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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Sunday Funday to y'all!! :D I just woke up at 9:40am Central Time (I'm in Wisconsin), so give me a few minutes to turn my brain on and brew that all-important cup of coffee lol :P Last night I was up till nearly 2am CT tweeting with y'all & had a blast! I'll be doing that again in the near future...just kinda sucks for when I have to get up early, so it won't be an all the time thing. Oh, and if you didn't see, my cat made his debut appearance last night on Twitter. lol ;)

Okie dokie, give me like 20-30 mins to get my day started & then I'll start the Overnighter for y'all!

**Noteworthy: I missed this convo yesterday (it was right before I started the morning post), but Frank/Boogie were talking on the patio couch yesterday morning & Frank said that he's telling people he's distancing himself from Boogie (even though he's working with Boogie), & getting info from other houseguests & other sides of the house. Boogie is thrilled about Frank's sneaky ways.

The Overnighter:
A majority of the night was spent with Janelle thinking..obsessing..over anylzing who should go home this week: Kara or Frank. At first, Janelle & Britney thought by getting Kara out, it would leave Dan with only 1 player on his team (Danielle), but then Janelle started thinking 'Wait..Frank is a bigger threat, Kara is easy to take out, maybe we should get Frank out now.' DING DING DING!! ;) Today is the Veto Ceremony, where Shane is expected NOT to use the veto & keep nominations the same. After that, I'm sure we'll see more "Who should we get rid of this week?" talk. But let's see what happened & when last night on the feeds.

10:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brit & Jani used bobby pins to map out "What if" scenarios of who to evict, when, etc. They kept saying that they think they, the vets, will be able to play the game at some point, so they tried to figure out for their own game play who would be better to go home & when. They went round & round, with no final conclusion, other than it looks like Jani is more for Frank going home, while Britney wasn't 100% sold at the time.

11:58pm BBT:
Storage Room
Boogie told Frank that "they" (Janelle & her team) are starting to lean towards getting rid of Frank, so they have "a lot of work to do" to save Frank from eviction this week. Boogie mentioned telling Willie that once you take out big targets, people will start coming after other big targets in the game & bigger threats in the game, with Willie being one of them. Boogie said this is a way to play off of Willie's ego, to get him to see that Frank staying would only benefit him in the game.

Boogie told Frank to work on Jojo & Shane, and those 2 will talk/convince Willie, as Boogie keeps talking to Willie himself..since Jojo and Shane do whatever Willie tells them to do.

12:05am BBT:
Frank talk to Willie to see where he stands.

Willie: "I can get anybody on the bus, I just need to..know that you're real. Ya know what I mean? Cuz I hear a lil bit of this, a lil bit of that.."
Frank: "At this point...I told you several times that you can trust me .."
Willie: "Yea.."
Frank: "But we have a knock Dan down to 1 person."
Willie: "Yea..I'm good with..(keeping you here), I'm just sayin, I keep hearin' people say 'what's goin' on? blah blah blah', I'm good..I believe you. You're gonna stay. You cannot put me up on the block, or backdoor me. You can do whatever you wanna do (with other houseguests), but..I think me and you can go really far in the game together. I just don't wanna do something and it backfires on me."

Willie said that if Frank stays this week, he's putting all his eggs in Franks basket. Frank said he'd put Danielle up next week if he won HOH. They continue to talk but the point of the convo is that Willie is sold on keeping Frank & just wants to know that he's gonna be safe if he keeps Frank in the future. And around 12:35am BBT, Willie told Frank about being Russell Hantz's brother. (Janelle, Britney and Shane already know as well. Willie is gonna eventually tell all the HG's while he's HOH so that they don't overreact and get pissed at him for not telling them in the first place. He thinks being HOH will soften the blow.)

1:30am BBT:
Have Nots Room
Kara vented to Dan about being sick of Danielle & her complaining about being a Have Not and how she "does nothing" (referring to cleaning up) and how she "acts like a little princess" & doesn't do her own laundry. Then they talk about this weeks eviction & how if Wil, Joe, Ashley & Danielle all voted fir Kara to stay,  & the other 4 voted to keep Frank, that would make it a tie & Willie would be the tiebreaker.

And that's it for the Overnighter!! :D It is worth pointing out that Shane/Danielle had a little flirtfest last night. Dani offered to share a bed with Shane once they're not have nots anymore and told Shane she's a bit of a cuddler & asked if he would cuddle back. Shane said he'd spoon her. Awww. ;) lol But don't forget, Shane is a flirt with just about every girl in the place & gives out a lot of backrubs. So this may be nothing. Time will tell.

Okay, give me a minute to stretch & I'll start the morning post! :)

PS This is way off topic, but I just had Tim Hortons coffee for the first time this morning..a gift from my boyfriends aunt in Canada via snail mail..& I must say, this is some damn good coffee!! lol :P Okay, I'll be back in a bit!

Stay tuned..

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Alexander Shanks said...

If Jani and Brit are right about the mentors being put into the game (Probably are). Do they really think if by some chance they take out both Dan's players, BB wont make some twist that puts Dan in the game regardless? There is no way they would just let him go like that. Frank is going to run that house if they don't take him out now.


Michelle said...

Tim Horton's ROCKS!!

Jamie said...

it sure does, Michelle!! :D Mmm yum!!

Alex: I think Dan will magically stay in the game somehow lol Dan is BB's golden boy ;)(I'm a Dan fan, btw.)

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