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Monday, July 23, 2012

Morning in the BB House

Good morning & welcome to your Monday morning!! Yea I know, Monday's suck. I feel ya. lol :P You're probably wondering why I'm skipping the Overnighter today, that's because BB just woke up the HG's (a little early there, aye BB??), and it'd take me forever to get caught up for the day if I did the Overnighter. So I'm just diving into the Morning post instead.

Today is the Veto Ceremony!! w00t! Shane, the POV winner, will take himself off the block. The plan all week long has been to replace Shane with Danielle, however, Shane told Jojo that he's gonna try to get Frank to put up Wil as the replacement nom & in return, he'll have Danielle, JoJo, and Shane on his team & at the point, they will have the numbers to take out Jani's team.

Overnighter Quickie:
Last night, we found out that Jojo is bisexual, Ian smoked a cigarette & said that he wants to "rub one out" when he wins the HOH and has privacy (I will not be looking forward to that at all! haha!),  Jani's team wants Jojo out but will vote the way Boogie's team wants them to. (Boogie's team wants Jojo out, too.)

In other news, Danielle told Dan that her great grandpa invited laundry detergent and that her parents are very well off. She said that her mom also spent 10 yrs writing a computer program. She doesn't like telling people her life story because she hates that people think she doesn't have to work for anything.

9:16am BBT:
Just like Shane said last night, he's trying to get Frank to Wil up as the replacement nom (and voted out), and in return, Frank would gain Shane/Jojo/Danielle. Frank thinks its a good idea, but might be too soon. Shane wants the coaches twist to end already so that they can play for themselves.

9:27am BBT:
Talk is about Joe and how he'll go where the power is.
Frank said that Joe's being a "stage 5 clinger". (*lol)

Talk turns back to the replaement nom. Shane said that he'd have Danielle on his side next week and would keep him safe if she won HOH. Frank pretty much shoots Shane down because he feels like it's too early to make that kind of move. Doesn't wanna burn bridges. Shane thanks him for letting him get things off his chest. They shake hands. Convo ends.

9:41am BBT:
A look at the Quad Cam (no game talk going on)..

10:17am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Boogie said it's the most anti-climatic veto ceremony today. Frank feels bad for the girls that have to get all dolled up for the cameras.

Franks gonna try to take a poo. (**too much info! lol)

Britney joins the patio crew.

10:22am BBT:
Ashley/Britney talking about how girls have a hormone that makes women get attached to a guy after they have sex. While with most guys, they just see it for what it is.

Dan said that his wife waited until she was married. (**Awww!! That's awesome!!)

Joe said his father said "You try on a pair of shoes before you buy'em, right?"

10:36am BBT:
Most HG's are waiting on the patio couches. Talking non-game. Current talk is about smart phones, technology, etc.

10:45am BBT:
TRIVIA!!! Veto Ceremony time!
(**Shane will take himself off the block, Danielle will go up as the replacement nom. No shockers today.)

11:42am BBT:
Feeds are back!! Danielle is nominated.

**I will be back to blog the afternoon/early evening in the BB house.

Stay tuned...

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Kim M said...

As much as I like Wil, backdooring him and getting Shane/Jojo/Danielle on his side could be a good move for Frank. I don't think he'd ever go for it though.

KathyC said...

Don't think for a minute that production didn't help "fan the flames" to get Willie all riled up. Lord knows what they tell them in their DR sessions. Drama = ratings and you can bet they want all the drama they can get with this seemingly dull season. Brit is a fierce competitor - maybe not a great coach - but I am still waiting for some hilarious DR messages from her. I remember how funny she was in her season. There appear to be new people at BB - whoever is doing the editing is not in touch with the fans.

Kelly said...

Jamie How are you feeling today?

Kelly said...

Jamie How are you feeling today?

Anonymous said...

@Kim M
Be careful with the terms you use about Wil or Frank will start spreading it around the house that you're homophobic. Haha


Anonymous said...


If that's true about production it certainly backfired on them. They got a couple episodes of Willie fights and had to throw him out of the house and are now left with nothing.

Don't see Brit as being a fierce competitor whatsoever quite the opposite actually. Judging from last season with the Brigade and this year with Willie getting the boot she just seems to curl into a ball and accept defeat when the chips are down. And she's not really a challenge champ either as the couple she won her 1st season were luck based and this last one that was built in her favor being short she had a good lead early and choked fumbling the money.

She had very funny DRs her 1st season but I don't see her coming close to living up to that for a number of reasons: 1)sequels are rarely as good as the original because of having expectations to live up to 2)she's down here early and like I said with her personality she's not gonna be in a joking mood and more moping, crying, whining and complaining 3)she doesn't have anywhere near the source material to draw comedic commentary on as she had in a house with Rachel and Brendon.


Kim M said...


Touché! :)

Jamie said...

Kelly: not so good. very short of breath, trying to jump through hoops to get insurance. not fun. :( thanks for asking though! super sweet of ya.

Anonymous said...

The only one I want to see go is Jo Jo - I don't like her attitude and as for being atractive - I've gotten more aroused fishing for my keys. The others I really can't empathize with one way or the other = unfortunately the ratings seem to agree.

Kelly said...

Jamie I thought Obama's bill means nobody can be denied health care. Of course I'm Canadian so I only know what I hear on the news.

Jamie said...

You're right BUT..that doesn't take effect until 2013 or 2014 :( So until then, I'm screwed. There is a federal insurance program that i can do..its pricey though. $200/month with $1k deductible. The insurance in this country is a joke.

Lee said...

Camera 1 around 11:35 Brit coming down on JoJo for talking about sex so much and how it's ruining her game.

KathyC said...


I couldn't disagree more! I believe Britney IS a competitor! She may not always win, but she battles and fights hard. I think this coach's thing has her baffled - she just doesn't know how to coach and is feeling out of sorts. She definitely needs something to feed her comedic talents - and without Brenchel, she'll have to find someone to mock - still early - I'm not counting her out yet.

I don't think the Willie drama backfired at all - they got what they wanted out of him and showed him the door - just maybe a little sooner than they hoped. Someone else will step up to the plate or they'll piss off someone with a twist that seems unfair.

Anonymous said...


Or if Obama loses reelection and Romney wins it probably never takes effect at all.


Lynn C said...

Hi Jamie, I noticed it a few times that the little Twitter icon at the end of each post doesn't work. Just thought I'd let you know!

Love your blog by the way. I've been following for several years!

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