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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts!! Happy Friday to y'all! :D Last night, we watched as Jojo left the BB14 house & then Shane get crowned as the new HOH! My oh my how the power shifts in this house this season. Wowzers!

Okay, so with Shane as the new HOH, that means that today he will have to put up 2 nominees for eviction. As it stands, it looks like Frank & Wil will be up on the block, with Frank as the target. But if Frank gets saved (if Boogie wins the coaches challenge today), then that won't be an option. Or Frank could win the POV, too. Plus, if you remember, Shane made a deal with Boogie/Frank last week...but we'll find out if he's gonna go against the plan? Hmm. We'll see!

So on todays menu of house happenings, we have the Coaches Challenge/Have Nots Comp. And then we'll have plenty of wheelin' & dealin' as houseugests scramble their way up to Shane in the HOH room to make promises and deals to keep their butt off of the block this week. It's gonna be a busy day on the live feeds!!

Also, last night, we saw Julie Chen tell us that we could vote on if we want the coaches to play the game or not. If you wanna know my feelings on this, ya go lol...
The ratings, which are in the tank this season, indicate that their coaches twist failed. They have to do something, and there's no other choice except to put in the coaches. This is just my opinion (and apparently the opinion of a lot of other BB fans on twitter). What do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section below or vote on the new poll on the right side of the blog. :)

Okay, I'm gonna go gather up the Overnighter & start posting it. 

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7:12pm BBT:
When the feeds came back on, Dan told Danielle that now it's time to team up with Shane. He tells her that Shane will always be a bigger target than her, and that he'll end up going first. (**Later on in the night, Shane/Danielle make a Final 2 deal together!)

7:55pm BBT:
Sneakers Room
Cam 2
Jenn thinks that Shane could backdoor Frank this week. Boogie thinks that Shane is too "Captain America" to go back on his word.

Boogie said that Joe is really worried and he's gonna "self destruct" this week, so to just play it cool this week. (*Joe thinks that Shane's gonna nominate him & Wil this week. That's why he's worried. Boogie's hoping that Shane will target Janelle's players.)

8:31pm BBT:
Arcade Room
Cam 2

Joe thinks that Frank has a deal with Shane because Frank is acting "way too confident". (**Wil's mic isn't working, very hard to make out anything he's saying.)

BB: "Wil, please exchange your microphone with one in the storage room." (*lol)

8:38pm BBT:
Cam 2

Janelle & Danielle both think that Shane will put up Frank/Wil or Joe.
Ashely: "I don't think he's gonna put Frank up."
Janelle: "Why wouldn't he?"
Danielle: "Yea, Frank put him up on the block.."
Ashley: "I think they made a deal. Please don't say anything. I think Shane made a deal with Frank, and that's why Frank's all happy."

Ironically,  Frank comes through the bathroom singing and in a really happy mood. lol :P
Janelle whispers to Danielle to go talk to Shane.

9:20pm BBT:
Storage Room
Cam 3
Joe & Wil are scared for this week & they don't want Janelle negotiating on their behalf. They wanna play their own game. They both agree to see where Shane's heads at first, before making any kind of deal to keep'em safe. (**Shane told everyone he's not gonna talk to anybody until after the coaches comp today, which makes sense.)

Joe: "I don't think we're his MAIN targets. I think he thinks 'oh well I can beat them anytime..'"

10:20pm BBT:
Cam 1

Shane: "Who wants to see my HOH rooooom!!?! WOO!"

All the HG's go up to Shane's HOH room.
Britney got a picture of her & her hubby, and a letter from her husband.
Brit snuck off to read her letter in private in the coaches suite.

A few moments later, everyone joined her and looked at her picture.

Shane reads his letter from home, from his mom.

Britney then read her letter from her hubby, Ryan.
(**That letter was so sweet from her husband, made me choke up. :) Hope they air that on tv.)

11:18pm BBT:
HOH Room

Britney said that Danielle is the most important vote this week..she's the swing vote.
Dan suggests that Danielle/Shane make an alliance together, but not let it be well known that they're together because otherwise, they will both be up on the block together. They decide to put up 1 person from Boogie's team & 1 person from Janelle's team this week. And have Danielle as the swing vote.

Britney: (to Dan) "It's like our kids are dating.." (*lol)

11:59pm BBT:
HOH Room
Cam 4

Joe: "Do you have plans yet (for noms).."
Shane: "No! I'm waiting until after the coaches comp.."
Joe: " don't even wanna talk to anybody..."
Shane: "I don't want to, um..I mean, I have an all depends on the coaches comp tomorrow."

Shane said that he was in a tough situation last week (being on the block) but that it all depends on the coaches comp.

Joe suggests to take out Frank.
Joe: "What we would be willing to do is, pull the numbers." (aka have the numbers in the house)

Shane: "I'm willing to take everyones thoughts right now."
Joe: "We'll talk tomorrow."

12:45am BBT:
Arcade Room
Cam 4
Dan tells Danielle that Frank needs to go this week. Daneille agrees. (They are stealth-whispering. Hard to make out everything they're saying.)

12:50am BBT:
HOH Room
Cam 1
Danielle & Shane make a Final 2 deal. Danielle then tells Shane to get rid of Frank and that they can beat Wil at anytime in the game.

Shane wants to put up Frank because he put him up on the block last week. But he's scared that if Frank wins POV, then Frank's gonna gun for him next week if he wins HOH.

Shane said that Joe said they'd have the numbers to get Frank out.
Danielle: "Well clearly."

Danielle tells Shane, again, he needs to get Frank out.
Shane: "I know. I just don't wanna go against my word. And I feel like Frank would have my back further down the road.."
Danielle: "But we can't beat him."

Danielle suggests that they have to make the 2 alliances go against each other..Janelle's & Boogies. So to put up 1 HG from each team.

Shane: "I agree. But Boogie & Frank would gun for me."
Danielle: "Or you can backdoor Frank. But that would mean one of us would have to win POV."

Shane said he's not gonna backdoor Frank. Danielle said her & Dan agree to just put him up on the block from the start. They agree that Frank/Wil will go up on the block (...all depending on who wins coaches comp.)

1:38am BBT:
HOH Room
Cam 4

Britney: "He (Frank) put you on the block last week, (so) you put him on the block this week..tit for tat."

Shane said that he thinks he might tell Frank "hey you're just a pawn, we're gunning for Wil" and that if he (Shane) wins POV, he might consider taking Frank off the block.

Britney: "It's very important: you cannot tell anyone 'I'm nominating you'. Because 'bad things' (production?) will happen to you."
Shane: "I know."
Britney: "Okay. Just making sure."

Britney thinks that Jani is gonna be on Shane like "white on rice" this week. Shane thinks that Jani is fake.

Britney: "Oh my gosh, sh*t is about to get crazy."

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D The HG's were woken up not too long ago, so I'm gonna start the morning post in a minute.

UPDATED @ 10:53am BBT: I'm gonna take a bath and relax, guys. All HG's except for Ian (whos still sleeping in the Have Nots room) are in the living room, sharing stories. Nothing to write about it. Plus Boogie (and his ego lol) keep dropping names and making the feeds go to fish. :P I'll start posting after my bath! :) 

Stay tuned...

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Kim M said...

I definitely think the coaches will be entering the game, no matter how America votes. CBS is just trying to play it off like they haven't already decided what will happen.

I wonder what they would have done if they had known that, instead of Jojo, Danielle was leaving last night.

Anonymous said...

I expressed my feelings about the coaches thing last night on the last post (twice even!) Sorry about that actually, I only meant to do it once but I thought the first didn't post! I agree with Kim above though, I don't think it matters how America votes. They need more players & that's the only way their going to make their timeline work out :(
I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who apply to be on Big Brother and they choose these people? I agree with a post I've read on here before. Big Brother needs actual SMART people who can minipulate the house and such like old seasons. Where ate all those people??

Razldazlrr said...

I agree with everyone - they are putting the coaches in the game - they will say that people overwhelmingly voted for it, when I'm betting they didn't. I would probably stop watching this season, if not for this blog.

Anonymous said...

I hate the coaches twist. I also hate when they bring back past houseguest. I like all new. When past houseguest are on the show they focus too much on them and the new people are star struck. I want drama from new people. If the coaches do enter the game I hope the new houseguest team up and get them out.

Nancy said...

Honestly, they need to stop bringing back former house guests. It's getting old real quick. Start off fresh and let them play for themselves. I have to say looking forward to the Canadian Big Brother next year. There will be no former houseguests

Lolli said...

I agree the Coaches thing is failed. It's annoying, and there's not really a lot of benefit to the players to team up and listen to them. I'd like the coaches to come in via Pandora's Box...that way it's on the HOH who released them LOL. They always open it! :) But it needs to happen this week so they don't have any more immunity!

Christine Miller said...

My initial vote was "hell no!" to the coaches entering the game, especially because the coaches are already somewhat expecting that to happen and what fun is that? Like everyone else has already said, we want to see new people playing this game the way they would if they had no influence from previous players, coaches or not. However, I feel like BB really really scraped the pot for a cast this season. I try to think that these people got picked for a reason, out of millions of other personalities, but I just can't see it! I mean, who picks a player for BB who says, "Oh, I'm not that kind of person. You can talk to her, I will just watch and cry?" (danielle!) NO, we want drama and hook ups and back stabbing! I think Janelle and Boogie will bring some of that. Britney is quite frankly annoying, but since she's already there she might as well play. BUT SERIOUSLY BB, SEASON 15 BETTER BE ALL NEW PLAYERS!

...and thats my rant. First one of the season, but I'll be back!

Jamie said...

Im with you guys! And as long as we can get the feeds here America, I will be blogging for BB Canada next year! :D I believe it starts in Feb.

hummingbrd said...

Hi Jamie ,I hope you are feeling better sweetie? Thank u for all you do on this blog and twitter~! I think that it will be a more cut throat game when the coaches come in.There will be WAY more game talk and back stabbing ~ Also I am SO SO SO tired of watching will pick at his hair, I want him to stop pulling at it ,if u notice when he knows the camera is on him he picks n pulls at one spot on his head :) sorry it drives me nuts LOL !

Anonymous said...

Coachez will go in ..look at the numbers..jojo shoulda been first jury unfair since coaches had immunity for several weeks...hating this seazon..and newbies will be too dumb to get voaches out

Anonymous said...

Coaches will go in..BB doesnt have #s..jojo shoulda been first jury. So unfair as coaches have had immunity for weeks..another rigged Grodner production...& newbies will be too dumb to join together and get coaches out first!!!! HATING THIS SEASON & COACHES..dont need 3rd seasons with boogie jani etc...If Grodner & Co cant come up with new ideas, get new producers..even glasshouse chsnged it up a bit

Anonymous said...

Grodner & Co should be replaced next season if they cant come up with good original fresh ideas..maybe they need some glasshouse producers...This season yet another Grodner Rigged Production

Lee said...

I think they need to do something about how unfair it's going to be to the evicted houseguests thus far when they bring in those coaches. They need to have a competition or something between all the coaches, and Kara, Jodi and JoJo, and the 2 winners can enter or something. Make it endurance even. It's just not fair that the coaches have no blood on their hands, and they get a free pass into the game.

I like Boogie's tv quality, but I'm sick of Dan's competition throwing and passive aggressive game play. Britney isn't worth being an all star IMHO. And Jannelle is just meaner than ever.

It would be cool to see Jannelle and JoJo competing again in a twist, as houseguests for some kind of drama I suppose.

They have to do something. Oh, and Dear CBS, STOP HIRING HANTZes for your shows!

Kelly said...

Jamie are you feeling OK? I get your dedication to your blog, but your health comes first.

Maryam kia said...

Question for anyone that knows, is Brittney married to the guy she was engaged to in her season? Also, is Dan married to his girlfriend he had in his season?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie. I am so sorry you are so sick!!! I agree with above poster, your health comes FIRST. I am not terribly invested in BB this year. I haven't connected with any of the HG's to care enough who stays or who goes. I used to LOVE Janelle and Britny but I'm not feeling it anymore. I still watch with my daughter because its "our" thing together and has been for many years. But I can see why the ratings are in the tank this year. I think the coaches should play just to try and add some sort of excitement to the mix. And after this year, I agree...all new HGs for the new seasons!

Jamie said...

Maryam Kia: Nope & nope. lol Not sure what happened, but Dan & Monica broke up after his season ended. And so did Britney and her boyfriend at the time.

Kelly: I'm doing better today (so far! *crosses fingers*) Thanks for asking! :) I still have to have the darn thing removed ...stupid gallbladder. I gotta call the surgeon today.

Masterchef said...

CBS is cowards. Blaming America for letting coaches play. The HG should just walk out in protest that this is not fair, but they'll be told it's what America wants. I will not be watching if coaches do enter game huge fail to begin with. Bigger fail letting them play. Oh well, rest in peace BB. You just killed yourself.

The Archer Family said...

Since you know the coaches are coming in, they should at-least only allow them to come in once all of their players are evicted. Then we can see if the coaches will be trying to get their players evicted or if they stay loyal to them as coaches. Either way, there would be a lot more scheming and backstabbing going on.

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