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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House (pre-POV Comp)

Hey guys & gals, and welcome to Saturday in the BB house..also known as POV Comp day! Forgive me for not getting up early today to do the Overnighter as usual, my body just totally shut down and I didn't get up until a little bit ago. I'm okay. :) I think it's just the trauma of ER visits, new meds, fighting off an infection in my chest, etc..that just got to be too much for my body I guess. But I'm here! :D So let's see whats going on!!

As of 12:14pm BBT, the HG's are waiting for the POV Comp to begin. One by one, they are being called into the Diary Room, so it should be happening rather soon. 

We have some hope for drama on the live feeds today, as Frank has stated that depending on who wins POV today, he wants to call out Frank for throwing him under the bus by saying he wants Frank gone. So we have that to look forward to! :D

Alrighty, let's just dive right on into the feeds, shall we?

12:18pm BBT:
Quad Cam

Cam 1 & 2: Shane & Dani are talking in the HOH room. Current talk is what Dani would do if she won HOH next week.

Cam 3 & 4: Wil is telling Frank he'd rather compete against other competitors in the game. Frank is saying that he's mad at Joe and can't trust Joe or Janelle anymore.

Speaking of Janelle..

Janelle walks in and wishes Wil a Happy Birthday. He says thank you.

Frank: "I'm ready to get this comp over with, get our yard back.."
Talk is light, since Jani is there.

Janelle makes a comment about how she loves Frank, Frank was like "I don't know.."
Janelle: "We're friends! I'll bake you cookies tonight!"
Frank: "No more cookies, I gotta lose weight."

Frank leaves.

Janelle: "He (Frank) is a piece of shit."
Wil: "He's mad at Joe. Because apparantly Joe and Frank had a Final 2 deal, and Joe went against him."

They start stealth whispering that even I can't hear. Moving to the HOH room with Shane/Danielle. Oh, and it looks like Frank is heading up there, too!

12:27pm BBT:
HOH Room

Shane tells Frank that if he's hearing rumors about him (Shane) backdooring him, to not pay attention to it because it's not gonna happen.

Ashley comes in. (She seems she's on meds. lol Or acting dumb. Not sure.)

She starts doing stretches and said it's "awkward" downstairs. Shane asked what Wil is gonna do if he won POV...

Shane: "I would think he'd take you (Ash) off the block, since you picked him (to play POV)."
Ashley: "Well Jiminy Crickets, I would surely hope so!"

Ashley said that Joe's on her team, but that he's been talking "sh*t" before he even got on the block.

Shane gets called to the Diary Room.
Britney just entered.

Ashley: "Janelle has been avoiding me like the plague today!"
Frank: "(Janelle) probably told Wil to use the POV on Joe if he wins today."
Ashley: "I'm gonna ask her BEFORE anything happens (with the POV)..." (Brit interrupts, can't hear her because her mic isn't on.)

Janelle enters the HOH room without knocking. 
Janelle: "Heyyy!"

Ashley is talking about while some of the HG's have their Sushi Party (that they won yesterday), then the rest will have their own party.

12:40pm BBT:
Wil enters.
Janelle: "You all know today is Wil's 25th brithday, right?"

Everyone claps and woo-hoo's.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

Shane just got out of the Diary Room.

Jenn asked Shane if she could listen to his CD. He says sure.
They both head upstairs.

Dan/Ian/Joe are lounging around in the living room.
Danielle just got called to the Diary Room.

Dan asked Ian if there's anything he has that he won't sell on Ebay after BB is over. Ian said he's not selling  his key, his BB bag, or his teddy bear.

12:53pm BBT:
Arcade Room
Wil told Ashley that they (Shane & Co.) want Joe to go home if he stays on the block.

Wil: "They're trying to turn us against each other. It's clear that Frank and Shane are working together. It's so obvious. They're not even trying to hide it!"
Wil said that he thinks Ashley is safe because "no offense" but it'd be a waste of an HOH.

Wil wonders where Danielle (this weeks swing vote) stands.
Ashley wonders why Ian, a "brainchild" in the house, is flying under the radar now.

Wil said that Frank wanted Wil/Joe to have a Final 3 deal last week, and he wanted Ashley/Jenn out first.

1:05pm BBT:
Ashley gets Danielle to talk to her & Wil.
Danielle asked Wil what he'd do if he won the veto today, Wil said he thinks if he took Ashley off, he thinks Danielle would go up in her place. Danielle asked Wil if they are still in an alliane with Boogie, Wil says "F**k no." & that mentions that Britney is "two faced".

1:16pm BBT:
Janelle comes in.

She mentions how Shane/Frank are working together.

Janelle: "If you (Danielle) win the veto, save Joe or Ashley, we have the numbers, and one of Boogies team mates has to go up. It'd be a big game move! You could be like 'Floater, my a**!'"
Danielle: "People think I'm a floater?"
Janelle: "Oh yea! ...Frank/Shane are 100% working together. "

Janelle said that the guys are working together to get the girls out. (**Boogie said last night that he wants to get the girls out and that if the coaches come into the game, he's gunning for Janelle.)

They keep commenting that Ian is walking back & forth by the Arcade Room, trying to listen in on their conversation.

Janelle brings up the whole "they're gonna get the girls out" thing. Talk turns to the veto comp. Janelle thinks it'll be a girl-geared comp for once. 

Janelle: "Frank keeps saying that he thinks its gonna be physical...I'm like, shut up."
Janelle tells Danielle that she can study with them when they go over house facts & such. She hugs her and says she loves her, definitely trying to pull Danielle on her side.

1:40pm BBT:
All HG's just relaxing, still waiting for the the POV Comp to start.

Janelle told Joe this is a social game and you can't attack "him" (Frank?), you have to be nice.

1:47pm BBT:
Jenn called to the Diary Room (she's the host), so the POV Comp is about to begin shortly! :D

1:52pm BBT:
HOH Room

Danielle said she's tired of getting cornered by Janelle, Wil and Ashley.

Shane: "She's trying to win you over! Tell her whatever she wants to her! If you win POV, they want you to take Ashley off."

Shane said that he is not putting Danielle up as a replacement nom.
He tells her to keep letting Janelle and her team THINK that Danielle is with them, that is the "best case scenario". 

1:58pm BBT:
Brit enters.

Shane: "I'm gonna win the POV again today."
Britney: "If you win POV again, people are gonna need diapers!"
Shane: (laughs)

Danielle: "They think that Shane might put me up."
Britney: "They do? That's so funny!!"

2:03pm BBT:
Trivia!! Time for the POV Comp!! :D Expect the feeds to be off for 2-3 hours. That's normal. I'll make a new post after the feeds come back!

Stay tuned...

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Lee said...

Feel better, Jamie! Good lord are you going through it this season with your suffering body. :-( Sending healing thoughts your way.

Jamie said...

Thanks Lee!! *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

Is the margin of error in the Joe poll +/-8 cause that's how many like votes he has right now? haha


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