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Saturday, June 30, 2012

BB14 House Pics - LEAKED!!

Just when I thought it was safe to go to sleep, in the middle of the night in twitterland, the BB14 house pics were leaked!

The pictures are from about a week ago during Media Day inside the Big Brother house. You'll notice 2 things instantly: 1: Rachel from BB12 & winner of BB13 was part of Media Day & 2: there are 14 slots for HG's in the memory wall. Now, according to BB14 commercials, we're supposed to get the biggest cast ever, which would put it at 17+, but if this whole "4 former houseguests as mentors" rumor is true, then that'd make it 14 HG's + 4 mentors. Or that could have just been the board for media day & not the real board.

Anyways, without further ado, here are the pictures of the Big Brother 14 house!!!

Don't forget to snag up the live feeds Early Bird Special before Monday if you wanna see the house tour!! Ooo this is so exciting! :D We're getting clooooosssseerrrrrr!!!! *happy gEEky dance*

UPDATE: House tour is at 12am Monday morning!! (I believe it's 12am PT, which is 3am EST).

UPDATE 2: The "4 former houseguests as mentors" rumor is still going strong, with Janelle/Rachel Reilly/Mike Boogie/Dan Gheesling being the rumored returning HG's.

UPDATE 3: Cast reveal (which was scheduled for Monday) has been canceled. :( No word on a new release date of the cast.

Stay tuned...

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Hannah said...

I am hoping the mentor rumor isn't true. So sick of seeing former HGs, especially Brendon and Rachel.

Mark Camilli said...

WOW! Love the new house design...the kitchen looks especially cool! If you look at the pic with all of the media day people sitting at the kitchen table, it looks like Brendon is there too next to Rachel.

Anonymous said...

If Rachel was going to be one of the rumored mentors would they have let her in the house for media day? Also would she be co hosting the 2 Rumor Control shows on the feeds? As well would another rumored mentor in Janelle also be allowed to co host one of those shows on the live feeds?


bbfan27 said...

Aw why was the cast reveal cancelled?

hummingbrd said...

hello Jamie , I have a question I was wondering if u could help me with,I am going to get the feeds for the 1st time woohoo but i would like to know if I buy the 3month pass will it stop billing after show ends or do i have to cancel myself? I am so excited for BB14 ... I thank u once again being the coolest blogger around U rock ... Hummingbrd

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