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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday in the BB House

Good afternoon everybody!! Today, I have a guest blogger to take over for me as I rest up from last nights E.R. visit. The Overnighter is up (scroll 1 post down), so if you have not yet read it, please do so & get caught up to speed.

I will be back tonight to open up the chat room for tonights BB episode (which starts at 8pm EST) & I will have the link for the east coast showing so that you west coasters can watch along with us! Tonights episode *will* feature Willie's eviction, according to Allison Grodener via Twitter yesterday.

And now, without further ado, take it away SuzieQ!! :)

Afternoon in the BB House w/ SuzieQ:

Guest blogger here!  Let's get to it!!!  :)

Approx. 11:30am BB time - 12:15 (and beyond)
Most HG's are sitting around the table having some form of breakfast or another.  Shane had his protein shake, others just coffee, Frank made something to eat.  They are all just talking about random stuff.  Dan & Danielle are sleeping.  Cameras aren't showing where Joe or Boogie are.  Brit gets called to Diary Room but is back quickly.  Dan & Danielle wake up & join the others.
Ahhhh, Boogie is in the HOH room watching all of the others on the monitors!  Eavesdropping, one might say!  LOL! He is observing, studying.  He does this for quite a while, then eventually he goes to the kitchen to make himself some breakfast.
A few tidbits of convo:
* Ian tells how Willie said he never read the BB manual.
* They are talking about kids TV shows and shows they used to watch when they were
   younger.  (this goes on for what seems like forever!) 
   Ian said that Winnie from “Wonder Years” is a physicist, was on cover of  mens magazine (not sure if I
   can mention it here)  So if you ever wondered “What ever happened to Winnie, now ya know! 

12:19 BBT 
* Shane says he didn't use the POV the last time because he didn't want to go against the Head Of Household's decision. (and he said of course he'll use it this time to save himself)
* They are remembered today's date, and Dan speculates how the Batman movie is probably out now, and probably with a special Thursday night viewing.  (probably the only people in the world who don't know about what happened...)

(LOL! So, I've learned to NOT copy/paste from a word processor, because the spacing & fonts end up strange!  Hang in there with me! )

Janelle & Joe just joined the others in the kitchen.  Everyone's there, random chit chat.
* Dan tells how was being offered a job at his alma mater, but got to the process in the hiring process that he had to make a decision about taking it or doing BB.  He will stay at the school where he has been, and he says he likes it.  He tells of how some kids don't have enough to have breakfast and how he would discretely slip them a protein bar. Brit tells of a "backpack program", where people donate non-perishables to the school, and some kids would get a backpack of food to take home for the weekend.

The group is starting to break away from the table.
Shane was called to the Diary room.
Ian is being asked what he does during summer break from school.  he says he goes home to Pittsburgh, doesn't work at a summer job.  he swims in his backyard, bikes 15-20 miles/day, watches BB on TV/feeds/Showtime.  Boogies says how that is a part time job; Brit adds that now it's his full time job.

A group is in bathroom area, buffing, plucking eyebrows, other maintenance.
(Janelle, Frank, Ashley, Jenn)
The house is on lockdown.  Janelle asks Frank "So why are we on lockdown?"  Frank says because there was music outside.  (not sure what that means, but there you have it!)
Most HG's in the bathroom area now.  Boogie asks for the toenail clippers, and when he gets it, he says "Preesh" (sp?)  This years' new cool word!  LOL!

Dan & Dannielle are in the game room lounge.
Dan is reading (the bible, I think); Danielle is playing that black box 'n ball game.  No talking.

Joe, Frank, Boogie in the kitchen/table.  Talk is about Willie:  Boogie says how the intro for tonights show  may be "Someone leaves the show... Tonight, on Big Brother" (about Willie leaving).  Joe said he did what he tells his son to do in those kinds of situations.  Boogie says he set a good example for his son.

Boogie joins Dan & Danielle.  No game talk. (I'm switching between bathroom & game room chats, and everytime I go to Dan/Danielle/Boogie chat, there is no game talk.)

Shane & JoJo in bathroom area, talking game.
Shane believes he is going soon (not this week - he has POV) and how the rest of the house has the numbers to vote him & JoJo off, and how it stinks that Willie put him in this position.
Joe tells of another theory:  that when it gets down to 8 players, there may be another twist, where each of the 4 coaches gets 2 players.  (not sure where that came from)
JoJo says she thinks it's going to be all guys at the end.  Shane wonders if the coaches will be part of the jury.

2:24pm BBT
Janelle & Brit in the sneakers room, Frank & Boogie in HOH

Brit doesn't think a HG can return (missed her reason as to why)
Brit stealth-whispers something to Jani that I can't hear, but it starts with she requested something from BB.  Jani replies something about the big contract, feeds got to fishes for a moment.
Brit believes if the game as structured "as is", she is screwed because of Willie. 
They seem to be trying to think if there could be another option of the game changing. (a twist)
Brit doesn't think BB wants the game to continue with the coaches as originally set up because it's too predictable.  Jani thinks a twist and a shake up with coaches game will happen, not this week, but next.
Talk of possibly putting coaches in the game.
They say how with the number of players left after week #2, BB can't start having jury members at week #2, so there must be something that will change the way the game will be played.
 (update - this was 2:24 BBT, not 3:24)

Ooooo, here's a new idea from Brit:
Brit asks Jani, what if they are already playing in the game now?  What if the coaches comps are going to count later to decide which coaches go into the game?  Hmmmmmm........
Jani says if only 2 coaches come into the game, the rest of the house would target them, and it would 2 against the house - that wouldn't be good.

2:20pm BBT (using flkashbacks) Frank/Boogie - HOH room
Frank throws out an idea that Jow came up with:  That the winner of the comp gets to trade a whole team.  Boogie doesn't think that will happen, that his team would go from 3 to 1.  Frank says that could be something like that.  Boogie says if BB did that, he'd press the button & leave.  Frank says Joe brought that up from thinking of the term "coach" and what coaches normally do.  They both seem to think that a coach may be able to bring back a player.  They continue to talk about the possibilities about keeping or not each of the players.
Ian enters.  He speculates that based on past seasons, when the show had a something unique like the golden key, it only lasted a few weeks then changed.  he thinks this coaches thing will only last a certain number of weeks, then will be changed up in some way.
Boogie says to both Ian & Frank that their game & Boogie's game are all in alignment with each other.
They all agree Ashley is not a threat, that she is someone you want to be next to at the end because she won't win it.  Boogie suggests Ian bond some with Shane (they have both been a Have-Not).  Shane will remember that Janelle put him in those Have-Not beds for a second week, and is likely to not side with her but maybe can side with Boogie.
(**** Ian is looking even MORE like a cutie with some facial hair!)

Joe said he is taking pork rinds and making them into some kind of meatballs as part of the dinner for the Have-Nots tonight.  (impressive!)

At some point while I was watching the flashbacks of HOH room convo, the lockdown was over.  Back to live feeds and some HG's are outside getting ready to play bocce.

3:30 BBT (approx)
Janelle & Frank note how Boogie is napping.... again!  They both comment on how much he sleeps.  (yep, we noticed that too!)

Jani & Ashley (aka Trixie & Pixie) talking in the kitchen, alone. Hard to hear thru the food crunching.
Ashley said something about trying to make someone fall in love with her to get close to him (and possibly his info?  Not exactly sure about the details, just the gist of the idea)

Ashley let Janelle know how Shane was upset about being a Have-Not for 2 weeks now, especially the bed.  Jani said she told Shane she's sorry about the Have-Not thing. (Ashley notes that he would have done the same thing, that anyone would, it's game strategy.)
Some HG's are outside, tanning.  Boogie is in the D.R. 

And..... I'm going to wrap it up, at least for now.
It's almost 7pm my time (EST) and the show will start in about an hour.  Unless I hear otherwise, I'll be blogging about the live feeds while the show is on, while Jamie is in the chat room.
Thanks everyone!  :)

Stay tuned...

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hummingbrd said...

Hello I have a question I was wondering if you (or Jamie ) will be able to get the run down of the interview evil dick had with the Hantz brothers (Willie inc) I was on his web page and he seems to be charging ,If it is something that can be found can you please help us hear what was said . :) good luck with the blog I am sure you will do awesome ,you must be a great friend to help Jamie.... Way to go :)

Trenon Whitey said...

Thanks for post SuzieQ, give our best to Jaime

Drea said...

Jamie or ie SuzieQ-great fill in and thanks for helping our girl! Hope she gets better soon ! just wanted to know when you post the site for the "west Coast" viewers, can that be seen from the I-pad? Lap Top won't turn on. Go figure#%{^}

LilyPearl0560 said...

Hope you get better very soon Jamie. Gallbladder surgery is a lot less invasive then it used to be. :) Great job SusieQ, Thanks for helping out.

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