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Monday, July 9, 2012

BB14 Pool Pic (UPDATED!!)

Every BB season, we get the "Pool Pic" of all the houseguests in their swimsuits out in the backyard by the pool. And so without further ado, here it is!! :D

By the way, those are totally Dan's legs! lol And the 1st female looks like petite lil Britney's legs, too. Just sayin'. ;) The rumor of the 4 mentors being Boogie/Dan/Janelle/Britney is still going strong!

Also, CBS updated their "Guess Who?" webpage today and greyed out Howie & Will..

Danielle (BB8) and Kaysar (BB6 & All Stars) have now been greyed out!!


Y'all only have TWO DAYS to snag up the live feeds Early Bird Special!!! The special ends at 10pm PT on Wednesday night!

Stay tuned...

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hummingbrd said...

hello Jamie ,I wanted to say I am catching up on a big brother I never saw (season 6) and I wanted to cheat so I googled the winner on my phone and its funny on my android phone one of the things that came up was Wikipedia chart and on the Bottom of the paragraph it explains how and who went on to play in all stars ~ THEN IT SAYS ON VERY BOTTOM THAT JANELLE WENT ON TO PLAY IN BB14 YES BB14 APPARENTLY IT HAS BEEN UPDATED LOL I just thought I would let u know so mayb u could see also , I guess we will see ourselves Thursday! ugggg (hurry thursday)

JE said...

Jamie, any insight on what sequester is like for the contestants? How long they are in it, where it is, do they have tv?

Marquita B said...

Wikipedia states the same thing about Britney and Dan on their respective season pages :)

Annette Darden said...

Jamie.....I'm so excited for this season!! Once again, in case I forget to mention it later, you have the best BB blog and we fans really appreciate the time and effort that you put on keeping us updated.
I really hope Britney is back. Her DR sessions are so flippin' funny and I love to watch her talk smack about everyone.
I like Dan too, so that's another rumor I hope is truth based. He played a really good game on his season.
I didn't watch until BB8, so I don't have an opinion on Janelle and Mike Boogie, but from what I understand, they do bring up the entertainment value.

ChrsinTX91969 said...

WOOO HOOO!!! I'm in & soooo ready for BB14! I've made another convert too. Jamie thanks so much for the blog & all the e-mail help from 2 years ago! Made it a cinch to get hooked up with the blog & live feeds again (love that early bird special) It's been a roller coaster ride personally since mid-2010. I'm doin what I can to make it good now. Thanks for everything again!

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