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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Overnighter-"BBTV Breaking News"

Good morning, everybody & Happy Live Show Thursday to y'all!! :D FINALLY the day has come, where we will stop hearing "Frank or Kara?". *does happy dance* w00t w00t! So who's going home today? Well, we'll have to see in the Overnighter.

*in Julie Chen voice*
"But first..."

I have some updates for you guys & gals:

 *Superpass (aka the live feeds) is fixing the time zone on Flashback so that it is set to Pacific (BBT) instead of the user’s time zone. Yay!!!

*The latest BB Lite Update (from a week ago lol):

"Yesterday (Friday July 13th) evening we responded to RealNetwork's inquiries and offer for help. We sent them information that they needed. We have still not heard back. In order for BBLite to operate like it did last year, we will need to update to include a new HD Streaming Component by Akamai called "HDCore". This is not readily available to the public so Real will need to send it to us. Once we get this, we'll be able to continue development and make a quick release. We are doing the very best that we can!! I promise. Watching on the web bothers us just as much as it bothers you."

*Superpass is working on a solution to link Flashback to within 1 minute of the time you are searching for (instead of 5 minutes).

 And in case you need a good laugh this morning, check out this awesome photochop from Doug K.!

"Trix are for kids.....Fruit Loopies are for Hantz!"

Okay, let me go get the overnighter. Just a warning, I have to leave at 12:30pm EST (9:30am BBT) today to go to work. :( Booooo!! This year, I scheduled most of my work days on Thursdays since the feeds are on/off all day on Thursdays anyways as the houseguests go on HOH lockdown while production is setting up downstairs in the living room. Then the HG's get ready & boom..then it's show time.  

Alright, I'll be right back!! 

8:36pm BBT:
HOH Room

 Britney really laid into Willie last night. She said she's tired of him telling others in the house too much info, he's way too cocky, and sitting up in the HOH room cocky is not going to win him the $500,000. Willie kept saying "I'm sorry" and "you're right", as Brit continue to ream him out.
She told him she has his best interest & he should listen to her. She said she loves him but he needs to change, otherwise they're both gonna lose.

Britney: "At most, you will cost me $100,000."

The hug it out before going downstairs to see what Big Brother gave the HG's in the backyard. (**They were on inside lockdown for a while.)

9:19pm BBT:

Big Brother gave the HG's the cornhole game to play with. (**They do this pretty much every year to practice for an upcoming comp, not always necessarily the next comp.)

9:22pm BBT:
Willie told Shane/Jojo that Britney is mad at him & how she yelled at him. At first, he said "..and I don't know why!", but then quickly said "Well I know why.." and told them how she's mad at him for talking game without her, but that he gets scared to talk game in front of her because he doesn't wanna make her mad.

9:47pm BBT:
Sneaker Room
Frank is seeing where Ashley stands in voting...if he has her vote or not. She (lies?) and tells him she's keeping him & voting Kara out, and how Kara is promising her the world if she keeps her here.

(**Noteworthy: Everything Ashely told her alliance that she would tell 'the other side of the house', she did. So it *appears* to be a part of her plan & seems to be truly aligned with Willie & "The Untouchables" right now. Let's see though..)

Wil enters the conversation.
Wil calls 'The Untouchables' "trash". Ashley said they are just her & she can see through it.
Kara walks in a few minutes later. Frank says he's "husting" to get votes.

Kara: "I understand."

10:14pm BBT:
Ashley said she "loves Kara" and that's "why it sucks", but never fully answered Danielle's question on who she (Ash) is voting out. Ashely did say that she wants to work with Danielle but that she's "on a team". Danielle said that when she's "Dairy Queen" (their term for Diary Room), they always correct her and say ALLIANCE, not team. They don't want them thinking they are on a forced team and Danielle reminds Ashley that her team can vote her out.

This convo made Danielle nervous that Ashley is voting with the rest of "The Untouchables.

Vote Breakdown (in case y'all are confused):
In the event of a tie, Willie (as HOH) would be the tie breaker.

Danielle's convo with Ashley made her nervous that Ashley could be flipping her vote.

Danielle goes & tells Willie.
Willie goes & tells Coach Britney & Jojo.

Britney told Danielle to remind Ashley that Janelle doesn't talk to her but now that Jani needs a vote, she'll talk to her & that she didn't care about Ashley a week ago.

11:30pm BBT:
Storage Room
Dan doesn't think he has the votes to save Kara. Joe said he's being honest and he's voting Kara out because him/Frank had a deal that if he (Frank) outed Willie & his lies, then he (Joe) would give him his vote. Joe also said he's afraid of Willie/Shane trying to take him (Joe) out, so he needs Frank on his side. (Joe is gunning for Willie.)

Dan said he appreciates his honesty & that he is open to working with Joe in the future, even if Kara goes home.

Dan leaves & goes talks to Danielle.

11:45pm BBT:

He tells her that if Kara leaves, she's a "free agent" and to throw HOH this week & "don't be the first to hug the new HOH".

Dan (to Danielle): "If we get approached by Boogie & Janelles side, we have to go (with them)."

Dan telling her she has to tell people she is not in any alliances.

1:30am BBT:
As Ashley/Wil sit in the downstairs bathroom, loud urgent-like beeping starts playing. They both get super excited!

*This is when the series of  BB-TV Breaking News alerts started.*

"The is a BB-TV Special Report! Please gather in front of the tv..."

All HG's run to the living room.

Then the feeds switch to fishies as BB plays the message for the HG's. (**We'll have to tune-in to see what happened! ;) )

A few minutes later, the feeds come back on.
The HG's talk about what was has to deal with the burglar taking stuff from the house.
The messages continue all night/early morning, waking the HG's up over & over again. BB even did a false-alaram message, then woke them back up a couple minutes later. Love it!! lol ;)

Okay, so the messages from the burglar are "There's no tea time in the BB house." & "It's soon to be checkmate for this inmate!"

1:55am BBT:
Brit told Willie in the HOH room that if one of their team mates wins HOH, he's going up on the block for sure.

2:00am BBT:
BB-TV Message

4:02am BBT:
BB-TV Message (False Alarm)

4:06am BBT:
BB-TV Message

4:11am BBT:
BB-TV Message

Boogie doesn't join the HG's & coaches this time.

4:30am BBT:
 BB-TV Message

4:35am BBT:
BB-TV Message

**Notice how tired Willie is. lol
5:15am BBT:
BB-TV Message

Willie didn't bother getting up for this one. Jojo left his bed to go downstairs.
And that's it for The Overnighter!!

It is worth point out that Jenn got pissed at Frank for farting in bed. (Yes, seriously. lol) So if you see those 2 not talking much today, that's why.

And here's a current shot at the feeds as of 9:11am BBT:

I saw Willie up a little bit ago while I was finishing up the Overnighter, but not sure where he disappeared to. Back to bed, perhaps?

Okay, I will be back this afternoon for an Afternoon Quickie post to get us all caught up to speed before tonights live eviction & live HOH comp!! :D If you don't have the live feeds, now would be the time to get them. It's gonna be a brand new game with a new hoh, new nominations, new POV holder, and let the games begin!! ;)

See y'all back here on the blog later on today!! :D

Stay tuned...

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Kelly said...

Jamie where do you think Ashley stands?

Jamie said...

I honestly don't know anymore Kelly! LOL She's the biggest flip-flopper ever on BB I think! :P

Cutie pie said...

Willie is losing it He just at 1105 said Wheres the camera looked into the camera and said I'm telling all of y'all I'm gonna be the first person i'n Bb to knock someone the f out Brit is trying to tell him to shut up ( for the hundredth time) stop talking game. Willie is pissed off because all the lies lol oh Willie u make me laught stay i'n the game ur are train wreck (Rachel ). this year love it

Cutie pie said...

I don't think some of the house guest are trying to evict Willie but instead trying to give him a heartattack lol someone Please give Willie a vellum

JE said...

I think Ash is keeping Frank, Willie might have scared her off during fruit loop wars.

Slo beats said...

Guess I missed the connection between Willie and fruit loops. Can anybody help...

JON GROSSE said...

Does anyone realize that after tonight's eviction it will be down to 10 houseguests? That means after next week the HGs will be sent to the jury house! That doesn't fit the timeline for the finale. I've heard that the finale is around September 19. That means there would be one HG left if you do the numbers correctly. There are always 3 left the finale week. So I'm assuming either the coaches are coming into the game or Jodi or evicted players might be back. I'm leaning that a few of the coaches will be playing for themselves in a few weeks. This coach plot isn't good at all. Also, I would rather have newbies then repeats. Just my opinion. Does the timeline seem off a little bit Jaime? You're one of the most knowledgeable people about BB around. Thanks.

AuntCookie said...

Did I miss something? Where did the "froot loop" thing originate? Dont get me wrong, I am inclined to think that just about everyone in that house is a bit loopie.
@ Jon:
Maybe, and this is just a thought, BB brought these "vets" back and only introduced them as coaches so they wouldnt be such big targets like they have been on previous seasons so they would have a greater chance in the beginning. I do agree that the timeline isnt matching up.

hummingbrd said...

hey there Jamie I was wondering if you were going to put a link for us WEST COASTERS to watch the live eviction?? I am dying to see how it goes:) U have a great evening and WOOHOO ITS FINALLY HERE !

Emily Rosini said...
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Emily Rosini said...
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