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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Live Show

Hi everyone.  SuzieQ here. 

As you can probably guess, Jamie is having more gallbladder problems today.  I'm going to pinch hit briefly.
NOTE:  I cannot do anything with comments.  Jamie will take care of that later. 

The HG's just voted....... (Spoiler Alert!).......

JoJo was evicted

America's Vote TONIGHT!!!!!  Stay tuned for details!!!!

* Dr. Will gave his opinion on how the coaches are doing.  I thought his opinions were spot on!  It was a nice segment.
* In the intro, Julie asked, "Could Britney's speculations about the coaches be correct?  Find out tonight."
Hmmmm..... I've heard a couple of speculations from Britney, so not sure which one Julie means, but am excited we will hear more tonight about the coaches game.  (and maybe a twist?)

HOH Comp has started!!!!!!!
Each HG had one chance to slapshot a ball with a BIG hockey stick, shooting the ball to the other side, into slots with numbers (points).  The HG with the ball in the highest number slot won HOH.
HG were encouraged by Julie to "keep it moving" (don't take too long in taking their shot).
Ian was in the lead for a while, then Shane scored a "20". 
And the winner is........

America's Vote info up next!!!  Viewer's can change the coaches role in the house.  (more after the commercial)

America's Vote Info!!!!
Do you want the coaches to remain as coaches, or do you want them enter the game as a player and have a chance at the Half-Million-Dollar Prize?

Sidenote on Willie.....
If you have the live feeds/SuperPass, there is an article posted about 7 hrs ago about Willie being arrested on suspicion of DUI.  If you want to get the live feeds, click on one of Jamie's links on this page.  :)

Speaking of live feeds, let's take a look at what's happening now. (I can't stay for hours, but I can stay a little while.)

7:06 (approx) BBT
Some HG's are moving their clothes, switching beds.  Some are in the kitchen, snacking.

Brit/Ashley in the Bathroom areaBrit says she's tired of "some" people being insensitive, and that they need to learn how to be sensitive.
(hinting this is the week she plans to teach them a lesson about sensitivity.)

Dan/Danielle - unpacking and stealth wispering with noisy mics.
Danielle said she doesn't remember what she said or how she said it (in her pre-vote speech as a nom).  She just remembers she almost fell!  (oh, those high, high heels will getcha!  LOL!)

(I just updated the HOH game details in the section a little above here....)

Dan just asked, "Boogie, when do the feeds come back on?"
Britney replied, "Soon, right?"
(LOL!!!!  We're watching now!!!)

Ian at the kitchen table, waiting, as he said, for another hour and a half so he can eat! (end of his Have-Not time is near!)

Shane in Have-Not room, packing.
(personal note: I don't have ONE favorite, but I like Shane, and has done well even with being a Have-Not for 2 weeks and sleeping on those aweful beds with his bad back.  I'm glad he gets a nice bed now in HOH!)

Jenn at Kitchen table, complaining that Julie hasn't asked her any questions yet.
In her best moping tone)  "There's no point in me being here."

HG's are speculating the evicted HG's may be in sequester, even Willie!

Jenn ate quietly, alone at the table, then left quietly, alone.  Seems to be sulking.
(ahhh, she just said she had cramps.  'Nuff said!  LOL!)

Dan/Danielle/then Jani/Boogie/Brit
Brit says she told D.R. she is still dizzy.
Dan asked if it's because of her "feminine cycle", which Dan refers to as "Dancing with the clowns", since he doesn't like using the other terms!  LOL!!!
Dan talks about how he & his wife use no birth control, that they use "the cycle" (rythym method), and he's getting technical about the number of days after the cycle, (or is before?), etc.  They practice this because of their religion.  (I've heard him discuss this before this season) 
Brit calls this "Pull & Pray" method!

Everyone is just hanging out, talking, waiting.
One group STILL talking about birth control.  One group talking about random stuff.

8:08pm BBT - Kitchen - Joe/Frank/Wil/Jenn
Joe & Wil say Shane will put them (J&W) up on the block and try to backdoor Frank.
Joe said he heard Shane say it will be Joe & Wil.

Boogie/Ian in bathroom area
Ian asks how is this going to work this week?
Boogie says Shane will put up Wil & Joe, but Boogie & others have the numbers to control the vote.
They rehearse a conversation they are planning (maybe for D.R.? Kinda like a Dr. Will & Boogie comic DR session?)  Boogie explains to Ian, say these words, pause, look at the camera, fall all out laughing.

Most HG's are in the Headphones room, talking about random stuff (proms, prom dresses getting sluttier, says the gals!)

approx. 8:28pm BBT - Joe & Wil in Arcade Room, talking game.  Joe keeps saying that he & Wil will be the noms, and Joe says Frank seems to be a bit too confidant that he's not going up, and wonders if Frank has a deal with someone.
This is a short convo - Wil gets called to the D.R.

(The times I am posting may be off several minutes.  I forgot I used Flashbacks to see other convo's.)'

Annnnnnnnddddd...... that's it for me, everyone!
I'm glad to help whenever Jamie needs it.  I've gotten the kind words you've shared with Jamie about my blogging for her - thank you all very much!  The Pro (Jamie!) will back soon, I'm sure.  :)

Stay tuned...

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Greeneyes0412 said...

Shane needs to put up 2 from boogies team and and back door frank. give team boogie a taste of his own medicine.

hummingbrd said...

OMG Suzie Thank u for the Update! You rock And Jamie I hope you feel better soon :) my prayers are with you girl :) YAAAAAAAAAAAAY Shane

anthony m said...

do you want the coaches to remain coaches or enter the game. NO!!!!!!!!
if CBS/BB wanted them in the game they should have been in from the start. i know everyone is gonna vote for the coaches to enter and i think the game will become repetitive.
VOTE NO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Willie was arrested on suspicion of OWI in Lafayette,LA, where I live. He was fleeing a bar fight scene and was pulled over by the cops and tried to flee. He was quickly caught and refused to take a breathalyzer test or blood test so was automatically arrested. More info on

A New Me!!! said...

Shane needs to put up Wil & Frank. Danielle would be the swing vote and then we'll see how many prior come running to kiss her a$$.

Anonymous said...

Omg, I have such a strong feeling that everyone is going to vote to put the coaches back in the game! I, however, really DON'T want this to happen!! First of all, 2 of the coaches have already won before, they don't need to win again. Secondly, if I wanted to watch re-runs of Big Brother, I would go find the seasons that these coaches played in, and I would watch those! I don't want to watch the same people doing the same thing! Lastly, it's not fair for the new players! None of them have won before, none of them have been there before! Give them a fair shot! This season is already boring enough as it is, I think putting the coaches back into the game will just make things even MORE predictable and dull. First thing that will happen is the coaches will group together to get the newbies out then they'll go at each other. How boring. I'm ready for stuff to start happening in this game, Shane needs to throw some big people up there like Wil, Frank, and Joe. Do something people!

Anonymous said...

I have this really bad feeling that all of America is going to vote for the coaches to come back into the game. I say, this is such a dumb idea!! First, 2 of the 4 coaches have already won BB, they don't need to win again. Secondly, if I wanted to watch the same people play BB, I'd go watch the old seasons that they were in not a NEW season. Also, it's not fair to the new guys if the coaches come back into the game. Give them a fair shot to win BB ONCE. Lastly, I believe that putting the coaches back into the game will make this already boring season even more predictable. The coaches will all align together to get out the newbs and then they'll all go after each other. I'm so tired of this season already. Shane needs to shove some big guys up there on the block like Wil, Joe, and Frank. People need to start doing something if they want to become something in this game and not a pawn (Jen & Ashley) Open your eyes people! Step it up, let's go! NO COACHES PLEASE! THANK YOU!

rosie said...

CBS/BB really messed up this season! I hope for their sake and their ratings, they NEVER decide to do something so dumb as what they did this season! Suzie you and Jamie kick butt!!!!! =)

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