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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, my lil BB addicts! Today hasn't been too busy of a day on the feeds (yet), but there was game talk.

And if you're counting alliances (..I'm not! lol..) then add the newest one to your list: they call themselves "Diversity". Joe named the alliance & said that its because they come from different walks of life. Anyways, the alliance has Joe, Jenn, Wil, Kara, Ashley, and Ian. (**I truly believe that Ashley is with Willie, not with "Diversity". At least for now.)

Okay, there's some game talk on the feeds, so let's just dive in.

Currently on the live feeds...

12:42pm BBT:
Dining Room Table

Britney said she feels bad for Willie because, even though calling the house meeting wasn't the best idea in the world, he's still getting the blame for everything, even when he doesn't do anything.

Sidenote: After a couple of fans reviewed the clip of Willie "mocking" Wil (refer to the Overnigther for that), it seems that Frank made a mountain out of a mole hill and blew things way out of proportion. If you'd like to see the clip, use the Flashback Feeds to go to 7/17 at 2:13 pm BBT.

12:45pm BBT:
HOH Room
Ashely is freaking out a little bit because she didn't wanna "be in this position", of being in 2 alliances. She's scared on who to trust, who to vote out, etc. Willie/Jojo/Shane assure her that she can trust them and Jojo called Ashley "her girl".

Ashley said she's afraid to cast a vote to get Frank out, because it's gonna be obvious it was her. Wilie said no, the other side will think it was Wil.

They then talk about Janelle. (**She's losing a lot of fans in the house, including her bestie, Wil. He told Kara that Jani is "superficial".)

Britney enters.

Willie said that Janelle jumped from Team Brit, to Team Dan, and now to Team Boogie. 

Britney: "I think Janelle has pissed off every person in this house at one point or another."

Talk turns back to Ashley and how nobody will know it was Ashley who voted (Frank out). They'll think it was Wil.

1:01pm BBT:
The HOH crew is now talking about Joe and how he needs to go.

Shane & Willie agree that they cannot have either Wil, Joe, Ian or Jenn win HOH next week.

1:08pm BBT:

Ashley: "Joe is gonna dig his own grave!"

**It truly looks as if Ashely is 100% on Team Brit.

1:15pm BBT:
The group is solidifying their trust for each other & how it's been there since Day 1. They all agree that if ANY of the coaches get back in the game, to aim to get them out. They need to remain a strong team & plow through the game together.

1:24pm BBT: 
A look at the feeds.
*Ashely/Shane/Jojo/Willie are having a team love-fest in the HOH room. lol :P
*Boogie/Frank are on the backyard couches.
*Danielle/Britney are poolside.
*Dan/Joe are in the pool.
*All other HG's are off-cam at the moment.


The feeds are boring right now. Maybe the HG's are tired from the fight last night. :P I'm gonna go rest my eyes for a little bit. (I'm exhausted from work.) Hopefully the feeds get a little more entertaining tonight! :D

See y'all on Twitter in the meantime!! ;)

Stay tuned...

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Lee said...

So can't believe this is only Week 1! For all the flip-flopping, it's been interesting at least! I am trying out the feeds in Canada. So far, so good! The endless game talk is making me miss that honeymoon period where we get to know more about the players, though.

me281 said...

hey jamie don't know if you saw this right above chat room button on right side it says: BB13 Chat Room:
Every Weds/Thurs/Sunday

thank you for all the updates and the fun chat room too

Trevor said...

Shane is dreamy!!!

Mandy said...

I love how Ashley is worried about a wonky vote. At this point, I consider every vote this week wonky! Can you recap who is votin for whom at this point? I'm lost.

Mandy said...

I love how Ashley is worried about being a wonky vote. At this point I consider them ALL wonky votes! Can you please recap who is voting for whom at this point?

kelsey said...

Is kara on willies team like on the other post?

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