alerts and that he didn't do it intentionally. (**Not buying it. lol) Boogie mentions how Jenn was mad at Frank for farting in bed.

Boogie then told Dan that if he (Dan) won the coaches challenge, that he wouldn't mind if he took Ian away from him. Boogie then said that he'd almost rather take out Shane this week. Boogie said he's gonna tell Britney to not think about trading any of her players with them (Boogie or Dan), but they wouldn't mind if Brit traded someone from Janelle's team.

10:50pm BBT:
Britney has joined the boys.

Boogie picked Britney's brain to see if she would trade any of her players, and if so, who she would trade for. Britney said she's been thinking about it, and thinking what would be best but still not sure. Boogie starts kinda threatening her (in a nice way) that he wouldn't mind seeing Shane leave before Willie.

Boogie: "..I'm gonna be up there (in the HOH's coaches suite) all week anyways. I can tolerate another week (of Willie). Food for thought. You have the jerk (Willie), and then you have the big physical threat (Shane)."

Britney: "You're suggesting that I shouldn't trade, and that one of my players will be going home & I can do nothing about it..That's ridiculous!"

Dan squirms in his chair.
Boogie: "Well, I'm just sayin'..I'm just thinking outloud."

Britney says that in the coaches group, she feels "very, very out of the loop" and that her back is against the wall. Boogie said he felt that way in the beginning. 

Boogie: "You have three players. Janelle has three players. Your group went after mine. Her group saved mine. There is a vengeance factor. The obvious choice isn't always the best choice. 

Dan: "I'm not going to trade."
Britney: "How am I the only one with people to nominate this week?"

Boogie: "What just happened with Janelle's team. I think it would be suicide if Frank nominated any of her team. And Dan's only got one player."

Boogie said they'll cross bridges when they come to them. (Other HG's keep passing by.)
Boogie: "Too bad all 4 of us (coaches) couldn't be a team."
Britney: "I'm in a real bind."

11:25pm BBT:
Willie & Ian had a talk while shooting a game of pool. (**I like Ian for Willie as a friend. Keeps him calm and level headed.)

Willie asked Ian if he heard anything about nominations, Ian (lies) and says no & that he's been kept in the dark. Willie said he just hopes he gets to play in the POV & not get backdoored.

Ian: "I hate backdooring."
Willie: "I'll just ask (Frank) point-blank if he's gonna give me a chance to fight."

Frank gets his HOH room, Ian/Willie can hear the cheers from the backyard. They both go inside to see Franks HOH room.

**Live Feeds Update: As of 8:50am BBT, all HG's are sleeping.

11:26pm BBT:
Frank: "Who wants to see my HOH roooooom?!"

The HG's decide to get Ted (the house Teddy bear lol) to join them in the HOH reveal.

A pic of Frank's HOH basket:

Boogie got a picture of his baby.

His letter:
"Hi Frankie, I hope you're having a great time making new friends! (*Everyone laughs*)...Even Dad is tuning in, and you know that's not his cup of tea!"...

(**His dad is Sid Vicious, a former WWF wrestler, and Frank said yesterday that he never told his dad he was going on the show.)

Willie left to go smoke outside, but gave Frank a bro-hug before he left. (**Aww.)

12:11am BBT:
Hot Tub

Joe: "..and I hate to say this but, we're going to have to think of when we have to get Frank out."
Wil: "I'm not gonan even think about that unitl..(inaudiable)."
Joe: "Yea." (**Frank has been HOH for like 2 hrs. lol Not very smart to say, especially if Wil tells Frank.)
Joe: "But you know it's gonna have to be done."
Wil: (looking disinterested) "Yea."
Joe: "I'd rather it be sooner than later."

Wil changes the subject.

12:20am BBT:
HOH Room
It's a meeting about "Operation: Get Willie Out". They talk about how they need Britney to NOT win the coaches comp and that if she does, they know she'll go for Wil and Jani said that they'll tell Wil to not pick him because otherwise he'll just throw every comp, etc.

**HG's are now waking up at 9:18am BBT. So I'm gonna wrap this Overnighter up very soon. :)

*Danielle told Jenn that she really likes Shane but disappointed he's still siding with Willie.
*Willie told Jojo that if Brit wins coaches comp, that she will save Shane, and it'll be Willie/Jojo on the block together.
*Dan asked Frank about maybe getting Shane out this week instead of Willie, but Frank is set on getting Willie out & that he does not want Willie on the jury.
*Ashley told Danielle/Shane that she'd vote Ian out of the game (when the time comes).
*Ian wondered why Britney seems to get so upset over Willie, Jani said it's because Brit is friends with Willie's brother, Russell.
*Janelle told Joe that she's scared Brit is gonna win coaches comp & trade Willie for her Wil.
*Joe asked Janelle if she'd trade any of her players, she said "NO!"
*Janelle wonders if Brit won coaches comp, if she'd trade with Dan (Willie for Danielle) knowing that Willie is this weeks target, then Willie would go, and so would Dan.

*Janelle confirms that today is the Coaches Comp!! YAYY!! :D 

*Joe told Janielle that they gotta get Frank out soon & that if Shane won HOH next, he'd go after Frank and that way, Jani's team wouldn't 'have blood on their hands'.  They both then go to bed.

And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D I'm gonna stretch a litttle bit & then dive into the morning post!

Stay tuned...

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Scott said...

I voted for Team Willie for 2 reasons-1 I just don't like Frank and 2 Joe's goodbye message to Kara last night was just plain mean. I'd like to see him gone ASAP. The other school of thought going around is that one or more of evicted players will be brought back - so Kara fans she may not be done just yet.

Anonymous said...

Cancelling the interviews could also mean that the next evicted HGs have a chance to come back into the game. Maybe do it through the coach's challenge where similar to this week the winning coach gets to choose to keep 1 of their players safe or bring an evicted HG back and give themselves another player and thus another shot at the 100K.


Anonymous said...


I think Kara's gone cause Julie didn't say anything to her about not being done yet and having a chance to come back. So I think if the evicted HGs are given a chance to come back it'd start with whoever goes this week. Could be wrong maybe just didn't want to let the cat out of the bag yet we'll see.


TonyaB1027 said...

I would love to hear Russell's opinion of his brother's gameplay thus far.

bbfan27 said...

If the coach comp is endurance... Do you think they would show it on the feeds?

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