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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursdays Live Eviction + HOH Comp

WE FINALLY MADE IT!!! BB fans, rejoice..we got through "hell week" for the BB14 season! lol Okay, so tonight is the 1st live eviction where we will see either Frank or Kara go home. It all comes down to who Ashley wants gone, since she's the swing vote...

 Ashley's vote will also draw the line in the sand to whoms team she is truly on. One thing I am positive of? It's gonna be one heck of a night on the live feeds & baby, I can't wait!!! :D

Okay, moving on..

If you'd like to watch the East Coast showing of tonight's live show, then here ya go!

Go to: / 

or just click here !

If you'd like to chat with BB addicts like yourself, including me, then please come on in the Chat Room and say hi!!

See y'all here on the blog after the show! :D

The Votes:
Danielle votes to evict...Frank
Shane votes to evict...Frank
Joe votes to evict...Kara
Ian votes to evict...Kara
Jojo votes to evict...Frank
Jenn votes to evict...Kara
Wil votes to evict...Kara
Ashley votes to evict...Kara <---WOW!!!!

Evicted from the BB House is:

The HOH comp is a question comp.

The New HOH is:

Julie Chen said that the coach to win the next coachs challenge, will have the option to either save one of their own players, OR they can trade one of their players for another coaches player! (Ex: if Dan won, he could trade Danielle with Ashley.) The HOH is not an option, however. So Frank is 'off the market', so to speak. :P

The live feeds are back on!! :D Willie & Shane do not look happy...
The feeds are gonna be very interesting tonight!! If you still haven't yet got the feeds, what are you waiting for?? Get you 3 day free trial & see whatcha been missing!! 

Stay tuned...

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hummingbrd said...

Woooohooooooo! here we go :)
Thank u Jamie

hummingbrd said...

the link isnt working Jamie ...sorry to bother you

Ashley Jean said...


Debbie Franz said...


Debbie Franz said...

Wow! Willie's gotta be squirming!

deedee1123 said...

When will the coaches challenge be played? Friday?

Amanda Kennamer said...

It is on now!!!

Amanda Kennamer said...

It is on like donkey kong!

Mr. Bob said...

Willie and Shane know what's coming. That's what you get for being a bully and super paranoid the first week! Whoops

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