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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mid-Afternoon in the BB House

Hey everyone! Hope y'alls afternoon is going nicely thus far. :) The feeds have been cool as a cucumber today. Nothing but working out, naps, eating, and very little game talking. So without further ado, let's dive into the Mid-afternoon post!

Currently on the live feeds...

2:17pm BBT:
HOH Room
Boogie mentioned that neither Danielle or Jojo have really been campaiging to stay in the house. He's a little surprised by that.

Dan: "You guys tell me, should Danielle be campaigning?"
Boogie: "No. She just needs to focus on that HOH and Janelle's line of photos (on the memory board) and we're good!" (big smile)

Boogie tells Dan that it's his "dream" scenario to have his (Boogie's) 3 team members in the final 4 with his 1..Danielle. He told Dan to not take offense to it.

Britney enters. (**Surely to talk-block. lol)
Britney asked if the guys were watching Janelle & Ashley doing the Brazlian Butt Workout down in the living room. Frank said they did.

Britney: "Well it's going on again."
Frank swithes the camera on the HOH camera.

Frank: "OooOH!! And 1, and 2. And 1, and 2..."
They watch as Danielle approaches Jani & Ashley, but then walks away. The guys are disappointed.
Dan opens the HOH door and yells down to Danielle and tells her to join the girls.

Dan: "Danielle, the crowd is demanding that you also workout with them. Face the screen though."

Danielle joins the girls..all 3 of them start shaking their boobs...
Frank: "Ooo!! Boobie touch! Is this a real workout? I'm gonna go get in on it!" (*lmao!)

Boogie: "Shake what your mama gave you, I think is the term."

Boogie analyzes the girls..

Boogie: "Danielle doesn't really have good balance for being a cheerleader...oh wait, there she goes..maybe it was the jeans.."

Talk turns to masturbating. Dan doesn't do it at all, and he said him & his wife don't want kids but can't use birth control because it's against their religion. Boogie said he's masturbated twice in the house already. (**Omg! Am I really typing this??! Sorry mom & Frank hasn't and probably won't while in the BB house.

Britney then talked about how Lane used to pretend to wash his ear in the shower while doing that, and how there's a lot of youtube videos of him. She also said that Enzo rubbed one out while in the Have Nots Room while she was sleeping. She could hear the cot shaking. lol :P Brit then talked about her hubby and how he's always 'ready to go' & is really handsy with her.

3:19pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Jojo is running valid points (to campaign with) against Danielle. Shane got defensive when Jojo was making some of the remarks (such as Danielle being dumb..Shane said Dani is very smart.)

5:10pm BBT:

Ashley tells Ian she's sorry about the Final 2 (Ian/Frank) accusation and that it was just blown out of proportion. She then asked him who's going home. Ian says he's not sure but he thinks its still Jojo.

Ian thinks Shane wants to try to flip the votes.

4:26pm BBT:
Ashley/Ian continue to talk. She said she feels like Janelle doesn't have her (Ash's) best interest at heart. Ian corrects her and says she does. Ashley thinks that she might protect Wil over her.

Ian thinks they (Ash/Ian) are in a good position in the house right now & to not make waves, so to speak. Ian thinks the only way they'd really be screwed is if Ash/Ian got nom'ed together, which he doesn't see happening.

4:29pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jojo is campaigning to Frank.

Jojo: "..and you're not my target, at all! And I'm not just saying this because you're the HOH.."

Jojo said that Shane is "down" (to keeping Jojo).
Jojo: "I will do ANY-THING to stay in this house! And I don't think I deserve to go out this game this early."

4:38pm BBT:
Frank: "Well I don't get to vote but.."
Jojo: "I know you don't have a vote, but what do you think Boogie would..or..."
Frank: "I don't know which way they're voting." (re: Jani's team)

Jojo is now naming names...she said that Jenn is gonna vote however she wants to. Frank understands that Jenn is her own person.

Jojo then tells Frank about how Joe made a deal with her to keep Jojo in the game and she gave him 2 packs of cigarettes. (**Britney told Jojo to not tell Frank this. But this might be good drama coming up later! lol)

Jojo: "Joe said I already had his vote because he wants Dan gone.."

**I can't wait until Frank tells Boogie this later. :)

Jojo said she trusts Shane but thats it.

They hug. Jojo leaves.

Frank says that Jojo is "scramblin" but that he was doing the same thing last week.

4:53pm BBT:

Frank asked Joe about voting for Jojo for 2 packs of smokes, Joe said yea but to not worry about it & that he said if he didn' vote for her, he was gonna give them back.

Frank said he could still keep his word & vote to keep Jojo and keep the cigerettes, everyone else is voting her out anyways.

Joe: "I was thinking about doing that, too."

They stop talking because Frank doesn't know who's in the shower & if they will overhear them.

***Alright guys & gals, I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter! :) Tomorrow is live show day! w00t!! 

Stay tuned...

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Kim M said...

So I know after last Sunday's episode, it was commented on the blog that the apparent Shane and Danielle "Showmance" was just editing and that they really don't like each other.

But the last couple days recaps seem to have a lot going on between Shane and Danielle. Maybe there really is a budding showmance.

Jamie - what do you think?

Jamie said...

Yea Kim, I think Shane is either starting to like her, or just being more flirty to have her on his side. When the show showed him as starting a romance, he was going around talking badly about her and saying that he's just using her to have her on his side and she would do anything he told her to do. I guess we'll find out! :)

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