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Friday, July 13, 2012

Morning in the BB House

And we're off!! :D The HG's have been up (how, on such little sleep, I don't know! lol) but don't fret, y'all haven't missed a beat!...if you have already read the Overnighter, that is.

The HG's are waiting around, waiting for the POV Comp to start, currently talking non-game.

OKay, let's dive into the morning post, shall we? ;)

Currently on the live feeds...

10:39am BBT:
Quad Cam
All HG's
Downstairs in the living room, is Boogie/Dan/Jenn/Ian/Shane...Frank just joined them.

Up in the HOH room, Britney/Wil/Joe/Jojo/Janelle.

10:45am BBT:
The HOH chatter is switching from TV shows (such as "Rock of Love" w/ Bret Micheals) and dresses. Fun chatter. :)

Downstairs, Shane and Ian are missing from the couch-crew. They're all talking about YouTube videos. 

10:49am BBT:
Willie just joined the HOH room crew.

**Having technical issues...anyone else having trouble with the pop-out player?

11:13am BBT:
All HG's still waiting for the POV Comp. Willie wonders if it'll be a question comp, not a physical one.

11:15am BBT:
Living Room

Ian & Jojo are talking (non-game) in the living room. Current topic, Family Feud. :P

11:17am BBT:
Kara/Wil are stretching & talking. Kara said she's taking everything in, and how everyone else feels safe and she doesn't, and she's trying to "put it out of her head".

Meanwhile upstairs, Frank and Willie have a quick talk about how they're getting rid of Kara (unless she wins the POV of course) and how it sucks that she's so sad about it, but Willie had to put 2 people up, it's the game.

They then head downstairs, hoping Kara didn't see them talking.

11:24am BBT:
Cams 1 & 2 are on Wil and Kara stretching, still.
Cams 3 & 4: Willie/Danielle in the bathroom. He's telling her that she needs to "try to win".

Danielle: "I know. And you can tell when people don't try."
Willie agreed. Dani tells him she doesn't want him to think that she's not gonna try, he says he doesn't think that.

**I don't miss how production drags out the time before POV Comps. lol Come onnnnnn, BB!! Let's get this comp started!! :P

11:35am BBT:
All HG's are roaming around, in a good mood. Ashley is in bed, still in pain from her back injury. :(

11:36am BBT:
Cams 3 & 4 switch to Danielle & Kara in the Have Not's room, talking. (**Anyone else annoyed at how much these girls say "like"?? lol)

Danielle thought maybe Kara was mad at her, Kara says no & seems genuine about it & then Kara said she's just in a "bad place" (with being on the block). Kara said that Wil scared her because he said that Jenn or Danielle would be the replacement nom if Frank won POV and how that's freaking her out. Danielle thinks she (Dani) wouldn't go up..Kara agreed & said that she thinks Jenn would be the replacement nom and they'd keep Jenn over her (Kara).

Kara said that Wil told her he's gonna fight hard for the veto and if he wins it, he is NOT taking her (Kara) off the block, because he doesn't wanna have a target on his back.

Kara: "I'm just afraid Frank's gonna win!"

Danielle thinks it might be a puzzle comp.

**Basically, Kara is freaking out. lol She thinks she has a better shot at staying with Frank beside her on the block, more than anyone else. Danielle said she WOULD use the veto on Kara if she won it & saved her.

11:54am BBT:
Have Not's Room
Cam 4

Danielle is telling Dan about her talk with Kara.

A few minutes later after their talk is over, Dan & Kara meet in the bathroom and Dan gives her advice if she wins the POV, to not do anything...put on a poker face. Don't make a big scene about it. He tells her to push her tongue against her upper teeth as hard as she can and that will keep her face emotionless.

He hugs her & says he sees she's ready to fight. She says she is.

Then fishies on the feeds! POV Comp time??

12:10pm BBT:
Still fishies, but not trivia yet...

12:14pm BBT:
Okay, I'm calling it & guessing it's finally time for the POV Comp!! Starting a new post!! :D

Stay tuned...

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Zachary Richardson said...

Jamie what video player are you using?

hummingbrd said...

Good morning Jamie I have a question I am hoping you can help me with? Why do they put fish on the feed screen (right when they are talking about good stuff ) LOL!Is it my connection or is it a technical thing or a big brother thing? Also this is the best ever I totally agree with you your blog (WITH) the feeds is the best ever! Have a great big brother day :)

Zachary Richardson said...

Jamie, what video player are you using this season?

kelsey said...

I agree with you hummingbird... I have though about the same thing lol its always with good stuff and yea... I like the feeds and this blog because when im doing something, I cant watch the feeds so I come on here and find out what ive missed and this is my second year having the feeds and im totally hooked now lol

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